Our Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

Nearly three weeks ago we hosted our first ever ‘reader event’. I came up with the concept for a day event last summer, and decided 2019 was when we would launch them. (I was fully aware of how much planning goes it to running events!) It’s always nerve-wracking launching something new. Good old self-doubt tends to creep in, and initially I found myself fretting over whether the tickets would sell. Was my idea of a dream day out going to appeal to anyone else?!

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

Thankfully, it turned out it was, and tickets were sold out about a month before the event. Phew! For me, curating a day out for 91 readers was done in the same way I curate the content for the magazine. The idea was to bring the magazine to life and literally base it around things that I love - independent business, beautiful shops and spaces, inspiring people, great food and creativity.

The structure of the day is led by the hashtag I came up with a couple of years ago #seekinspirecreate (also the name of our popular e-zine), with the day being split into three parts - Seek, Inspire and Create. I’m so thrilled that our very first event which happened in Lewes, East Sussex in February went so well! We had a lovely mix of creative women come along (although men are very welcome too!), some who lived quite locally, but some who had travelled the whole way from Manchester to join us! Here is a little insight into the day, with some lovely images taken by SarahLou Francis.


For the first part of the day, I wanted to take everyone to a few of my favourite independent shops in the town. Whenever I visit anywhere new, I am always seeking out beautiful stores to browse, and Lewes is certainly packed with lots of them! We of course couldn’t get round all of them, so I selected three very different, but equally dreamy shops.

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

First up was Marchand Son, the most unique paint shop you are ever likely to come across. Owner Simon previously ran a shop in London called 'Colour Makes Me Happy’, but moved himself and his business to Lewes around 6 months ago, bringing his quirky style to the town. Simon chatted to our group about the many myths surrounding paint, explained how he taught himself to make paint and shared the stories behind his brilliant paint names. He is a true creative who has built something entirely unique and it was wonderful to learn more about his business. He even mixed us little pots of ‘91 Magazine pink’ paint for our goodie bags!

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create Event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

Next, we walked around the corner and onto the high street to visit Freight HHG. This beautiful store is run by Adele and her mother, and is a mix of homeware, clothing and lifestyle items. What makes this shop different is that the two women design or commission most of the items they sell. Adele chatted to us about how they avoid the usual trade fairs and prefer to seek out talented makers to craft their wares, with everything being made within the UK. Designs and materials are carefully considered to make products that last. It was lovely to hear the story behind how they have created their unique brand and everyone had the chance to ask lots of questions as well as to shop with our exclusive discount!

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

Our final stop for the Seek part of the day was From Victoria in The Needlemakers. This gorgeous shop is an absolute treasure trove of homeware, gifts and plants. I could spend hours poring over the pretty things in every corner of this space run by the lovely Victoria. Surrounded by unusual hanging plants, cacti and tropical beauties, Victoria gave lots of sound houseplant advice to the group during our plant Q&A. Then we all eagerly browsed the goodies with many of us leaving with little brown paper bags filled with treats to ourselves!

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes


We were extremely lucky with the weather with the event falling during that really warm spell we had at the end of February. As we walked to the lunch venue where the INSPIRE part of the day would take place, we were shedding our jackets and talking of how spring-like it felt. The group were giving me slightly strange looks as I led them along the road to an industrial estate, I’m sure all wondering exactly where we would be eating! But, stepping through an unassuming door and passing by a noisy workshop area, all was revealed as we entered kitchen makers Inglis Hall’s beautiful showroom. The space is a working kitchen, so was perfect for out caterers Caccia and Tails to come and prepare the delicious lunch while we all mingled and chatted.

The table looked beautiful, decorated with plants from From Victoria and gorgeous flowers by Bulb Floristry. Jam-packed goodie bags awaited our guests on their seats too. The food was truly delicious, with meat, vegetarian and vegan versions of mac ‘n’ cheese along with an amazing salad and focaccia bread.

After eating and chatting, we then had two excellent talks to listen to. Firstly, Dorte and Georgie of Social Pow Wow talked us through using Pinterest for business. So much useful information was shared and I have a renewed love of Pinterest ever since! Next, Jade Golding, a creative business coach (and owner of two other businesses!) talked about how to inspire your customers online. She explained the difficulties faced with selling product online and then provided useful ideas on how to overcome these and create an inspiring online shopping experience.

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes
91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes


With tummies filled, brains inspired and goodie bags in hand, we set off to our final destination for the CREATE part of the day. Inside the fragrant AS Apothecary store, we were warmly greeted by owner Amanda who quickly made us feel at home in her beautiful space. Her small-batch natural skincare products line the walls, styled to perfection with plants and other natural objects. Amanda chatted to us in depth about natural skincare and how she creates her range from flowers and herbs that they grow and harvest in Sussex, Scotland and Greece. She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and I’m pretty sure most of us were converted by the end of the chat. (Many of us were purchasing her products before we left!) We then got the chance to mix our very own beauty balm, which we worked together to make under Amanda’s careful supervision. We all got to take away a little pot of what we made, and I have not stopped using it since that day!

91 Magazine Seek Inspire Create event in Lewes

The day was rounded off the only way it could be; with a cup of tea and some delicious (and beautiful!) cakes supplied by Flint Owl Bakery! yum!

As I said during my introduction at the start of the day, I basically wanted to create my ‘ideal day out’ and as the event drew to a close, I was happy to confirm that it had delivered exactly that! It was so lovely to be able to share it with a wonderful group of like-minded women and it reminded me how good it is to step out of your usual day-to-day and just enjoy some time doing things you love, meeting new people and discovering new things.

We are already starting to plan the next of these events. It will follow the same format but in a different town with different businesses and people. I honestly can’t wait! if you’d like to hear about when tickets go on sale for it, make sure you sign up to our mailing list for updates.

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in our day down in Lewes. It was truly magical!

All photography: SarahLou Francis

An Instagrammer's guide to: Bordeaux

While Paris may be known for being the fashion capital of France, it’s the more southerly city of Bordeaux that we are heralding as the place to visit for great lifestyle shops and trendy cafes. The Shopkeepers are back with their top spots to head in between strolls along the Garonne and sipping French wine.

