Caroline Rowland - 91 Magazine founding editor and publisher

Caroline Rowland -

founding editor & publisher

Caroline's background in business and the creative industries dates right back to when she was in primary school in the 1980s. She and a friend started a members club, charging fellow pupils £1 to join, for which they received a goody bag filled with things they had made, including a badge and a certificate. This first venture into the world of business was cut short, when the teachers discovered they were taking money from the other children and they had to give it all back!

Jump forward to 2000 and Caroline moves from her small village in Northern Ireland to the bright lights of London in search of a career in fashion photography. A year at London College of Fashion proved this was not the right path, so she moved to University of Westminster to complete a degree in Photographic Arts. This was followed by a stint of work experience in New York at Hearst Magazines, and then a career back in London, first with Getty Images then the Financial Times as a picture editor.

Caroline established 91 Magazine in her spare time whilst still working at the Financial Times (as well as running her blog Patchwork Harmony). In 2013, she finally made the leap into the freelance world and has since worked on various projects including her first interiors book - The Shopkeepers Home - published by Jacqui Small in October 2015. She took a break from 91 Magazine in 2015 after having her first child and writing her book. In 2016 she relaunched the magazine in print with a new look, new website and a new team. Find out more about Caroline's other work and read her personal blog at Patchwork Harmony.

Huma Qureshi - 91 MAGAZINE deputy editor

Huma Qureshi -

deputy editor

As a little girl, Huma was a tiny bookworm and the more she read, the more she realised that all she wanted to do was write her own books one day. Fast forward three decades or so, and that's what she finally did. Huma's first collection of award-winning short stories on love, loss, loneliness and family life was published in 2015. But she'd also been writing long before that, having worked in journalism on national newspapers and magazines both as a writer, reporter, editor and also a weekly BBC radio contributor.

These days, as well as being deputy editor of 91, Huma writes at Our Story Time, her blog on thoughtful family living and she gently guides aspiring writers to find their voice through her online writing courses. She's secretly hoping that her second book might just materialise too, in between all of the above and raising three little boys. Huma has always been drawn to the simple pleasures of making a house feel like a home and there's nothing she loves more than creating a home for, and with, her family.

Olivia Williams - 91 Magazine brand & advertising manager

Olivia Williams -

brand & advertising manager

Olivia’s world is surrounded by independent brands and entrepreneurs, both for 91 Magazine and with her marketing consultancy, The BirdHouse. For her, connecting the right brands with readers is like alchemy, understanding their ethos and creating opportunities within 91 Magazine. She came on board back in 2016 and cites some of her highlights as being the print launch at Anthropologie, the makers pop up event at West Elm and accompanying Caroline to receive an Amara Blog Award.

When Olivia isn’t working, her girls keep her on her toes. Given half the chance she loves to drink coffee at home with music gently playing, enjoying a moment of calm to dial into the creative community on instagram.

Find out more about Olivia’s world via her instagram.

Shelley Welti - 91 Magazine marketing manager

Shelley Welti -

marketing manager

For as long as she can remember, Shelley has loved to tell stories. Even at primary school, in suburban Birmingham, her parents were always amazed at the stories she'd written about what she - and they - had supposedly been up to in the school holidays and at weekends (from visits to the beach to the less likely trip to the moon). Fast forward twenty years, and after completing a magazine journalism degree, writing for an array of independent titles - including her own online magazine and launching her content consultancy business - Shelley's love for storytelling is still at the forefront of everything she does. Although now, instead of writing about far-flung fantasy trips, her focus is on helping small businesses tell their own unique stories through their online content and PR.

When she's not writing, Shelley (who now lives in Brighton), enjoys walks along the seafront, perusing (and unfortunately for her bank account, buying!) the wares of the city's many independent stores and challenging herself to try new creative hobbies - inspired by the amazing makers she's met along the way. Most recently, she's fallen for the charms of the pottery wheel, arm-knitted a super-chunky blanket and somehow built a wooden planter out of palettes, despite never having used power tools before!