About Caroline Rowland - editor and founder

Caroline's background in business and the creative industries dates right back to when she was in primary school in the 1980s.  She and a friend started a members club, charging fellow pupils £1 to join, for which they received a goody bag filled with things they had made, including a badge and a certificate. This first venture into the world of business was cut short, when the teachers discovered they were taking money from the other children and they had to give it all back! She remembers her first camera being a hot pink 110 film camera, which she took on school trips to National Trust houses and the zoo, which usually resulted in a full set of dark, blurry prints once developed. It was all a learning curve!

Jump forward to 2000 and Caroline moves from her small village in Northern Ireland to the bright lights of London in search of a career in fashion photography. A year at London College of Fashion proved this was not the right path, so she moved to University of Westminster to complete a degree in Photographic Arts. This was followed by a stint of work experience in New York at Hearst Magazines, and then a career back in London, first with Getty Images then the Financial Times as a picture editor. 

Caroline established 91 Magazine in her spare time whilst still working at the Financial Times (as well as running her blog Patchwork Harmony). In 2013, she finally made the leap into the freelance world and has since worked on various projects including her first interiors book - The Shopkeepers Home - published by Jacqui Small in October 2015. She took a break from 91 Magazine in 2015 after having her first child and writing her book. In 2016 she relaunched the magazine in print with a new look, new website and a new team. Find out more about Caroline's other work and read her personal blog at Patchwork Harmony

About Laura Pashby - deputy editor

Laura has always been fascinated by words, and by pictures. A lifelong bookworm and lover of stories, her initial experiment in print was a childhood newspaper called 'The Family Times'. For her 15th birthday, her father gave her an Olympus Trip camera and a home darkroom. An obsession with photography began.

Laura’s time at the University of Bristol included a stint as photographer on student paper, The Epigram. She graduated in 2002 with a MA in English Literature. Following this, she completed a PGCE, and spent five years as a leading teacher in Early Years before leaving teaching to have her first child.

In 2010, after the birth of her second child, Laura started a craft blog with a friend. In doing so, she discovered a whole new world of creativity. She fell back in love with writing and dusted down her camera. Laura now writes the lifestyle blog, Circle of Pine Trees. She also has a passion for Instagram where she posts daily, capturing visual narratives from her life.

Laura is a freelance writer and lifestyle photographer. She writes for travel website, This is Your Kingdom, spent two years as a columnist for Your Cotswold Family magazine and has contributed photographs and words to a number of websites and publications including 91 Magazine, Design Sponge, In Clover Magazine, Mollie Makes Home and Kindred. Find more of Laura’s work on her blog  and her photography portfolio site.

About Kath Webber - sub editor

A confirmed yarn addict, Kath has been obsessed with magazines since the days of Mizz, Bliss and Sugar. After graduating from Sussex university in 2004, she trained as a magazine journalist and gained experience as a fashion journalist. Since then, Kath has become an experienced features writer. An early career at Habitat cemented Kath's love of design and interiors, and the basics of good design prompted her love of textiles and, in particular, crochet and knitting. 

Since learning to crochet seven years ago, Kath has written pattern projects for Mollie Makes, Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet, Let's Get Crafting and The Art of Crochet. In 2013 her first book, 500 Crochet Blocks (co-authored with Hannah Elgie) was published by Search Press. Kath's neglected blog, Inverleith, chronicles her adventures in handmade textiles and family life in East Anglia, as well as an enduring obsession with the colour mustard.

About Melissa Burgess - designer

Melissa was determined to study Graphic Design at Central St Martins and knew that her portfolio needed to stand out in order to get accepted. So, she experimented with all sorts of mediums and medias including cyanotype, film photography, body paint, textures, fabrics and of course, print.

Throughout her studies, she developed a true love for layouts, paper and typography. She explored subjects such as colour and symbolism as well as performance art and self-expression.

Upon graduating, Melissa decided to gain some work experience by working with designer/makers and independent artists particularly on the London design circuit. She developed logos, branding, visual identities and Squarespace websites for her clients.

Melissa is passionate about trying and learning new things. Between working, she takes knitting classes, dance classes and loves to travel all over London to discover new and unique boutiques and coffee shops. She also loves finding unusual and slightly eccentric pieces to fill her cosy one bedroom flat in South London.

About Olivia Williams - brand and advertising manager

The magic of the business world was sprinkled on Olivia as a tiny child.  Her father worked at a perfumery distillery and would march in from work armed with his leather briefcase. He’d pop open the brass hinges, and as he got out his monogrammed papers and faxes, the room was instantly filled with the smell of concentrated perfume from the factory. Some days those wafts were of fine fragrance, others of washing powder, but that never mattered; to Olivia it conjured up the most alluringly glamorous world!  It was when Olivia was studying for her degree that she had the chance to work in her first creative marketing department - at the same company as her father. Once she graduated, roles in sales, brand & product management came about, first with LEGO, then later with Duchy Originals.

In 2008, with two babies at home, Olivia took the plunge and set up The Bird House - a marketing and PR consultancy. She created it to nurture small brands, giving them wings to fly and she’s proud to work alongside some of the hardest working entrepreneurs, many of them, mothers. Olivia swears she’s never learnt so much than working as a one girl band from home.  

Find out more about Olivia’s window on the world via her instagram and blog

About Shelley Welti - marketing and distribution manager

For as long as she can remember, Shelley has loved to tell stories. Even at primary school, in suburban Birmingham, her parents were always amazed at the stories she'd written about what she - and they - had supposedly been up to in the school holidays and at weekends (from visits to the beach to the less likely trip to the moon). Fast forward twenty years, and after completing a magazine journalism degree, writing for an array of independent titles - including her own online magazine and launching her content consultancy business, Shelley's love for storytelling is still at the forefront of everything she does. Although now, instead of writing about far-flung fantasy trips, her focus is on helping small businesses tell their own unique stories; through features such as our Meet The Maker and Shopkeeper Spotlight articles, their online content and their PR. 

When she's not writing, Shelley (who now lives in Brighton), enjoys walks along the seafront, perusing (and unfortunately for her bank account, buying!) the wares of the city's many independent stores and challenging herself to try new creative hobbies - inspired by the amazing makers, she's met along the way. Most recently, she's fallen for the charms of the pottery wheel, arm-knitted a super-chunky blanket and somehow built a wooden planter out of palettes, despite never having used power tools before!

Image by Laura Pashby