September is the perfect time to visit Bordeaux. The sunny, warm weather is perfect for exploring this French city that befits a Disney-themed princess set. Luckily I had a local guide (and her dog) to show me around this charming destination. I happily abandoned maps and GPS tools, whilst we strolled the cobbled streets. I loved walking around Bordeaux. There are wide swathes of paths for walking and cycling along the river Garonne, and there is limited traffic in the town centre. The historic old city of Bordeaux is on the UNESCO world heritage list. The majestic buildings in the old city serve as wonderful facades for their charming shopfronts. I stayed at the Mama Shelter hotel, conveniently located in the old city, perfect for exploring the streets, shops and cafes.

Sip Coffe Bar, Bordeaux - 91 Magazine's Instagrammers Guide to Bordeaux

Sip - We started our day with flat whites at Sip Coffee Bar, a lovely vintage-style interior with high ceilings and lots of seating options to sit and plan our day.


le local, bordeaux

Le Local is one of the most beautiful food shops I have ever visited. Crates of colourful, local produce displayed against the framework of the stunning original architectural features of the building, and neat rows of speciality goods line the walls.


Amour de Fleurs, Bordeaux

Amour de Fleurs - The day we visited Amour de Fleurs we were lucky to witness the owner changing the shopfront decor from summer to fall. Inside it is bursting with beautiful blooms and houseplants, which you may not be able to transport home but you can certainly admire and enjoy.


La Garconniere, Bordeaux

La Garconnière - Behind a facade with dramatic soaring windows, is menswear lifestyle shop, La Garconnière. This beautifully designed store has a coffee shop, delicatessen, and barbershop, as well as men’s clothing and accessories.


coutume, Bordeaux

Coutume is a modern hardware store with goods for the home and garden. The shop, with distinctive graphics, is divided into sections such as table, office, bathroom, kids and garden.


Pow Wow Kids, Bordeaux

Pow Wow Kids is an enchanting children’s lifestyle shop. The displays and merchandising is charming, with clothing to the front of the shop and furniture and toys are displayed against a forest of wallpapered-trees at the back of the shop. There is a scandi feel with an emphasis on natural materials.

Mariage de Fleurs, Bordeaux

Mariage de Fleurs - Bordeaux has an abundance of beautiful flower shops. Across the street from Pow Wow Kids is Mariage de Fleurs. Plants decorate the unique teal green shopfront and inside plants are displayed on vintage furniture and crates.


Herbes Fauves, Bordeaux

Herbes Fauves - Yep! Another one for you greenery lovers! An abundance of colourful floral stems and foliage are grouped on a collection of tables in the centre of Herbes Fauves. Vintage furniture is used for the shop counter and a multitude of plant pots are displayed inside a cabinet.


Apache, Bordeaux

Apache - This pretty boutique with its natural wood fixtures and pastel painted walls offers handmade jewellery inspired by Native American influences.


Be sure to head to The Shopkeepers website for more beautiful shops and eateries to drool over. Their Instagram feed is particularly fab. Thanks for sharing guys!

An Instagrammer's guide to: Greater Manchester

We head north for our latest Instagrammer’s guide to discover the most stylish spots to shop, eat and drink on the streets of Manchester and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods. Blogger and Manchester resident Susan Earlam shows us around…


Tea heaven is just off a busy thoroughfare in city centre Manchester. Leaf offers 50 different flavours of loose tea and a delicious menu across the course of a day. The space was previously an art gallery and it has been beautifully converted into a welcoming, warm space which is cleverly divided into different areas. With gorgeous wallpaper, eclectic furniture and the industrial heritage also on show, this place is a combined feast for the senses and a refuge from the busy street outside.

IG: @LEAFonPortlandSt

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Manchester Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic

Originally selling online and at trade shows Beaumont Organic opened an emerald green fronted shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in September 2017. Hannah is at the forefront of the ethical and sustainable clothing movement and the shop regularly holds events to support causes worldwide. The clothing comes with no icky feeling about where or who made it. It’s classic yet contemporary.

IG: @beaumontorganic

Form Lifestyle Store

Tucked away, deep in the Northern Quarter and housed in a blue plaque building dating back to 1787, Form is gorgeous example of how brilliant it is when old buildings are re-used. It has the most instagrammable spiral staircase in Manchester, perhaps even the North West. But aside from that it’s a haven for great, independent, small designers. (Find out more about Form is our August 18 e-zine)

IG: @formlifestylestore

Photo:  Alex Ward

Photo: Alex Ward

The Winter Garden at Refuge

If you've ever wondered what a grown-up version of Narnia would be like, The Winter Garden at Refuge would be a good place to start. The real trees inside this beautiful atrium sparkle day and night. It is opulent and magical. You step inside and feel worlds away from life outside. From afternoon tea to cocktails and mocktails, this is the place to bring your Manchester visiting friends or anyone you'd quite like to impress.

IG: @therefugemcr

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Manchester - Moth


Sat on the leafy Burton Road in West Didsbury, Moth is a longstanding haven for stylists and homemakers with an eye for effortless style. It’s minimalist but with life and texture. From lampshades and rugs to handbags and jewellery. Buy something from Moth if you want chic but not showy. A neutral colour palette is easy on the eye and I’d be surprised if you are able to visit this gem without making a purchase.

IG: @mothstyle

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Manchester - Idaho


Riding on the crest of Altricham’s recent revival, Idaho is somewhere I go for the perfect gift. It stocks a great range of greetings cards, long live the cards I say, it can be a small designer’s bread and butter. I always find things in here that I’ve not seen elsewhere, except, yep, you guessed it, Instagram. From jewellery and posters to planners and beauty products and even chocolate. This is where to visit for the difficult to buy for, but uber stylish friend.

IG: @idahoaltrincham

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's guide to Manchester - Rose and Grey

Rose & Grey

Before Rose & Grey opened their showroom they were an online shop for many years. Now the thrill of seeing their products and furniture in real life is always exciting. The showroom is set up in such a way that makes you feel at home. It often makes me want to redecorate too! Its an inspiring place that entices you to be bold and individual with your home décor.

IG: @roseandgreyinteriors

Photo:  Alex Ward

Photo: Alex Ward

Rare Mags

Perched midway up the cobbled street of Hillgate in the Old Town part of Stockport sits Rare Mags. Proving the naysayers wrong, those people who believe print is dead; well, here it is alive and kicking. Rare Mags understand that people like to touch what they read. Our brains interact with information on paper in a vastly different way than they do with something on a screen. The magazines sold here are tomes of creativity, including 91 Magazine of course. (I highly recommend stopping for tea and vegan treats at Hillgate Cakery which is directly opposite)

IG: @rare_mags

Object Style

Husband and wife team Rachael and Alex have poured love and devotion into their cosy Chorlton shop, Object Style, and the personal service you get on a visit is so warm and authentic. Selling clothing, textiles, houseplants and vast range of handpicked home accessories, the shop and the stock is always beautifully merchandised, I defy you to come out empty-handed. (see more about Object in our Feb 18 e-zine.)

IG: @object_style

Photo:  Scott Rhodes

The Creameries

A bakery and kitchen that is aiming to be zero waste, caters brilliantly for kids, offers a seasonal menu and looks good? It’s all here at The Creameries and it has the original tiles from its previous guise which was a dairy in Edwardian times. What is it about tiles from that period? I love seeing the layers of history that places like this help keep alive. If freshly baked bread and authentic food from the heart is what you love, then be sure to pay this gem a visit.

IG: @hellocreameries

Head to Susan’s blog for more tips on Manchester as well as interiors and fashion inspiration. Follow her on Instagram too.

London indie events this weekend

As Christmas is now on the horizon lots of fabulous events are starting to pop up to fill our weekends with finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. My aim this Christmas is to buy most, if not all, my gifts from independent brands, and luckily this is made easier by lots of the indie markets being held in coming weeks. There will be lots going on all over the country, so do check out what is happening local to you, but I just wanted to highlight five events that I am hoping to attend this weekend in London, or over the next few weeks - if I can make it to them all!

And Agency London pop up event November 2018

And Agency Pop up store

The first event is actually one 91 is taking part in. It is a pop up store run by And Agency which will feature a carefully curated selection of independent brands, including Blasta Henriet, Barton Croft and Undercover Living plus a selection of lovely ethical fashion and jewellery brands. It is happening in the heart of Shoreditch and will run from the 16th - 30th November. You can pick up copies of both our AW18 issue as well as the SS18 issue at the event. See more of what you can expect via their Instagram feed.

32 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3PB

16th - 30th November 2018

Mon-Sat: 11-6pm, Sunday: 10-5pm.


The Assembly Market, Stoke Newington

The Assembly Market

The Assembly Market is happening in Stoke Newington and is an ‘assembly’ of independent designers in the fashion, accessories, homeware & art sectors. Brands include P.I.C. Style (pictured above), Under the Cloth and Paper Covers Rock. The two day event has focussed on bringing together designers who have a commitment to sustainability as well as beautiful aesthetics - you can view the full list of those taking part here or follow along on their Instagram.

Abney Hall, 73A Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0AS

Saturday 17th November - 11-6pm

Sunday 18th November - 11-5pm


Occasional Home store Christmas event 2018

Occasional Home Store Winter Weekend

The Occasional Home Store is back with their popular event mixing vintage and contemporary brands in one shopping extravaganza. Not only this, they will have a programme of events happening over the two days to keep you busy, so do check out their listings. You will find Pea Style there (whose home is in our AW18 issue!), as well as designers such as Ondine Ash and Meylor Paper Goods.

West Reservoir Centre, Green Lanes, London, N4 2HA

17th & 18th November 2018 - 10am - 4pm


The Mamahood Winter pop up


The Mamahood supports independent businesses run by mothers, the 16th November sees the opening of another one of their popular shopping events in East Dulwich. There will be 80 brands on sale, so it’ll be pretty tricky not to find something you love! Sellers include Little Carousel, Button and Blue (pictured), and Julia Staite. You may just get your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop!

7 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8EW

16th November - until mid-February (when the Spring pop up will immediately follow!)

Mon - Sat: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sundays: 12-5pm (closed between Christmas and new year)


Creoate pop up, Covent Garden

Last but not least, is a pop up store I stumbled across while wandering the streets of Covent Garden last week. Creoate are an organisation who bring together retail products and experiences for independent brands. I was excited to see a platform for female independent brands right in the heart of Central London which is often dominated by the big corporate names. They’ve also got a plethora of workshops happening too. There’s a wide range of items from homeware and beauty to fashion and art, so do pop in - they are there until the 23rd December. Discover some of the brands they stock on their Instagram.

37 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PR

now until 23rd December


Instagrammer's Guide to: Oslo, Norway

So far, our Instagrammer’s guides have featured Scandi cities Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen & Malmo and now it’s the turn of Oslo. It’s safe to say those Nordic destinations are an Instagrammer’s dream! Writer and blogger Claire Holland recently travelled to the Norwegian city with her family and here she shares her top spots for shopping, eating and entertaining both kids and adults…

I've never been very good at early morning starts. But I was up with the lark (or rather the seagulls) in excited anticipation of our morning arrival into Oslo. We'd taken the overnight ferry from Copenhagen as part of a four week road trip to visit my brother, who moved to the Norwegian capital a couple of years ago.  As the early morning sun began to fill our cabin, I peered out of the window and caught sight of some of Norway's traditional brightly-painted houses, nestled like tiny dolls’ houses along the fjord archipelago. Before long, we were showered and dressed and up on deck, cameras in hand, ready to capture our first glimpse of the city rising up into the mountains through the morning mist. 

KollektedBy, design store in Oslo, Norway - Instagrammer's Guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
KollektedBy, design store in Oslo, Norway - Instagrammer's Guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Kollekted By

Minimalist design store, Kollekted By offer Scandinavian-designed lighting, furniture, skincare and more, all curated by design and interior stylist duo Kråkvik&D’Orazio. The highlight for me was how beautifully, and seemingly effortlessly, the objects are presented within the space in little vignettes that could be found in someone’s home. Among the many things I found to covet were a solid brass incense holder and a leaded glass mounted wall vase. But I’m afraid to say that it was all a little beyond my budget!

IG: @kollektedby

Fransk Bazar, vintage store in Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Fransk Bazar

For people who prefer to own things with a past (and a lot of Oslo dwellers do!), Fransk Bazar is where secondhand industrial chic meets charming bric-a-brac. Run by Norwegian and French couple, Nina and Didier, this diminutive space is a cornucopia of unique furniture, costume jewellery and vintage prints. I spied a lovely rattan-seated bentwood bistro chair for 1000 NK (around £90) that would have been coming home with me had there been room in the car.

IG: @franskbazar

Fuglen cafe, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Fuglen cafe, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine


The Norwegian’s take their coffee very seriously (as do I). The black coffee served at Fuglen is from a choice of four different roasteries in the Oslo area, is selected seasonally and offered brewed in a variety of methods. Located in downtown Oslo, set slightly apart from the main streets, Fuglen have served coffee since 1963. But although the interior of the original shop has been kept intact, in its most recent incarnation, Fuglen’s highly stylised design pays homage to the 1950s and 60s - the golden age of Nordic design. And everything at Fuglen is for sale: from the chair you're sitting on, the lamps and original prints on the walls, to the table you put your cup down on. Students from the nearby university and young businesspeople keep it busy during the day, while in the evening it comes alive as a cocktail bar dominated by a younger crowd.

IG: @fuglenoslo

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Eating out in Oslo is phenomenally expensive, so most days we packed sandwiches. But there are plenty of public spaces to sit and eat while taking in the view, and none is more inspiring than Vigeland Sculpture Park. Set in the grounds of Frogner Park, it’s the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. It is one of Oslo’s most visited tourist sites, but is really is a sight to behold and therefore a must-see. Over two hundred of Gustav Vigeland’s bronze and granite sculptures exploring the human form - and human relationships (some are quite comical, others profound and touching) line the park’s boulevard. But make sure to arrive early to avoid the inevitable crowds – they’ll ruin what could be some of your best photographs.

Vippa, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Vippa, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine


When we did choose dine out, we were picky about where we went.  Vippa is a laid-back street food court in an old sugar warehouse on the edge of the harbour, and does the city’s best street food. Newly opened, it serves dishes from all corners of the world, with a focus on organic food - and most of the food stalls also have vegetarian or vegan options. It’s a great place to grab a snack or a light lunch and a beer. We ate some delicious Thai prawn dumplings and noodle-filled veggie spring rolls. During summer, it was the perfect place for outdoor dining in the sun – but expect it to be packed on the outdoor terrace, where there’s a great view of the fjord. The giant outdoor mural makes it super easy to spot from the water, and the tall orange towers of the waterfront promenade help guide you there.

IG: @vippaoslo

Skaperverket, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Skaperverket, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine


If it’s a bohemian vibe you’re looking for, head for vibrant and arty neighbourhood Grünerløkka in the east end. It’s edgy and unique, and known for its street art, cool bars, relaxed cafes and independent boutiques selling design objects and secondhand furniture and jewellery. This is where we came upon Skaperverket, on Markveien, Grünerløkka’s main street; a charming shop showcasing the work of local independent designers, makers and artists who make up the Oslo-based design collective of the same name. I came here twice to fully take in the array of handmade children’s clothes, art prints, ceramics, jewellery and more. The wooden cutwork necklaces made by Tjasa Mavric and Oyoy Living Design’s neat little ceramics particularly caught my eye.

IG: @skaperverket_oslo

Territoriet wine bar, Olso - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Territoriet wine bar, Olso - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine


You can’t buy wine in the supermarkets in Oslo, you have to go to specialist wine shops, so at the end of an afternoon mooching around the streets of Grünerløkka one day, we stopped for a cheeky glass of Riesling at ultra-cool wine bar, Territoriet next door to Skaperverket. There was certainly no shortage of wine on offer here. Territoriet pride themselves on offering over 400 different varieties – and most are available by the glass.  But this is Oslo, so it doesn’t come cheap. We sat at the window and sipped slowly, while idly watching the locals peruse the secondhand market over the road. We then took some photographs of the oh-so cool interior and then fled to save our bank balances!

IG: @territoriet

Teknisk Museum, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Teknisk Museum

With kids in tow, we were mindful of keeping them contented and occupied, and with a rainy afternoon on our hands, we headed to the National museum of science and technology. Otherwise known as the Teknisk Museum, it is a paradise not only for curious kids. With over a hundred interactive installations, musical machines and instruments, and a vast transport exhibition, we were all kept happy and busy until teatime.

IG: @tekniskmuseum


Street art, Oslo - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Street Art

When the weather is less soggy, one of the pleasures of strolling around the streets of Oslo is chancing upon one of the enormous murals that decorate parts of the city, often filling entire walls with colour. The surrounding area by alternative music venue Blå is one of the highlights of Oslo’s street art offering. Every wall is covered, many by some top artists including M-City. Nip through Ingens gate and onto Brenneriveien for a full street of some amazing, Insta-worthy work.

Oslo Raw, Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Oslo Raw, Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Oslo Raw

One lazy, late morning, we popped into Oslo Raw on Adamstuen Torg for a coffee, but on spying the delicious-looking, pretty cakes, we decided to indulge in a few treats. As the name would suggest, Oslo Raw specialise in raw, organic and vegan food. It all sounds very worthy and healthy (and it is!) but it’s also extremely yummy. The space is small and intimate, with a relaxed vibe. The decor is airy, bright and modern, with beautiful pressed flower artworks on the walls.  I was more than happy to stay a while, and I was feeling peckish, so ordered the brunch plate of kale and avocado layered on top of a crunchy pumpkin seed cracker, with chia pudding, and two little squares of cake on the side: one zingy passion fruit, the other, raw choco nut brownie. The children shared a choco-peanut cake with creamy hot chocolate on the side. Rest assured, whatever you order it will be served up looking as pretty as a picture and well worthy of your Instagram grid.

IG: @osloraw

Oslo Opera House - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine
Oslo Opera House - Instagrammer's guide to Oslo - 91 Magazine

Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is the centrepiece of the fast developing waterfront. Walk on the roof – a sleek patchwork carpet of marble - and you’ll get wonderful views of the city and the mountains beyond. The building’s architect, Snøhetta apparently drew inspiration from icy glaciers and when I stood at the top and looked down over a sea of shiny white marble, I got a definite feeling that it’s somehow part of the surrounding nature. Inside, the perforated luminous wall panel that hides the supports for the ceiling - designed by Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson - is equally dazzling.  It’s almost as photogenic inside as out.

Instagrammer's guide to Oslo, Norway by 91 Magazine

Words: Claire Holland / Photography: Charlie Bibby - www.paperthinmoon.com

indie shopping at The West Collective

Last weekend 91 took part in the first ever event hosted by The West Collective. The concept was created by three London girls, Kirsty, Alexia and Christine, who found they were constantly travelling across London to the east end of the city to enjoy the kind of creative, independent markets they loved attending, so they decided to launch their own - but in the west. 

The West Collective fair July 2018

Held at quirky venue Duke of London, usually a classic car showroom, the bright warehouse space was peppered with trendy neon signs, taxidermy, plants and striking artwork. The girls had gathered just under 30 independent makers and sellers with a wonderful mix of homewares, jewellery, skincare, stationery and art. There were a few brands that we already know and love, but there were also many new-to-us makers that we were thrilled to meet. 

91 Magazine at The West Collective fair London
91 Magazine workshop - Get your indie brand noticed: PR & Photography

After setting up our stall, 91 photographer Jemma Watts and I braved the sweltering heat in the upstairs space to host our workshop entitled 'Get your indie brand noticed: PR & photography'. We had a group of 16 lovely ladies and we talked solid for 1.5 hours about the importance of great imagery for your brand, approaching editors and bloggers, creating & sending press releases, as well as a mini masterclass in photography.

The West Collective fair, London

Following that, I spent some time browsing the stalls, snapping the wares and chatting to all of the lovely sellers. I think this is one of my favourite things about taking part in these kinds of events - everyone is so lovely, and it is great to meet so many kindred spirits in one place. It really was tempting to buy something from everyone, but I managed to restrain myself and bought just three items! Of course, lots of you will not be near enough to have attended the event, so as we don't want you to miss out on discovering all of these lovely independent makers, I wanted to share each and every one with you, so you can go check them out online....

and 91, of course! you may spot that we were selling some back issues of the S/S 17 issue (middle one on the stand). These are seconds - so very slightly damaged or have a small printing defect. If you are interested in one of these please drop me a line. They are reduced to £5.50, but I have limited stock.    @91magazine

and 91, of course! you may spot that we were selling some back issues of the S/S 17 issue (middle one on the stand). These are seconds - so very slightly damaged or have a small printing defect. If you are interested in one of these please drop me a line. They are reduced to £5.50, but I have limited stock. 


Duke of London - venue for The West Collective fair

So, there you go, the full line up from the event! Plenty of internet browsing to keep you busy for a while! Do give your faves a follow, some of them are recent graduates and just starting out, so any support we can give these talented folk is going to encourage them that they've made the right choice to go it alone! And do follow The West Collective for future events too - we think these girls have a great eye for curating a lovely collection of makers, so we're sure the next one will be bigger and even better! 

91 visits.... Isle of Wight

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have spotted that I recently spent a weekend on the Isle of Wight - thank you so much for all the suggestions of places to visit, they came in very handy! More on that later...

The trip came about as the lovely folk of Tiny Home Holidays invited us to come and spend a couple of nights in one of their sustainable cabin-style homes set in lush countryside near Newport.

Tiny Homes Holidays - sustainable cabins on the Isle of Wight

After a speedy crossing with Wightlink from Portsmouth, and a quick drive across the island, we were greeted by a serene meadow setting and these three compact structures, hidden away from the road.  

Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

Stepping inside our cabin - Hygge - we discover how well thought out the space is. Clever storage solutions and spatial planning mean that while it is certainly compact it doesn't feel cramped. There is a living space with a sofa that converts into a comfy bed, as well as a desk area and a wood-burning stove. The kitchen has everything you need to cook a meal as well as a BBQ out the front of the cabin. A sliding door hides the bathroom with a shower, sink and composting toilet. Climb the ladder, and you'll find another sleeping area with a double bed as well as a storage area for hanging clothes and stowing bags.

Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

The eco-credentials encourage mindfulness in terms of how you use the space and it's amenities. They are solar-powered and you must conserve water as much as possible. But it's clear that owners Helen and Frazer have not neglected making their tiny homes welcoming and homely too - they have put lots of thought into the decor also. The wood cladding made the space feel cosy and cabin-like, and lots of contemporary and vintage touches create a real home-from-home feel. We were also provided with a few essentials such as tea, coffee and milk and a lovely treat of homemade chocolate brownies - not something you'll receive in a faceless chain hotel that's for sure! 

Sustainable holiday cabins - Tiny Home holidays - Isle of wight
Sustainable holiday cabins - Tiny Home holidays - Isle of wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

Our evenings were spent out on the deck, chatting over a bottle of wine, listening to the sounds of nature and simply appreciating those precious moments spent with family. 

Harbour Kitchen, Cowes

With just two days to explore the island and a recommendation list as long as my arm, we wasted no time and headed first to Cowes for a spot of lunch at The Harbour Kitchen and a perusal of lifestyle store PHG Interiors. This store really stood out amongst the other coastal/island-inspired shops we came across, mixing contemporary, utilitarian and vintage looks as well as stocking a selection of clothing and skincare products. 

PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes

Visiting the island during a heatwave inevitably means gravitating towards the coastline and it's many beautiful beaches and we managed to spend time on a few - The Needles (great for kids as there is also amusements and a sweet factory which offers demonstrations), Compton Bay (a vast sandy beach) and Steephill Cove (a small yet perfectly quaint spot). We also visited Ventnor briefly before heading home, where my daughter enjoyed the paddling pool and we all enjoyed an ice cream from Crave, who serve an ever-changing menu of intriguing flavours. My daughter devoured her Lego ice cream! 

The Needles

The Needles

Compton Bay

Compton Bay

SteepHill Cove Isle of Wight
Steephill Cove

Steephill Cove

Crave Ice Cream, Ventnor

No trip to the Isle of Wight could be complete without a visit to stunning jewellery store, Rust. If you've got the latest issue of 91, then it's likely you have already been swooning over this gorgeous shop, and the home of owner Artemis Russell. I can report it is equally as lovely in person as it is in print, and Artemis and her husband Nao's talent for both jewellery making and product design is second to none. Save up your pennies and get over to the island and treat yourself to a lovely piece of jewellery - I, for one, didn't leave empty-handed!  

Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Many thanks to Tiny Homes Holidays for our stay and to Wightlink for our complimentary ferry crossings. And thanks again to our Instagram followers for the fab recommendations! 

All photography: Caroline Rowland


An Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards

The seaside towns of Hastings and St Leonards on the south coast of the UK both have a thriving community of independent businesses, with certain streets such as George Street, Norman Road and Kings Road being particularly great spots to focus your shopping trip. When 91 visited we discovered that a number of stores are closed on a Monday, while others opt to take a Tuesday or Wednesday as their day off, so to take full advantage of the selection of great shops, aim to visit at the end of the week or a weekend.

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste


A long time friend of 91, (she took part in our West Elm pop up in 2016) Jacqui Martin opened her petite boutique on George Street in 2017, two years after launching her brand Reste online. Jacqui supports and celebrates indie makers and traditional craftsmanship, and puts a lot of time into finding new designers and makers to stock. The store itself is compact, but beautifully merchandised, with a mainly neutral colour palette and lots of greenery. Ceramics, baskets, textiles, candles, organic skincare and a carefully curated selection of books and magazines (including 91!) fill the shelves, and Jacqui will happily fill you in on the story behind each and every object on display.

IG: @reste

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium

Butler’s Emporium

Directly opposite Reste you’ll find Butler’s Emporium. This charming lifestyle store was once a hardware shop, and dates back to 1832. What makes this store special is the fact that owner Rose has kept a large proportion of the original fixtures and fittings intact. The weathered timber, peeling paintwork and original cabinets seem to have layers and layers of life within them. Rose utilises these features in how she styles the shop and explains that her taste is eclectic, so there is a real mix of wares, but that all work together, offering shoppers goods for the home as well as skincare products, jewellery and accessories. You can now also purchase a selection of their range online via Trouva.

IG: @butlersemporium3

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - AG Hendy & Co
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - AG Hendy & Co

AG Hendy & Co Homestore

Before continuing along George Street, make sure to take a detour up High Street, as AG Hendy & Co Homestore is not to be missed. This Grade II listed Georgian town house is a sight to behold in itself, with an intriguing history which you can read about in detail on their website. Owner Alastair Hendy brought the building back to life when he took it over in 2008, completely restoring it to it’s former glory after many of it’s original features had been covered up in an attempt to modernise it in the late 20th century. As for what’s on sale, it is a mix of new and vintage homewares with a utilitarian theme tying them together. On the weekends they open their kitchen and dining rooms to serve a menu of mainly seafood, and they also run workshops in cookery, food styling and photography. A truly aspirational lifestyle brand that is accessible and welcoming.

IG: @a_g_hendy_co_homestore

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft

Warp and Weft

Back along George Street, and yet another beautifully styled store, this time with a focus on lovingly-crafted garments. Owner Leida Nassir-Pour has created a stunning space across two floors, again maintaining much of the building’s original features. Warp and Weft’s clothing, footwear and accessories are set against muted tones - whitewashed exposed brick downstairs and earthy, rustic wood upstairs. The emphasis on craftsmanship was brought into focus for us when we were given a peek inside the store’s workshop, where tailor Bret and his colleague Katie were busily constructing bespoke garments for customers via their made to measure service. Attention to detail and passion were clearly evident here, with vignettes of the small selection of home goods carefully styled and the rails of softly neutral garments complementing each other. A space not just for shopping, but for soaking up creativity and serenity.

IG: @warpandweft

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow

The Clockwork Crow

Just next door is The Clockwork Crow – a jam-packed emporium of eclectic persuasion. Plants feature heavily, with a number of more unusual varieties creating mini jungle-like scenes around the store. The building was originally a grain mill, and if you weave your way to the back of the shop, you’ll find an intriguing ‘cave-like' space where you can rummage through a collection of architectural salvage finds, more plants and other unusual objects. Not everything here was my cup of tea, but with such an assortment to explore, there is certainly something for everyone and they cater particularly well for the current boho / global trend in home décor.

IG: @theclockworkcrowhastings

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - S Forrest
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - S Forrest

S. Forrest

There’s no mistaking that dried flowers can be equally as beautiful as their fresh incarnation, and of course longer lasting! The place to go to find an unusual and wide range of dried blooms in S Forrest, also conveniently located on George Street. From classic lavender and hydrangea through to delphiniums and phalaris, the store smells divine and also offers a selection of teas, herbs and spices and some kitchenware items.

IG: @sforrestuk

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Simply Garden
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Simply Garden

Simply Garden

There is certainly no chance of plant lovers missing out on their botanical fix when visiting George Street, as yet another shop along this stretch is overflowing with greenery! Rustic scaffold boards, crates and an old workbench hold a variety of houseplants, pots and other plant care necessities in Simply Garden whose aim is to make gardening simple for all. Treat your home to a teeny cactus or go bold with a statement palm.  

IG: @simply_garden

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Dyke and Dean
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Dyke and Dean

Dyke and Dean

You could easily fill a whole day wandering the streets of Hastings Old Town, but if you have more time, stroll a little further west where many new businesses are setting up shop. There are still some empty units vacant which crying out for creative types to occupy them. Unfortunately for us, many places are shut on Mondays, one such place being Dyke and Dean, where instead we gazed through the large windows of the former printworks at the stylish counter space, colourful homewares and clever display ideas. Run by Oliver Dean and Eddie Lloyd-Dyke, two product designers, who met while studying at Central St. Martins, the shop stocks a range of contemporary homewares, utilitarian items as well as their own lighting designs.

IG: @dykeanddean

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room

Cake Room

I’m gonna be honest with you here… we sadly didn’t have time to sample the goods in this Robertson Street café, as we’d spent far too long gabbing with the shopkeepers back in the Old Town and ran out of time! But if the interiors are anything to go by, Cake Room is a place that takes pride in its offering. The tiles, the wallpaper, the plants, the furniture - we loved it all, and it certainly seemed a popular spot with the locals. If anything, it’s worth a visit just to Instagram the interior!

IG: @cakeroomhastings

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - St Leonards Modern Goods
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - St Leonards Modern Goods

St Leonards Modern Goods

Venture further west yet, and you will arrive in neighbouring St Leonards, where St Leonards Modern Goods is located, set up by "K" Avery-Stallion on Norman Road following a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016. As well as stocking her own leather goods which she’s been producing for around 8 years, K also stocks a selection of British made clothing and homewares from other independent designers. She also hosts intimate workshops in leather craft on Mondays when the store is usually closed.

IG: @stleonardsmoderngoods

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers

Little Mashers

Little Mashers on Kings Road is sure to bring a smile to any little ones' faces who have patiently endured your lifestyle store shopping trip to this point! Filled with fun clothing, kitsch toys, beautiful picture books and colourful kids décor, the shop has been cleverly put together by husband and wife team, Clare and Andrew. Their own clothing range is screen-printed using unique inks including glow in the dark and chalkboard designs, that both kids and parents will love. They also host screen-printing workshops for kids in their studio at the back of the shop, and are part of a kids-focused festival happening in August called Fun House Festival.

IG: @littlemashers

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Fika@44


Again, we sadly didn’t get a chance to experience this coffee shop – it actually closes at 3pm on Mondays and doesn’t open on Tuesdays, but the rest of the week you can enjoy this light bright café which apparently has a courtyard at the back. Reviews online of this place are very complimentary, so it seems the coffee and food are just as delightful as the interior.

IG: @fika.coffee.44

All Photography by: Jemma Watts

91 Magazine's Instagrammer's guide to Hastings, UK

An Instagrammer's guide to: Malmo and Skåne County

Five years ago it is probably fair to say that not many of us Brits would have been able to tell you where Malmö was on a map. But then along came Saga Noren and a perfectly written slice of Scandi crime drama and this lovely little city in Southern Sweden is no longer such a secret. It looks across the water to Copenhagen but there is no need to cross the bridge in search of lovely places to eat, sleep and shop (although if you want to, check out our guide here!). There is a thriving cultural, dining and design scene within Malmö, and if you jump in the car and head out of the city, within an hour you can be walking the cobbled streets of impossibly pretty fishing villages. Rebecca Lawson travelled there recently and shares a small selection of her favourite places that all travelling instagrammers should visit....

Story Hotel - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's guide to Malmo

Story Hotel

There are plenty of great places to stay in Malmö but the Story Hotel is the only one that has a rooftop bar with stunning views of the harbour and the field of Japanese paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling as you walk into the bar will have you desperately trying to locate your camera. The décor is pared back and industrial without ever feeling cold and uninviting. Concrete ceilings in the bedrooms are blended with deep colours and soft textures in the furnishings to create a stylish, warm atmosphere. Downstairs, the lobby restaurant Lokal 17 is well worth checking out with waterfront views. If you are staying with your family then check out the OhBoy Hotel which has mini apartments near the regenerated docks with free bikes for all hotel guests.

IG: @storyhotels

AB Smaland - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

AB Småland

If you only have time to visit one shop when you are in Malmö then make it AB Småland. It is modern rustic heaven with two floors of beautifully curated homeware, plants and fashion with a café dotted with vintage wooden tables and giant indoor olive trees. Even children will want to linger as they have a lovely corner with a huge chalkboard for kids to doddle on as well as a sweet selection of vintage toys.

IG: @absmaland

Malmo Saluhall - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Malmö Saluhall

No trip to Sweden is complete for me without a fresh attempt at eating my own body weight in cinnamon buns.  Some of the finest I tasted whilst in Malmö were located in St Jacob Stenugnsbageri in the Saluhall, which brings together a host of delicious food and drink stalls in a renovated warehouse. Against a bare brick backdrop there are pale wood communal tables and festoon lights criss crossing the industrial ceiling. There is a gorgeous florist at the entrance and if you have any elastic left in your trousers after sitting down for Noodles at Papi or a salad at Holy Greens, then make sure to have an ice cream at Favvo Glass. The rhubarb flavour is a complete game-changer.

IG: @malmosaluhall

Slottsgarden - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo


If you need to walk off your lunch after a trip to the Saluhall, then a gentle stroll around the corner is the Malmohus castle which has a lovely little aquarium to entertain kids and some great art exhibitions to meander around too. Continuing on will bring you to the Slottsträdgårdens - just one of the many beautiful parks in Malmö. You can pick up a pedalo and gently bob along the river that runs through it or stay on dry land and head for a cup of tea and some fika at the Slottsträdgårdens Kafè. You can sit outside under the shade of rippling trees or duck inside the greenhouse strung with bunting and dotted with candles.

IG: @Slottsträdgårdens Kafè 

Malmo Art Museum - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's guide to Malmo

Konst Hall

Another lovely cultural highlight located near the Opera House is the Konst Hall, a modern art gallery situated in an old orangery building with a beautiful, secluded and leafy courtyard café. The light-flooded gallery space is not huge but there is plenty to while away a happy hour. If you are with kids, they also run free crafting workshops in a room off the main gallery space.

Vastra Hamnen - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo
Vastra Hamnen - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Västra Hamnen

Our favourite place to end every day was in Västra Hamnen, a former shipyard which has been transformed into a sustainable area of contemporary housing with a harbour bobbing with boats. There are stretches of wooden walkways looking out towards the sea, dotted with beautiful Scandinavians (young and old) who have come to enjoy the sunset and a swim in the sea off bleached wooden pontoons. Vespa is a great spot to grab a pizza and glass of wine and watch the sun go down and look out for the famous turning torso building behind you.



Söderberg & Sara

Söderberg & Sara



No.6 / Söderberg & Sara / Spoonery

Scandinavians know how to do a good café and there are plenty of contenders for the title of best place to grab a Macchiato in Malmö.  However, if you are pressed for time, I would recommend that you head to the St.Knut area of town which has a lovely village-y feel and three sublime cafes - No.6, Söderberg & Sara, and Spoonery. I came away from No.6 wanting to go home and triple the number of pendant lights hanging in my kitchen as their collection of vintage lighting looks so effective grouped above the coffee bar. 

Hus 57 - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo
Hus 57 - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Hus 57

Just an hour outside of Malmo are stretches of beautiful coastline to explore. If you are looking for an affordable option with bags of great design then make Hus 57 in Ängelholm your base. It brings a strong lobby game with velvet button back sofas in rich dark greens and mustard yellows, mingling with statement lighting and plenty of great coffee book reading material. It has a contemporary restaurant serving a Scandi menu with a modern twist and a small spa, gym and games room to boot.

IG: @hus57engelhom

Molle 6edit.jpg


There are lots of lovely little fishing villages to explore. Our favourites were Torekov (the rumoured  home of Hugh Grant’s wife, leading to lots of reported sightings of the floppy-haired one) and Mölle. Both have cobbled streets dotted with whitewashed clapboard houses and Molle is also home to a lovely little pottery studio called the Mölle Krukmakeri which has a garden café with lots of quirky touches including a stuffed tiger dressed as an airline pilot (trust me it works).  The Grand Hotel at the top of the hill is the perfect spot for a cocktail as the sun goes down with an amazingly instagrammable view.

IG: @mollekrukmakeri

Bastad - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo


There are lots of beaches to chose from along this stretch of coastline but our favourite was in the smart town of Båstad (pronounced Borstod - just to stop you making the 'bastard' mistake!).  It has soft golden sand and a pier stretching out to sea with a sauna at the end in a contemporary larch clad building. If you have worked up an appetite after sweating and swimming then smarten up and head to Hotel Skansen (@hotelskansen) behind the dunes which has a restaurant with floor to ceiling windows leading out onto decking covered by white linen sails. Or for something more casual head to the Två Män café.

Hoganas Saluhall - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Höganäs Saluhall

I had to double check the map when we arrived at a slightly unpromising industrial estate off a dual carriage way to visit the Höganäs Saluhall for lunch. However my fears were quickly allayed when we located a gorgeous former warehouse that has been transformed into a foodhall showcasing the best of Swedish fresh produce. The café is set on the floor above the foodhall in a stunning industrial space and serves up delicious buffet lunches.  Once you have eaten, return downstairs and explore the surrounding warehouses which have a brilliant mix of lifestyle boutiques with gorgeous homeware from the likes of Tine K and Lene Bjerre.

IG: @hoganassaluhall

Enkla Ting 3edit.jpg

Enkla Ting

Making your way back to Malmö, make sure to stop off at Enkla Ting on the way. Set in the rolling green fields of the Skåne countryside in whitewashed converted farm buildings, is the shop I have always fantasised about opening. It blends relaxed luxe fashion with contemporary/vintage style Scandi homeware and has a café you will want to linger in all day. I defy you to visit without coming way with arms groaning with shopping bags and a camera roll full of photos of the gorgeous courtyard.

IG: @enklating

Rebecca (AKA Malmo & Moss) visited Malmö and Skåne County as the guest of Visit Sweden. Follow Rebecca on Instagram

91 Magazine's Instagrammer's guide to Malmo and Skane county

91 visits.... Green Rooms Market

As the appetite for greenery in the home continues to grow, more and more plant-based businesses are popping up - either selling those on-trend plants that we are all after, making beautiful pots to display them in (equally as covetable!) or taking inspiration from the botanical world to create items that need a little less care and attention - art prints, jewellery, textiles and stationery. For us plant fans, what could be better than bringing all of these green-loving indie brands under one roof?! Green Rooms Market's first event, held in Peckham in the 27th May did just that. 

The market is the brainchild of identical twin sisters Annie and Jemma Charman, who came up with the idea while both on maternity leave when they had their first babies within months of each other. Their shared passion for all things botanical, inspired by their green-fingered parents, drove them to launch the event, despite both having more corporate careers - Jemma as a Homeware buyer for Marks & Spencer and Annie as a Digital Marketing Technology specialist. 

Held at Peckham Springs in south London, the event was buzzing- the May sunshine beating down on shoppers as they weaved through the carefully curated stalls of leafy lovelies and handcrafted vessels. Firm 91 favourites Botanique Workshop and Forest London featured, while we discovered many new-to-us makers and designers. We were thrilled to spot our latest issue of the magazine had even made an appearance on Albert and Moo's stall! 

Albert and Moo

Albert and Moo

There were over 20 stallholders, with plants as the overarching theme, yet there was real variety in what was on offer. Concrete planters, pots made using a 3D printer, embroidered plant pictures, macrame holders and of course an abundance of plants from cacti and succulents to ferns and cheese plants. There were even some felt plants for the not-so-green-fingered! 

If you had kids to entertain or just wanted a break from shopping, there were a few workshops taking place during the day - macrame, pot painting and mini garden making. 

Annie and Jemma are already planning their next botanical market for July, so make sure to follow them on social media to keep updated on when and where. It's an event that's a must for every plant lovers calendar! 

Green Rooms Market on Instagram

Green Rooms Market on Twitter

Instagrammer's guide to: Mexico City

Back in March, 91 travelled to Mexico City as media partners for Caravana Americana. (You can read more about our favourite Mexican designers at the event in this post.) While we were there, we got to spend a few days exploring this richly diverse city. Steeped in history and culture, but with its finger firmly on the modern design scene pulse, we were wowed by its super stylish shops, beautiful eateries, photogenic streets and cultural venues. Here we highlight a few of the locations we discovered that are a must for your Mexico City itinerary.

Hotel Carlota Mexico City
Taxonomia, Mexico City
Taxonomia, Mexico City
Taxonomia, Mexico City

Hotel Carlota & Taxonomia - While we sadly didn’t stay at Hotel Carlota, it was a perfect breakfast spot – set amongst the hotel’s striking concrete and glass surroundings, overlooking the centrally-located swimming pool. The urban-chic rooms mix concrete, wood and textiles with subtle pops of colour. The hotel also houses design store Taxonomia, which stocks a mix of clothing, accessories, homeware and cosmetics – with many of the designers we met at Caravana Americana on display.

IG: @hotelcarlotamx / @taxonomiamx

Barrio Alameda, Mexico City
Casa Salt, Mexico City
La Azotea, Mexico City
Decoreria La Suculenta, Mexico City
view from Barrio Alameda

Barrio Alameda - Barrio Alameda is located within a restored Art Deco building and is a collection of independent shops and food and drink establishments, each within its own unit off the balconies surrounding a central concourse. Greenery was in abundance, indoor planting clearly as popular here as it is in the UK. Not every store was open during our visit, but we enjoyed a browse around Casa Salt, which stocks quirky lifestyle products from Mexican designers. We had fun eating whole grasshoppers (!) on the rooftop at laid-back bar /restaurant La Azotea, and while sadly closed, we peered in through the glasshouse of Decoreria La Suculenta, which we found tucked away in a corner of the rooftop. There is also a spectacular view across the historical centre area, and the Central Alameda Park – the city’s oldest public park.

IG: @barrioalameda

Chaya B&B, Mexico City
Chaya B&B, Mexico City
Chaya B&B, Mexico City
Chaya B&B, Mexico City
Chaya B&B, Mexico City

Chaya B&B - Also situated within Barrio Alameda is a beautiful plant-filled retreat – Chaya B&B. Featured on the 91 blog back in 2016, this place was already on our radar, and it was a pleasure to spend a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the oasis they have created. It is a photographer’s dream with a mix of leafy tropical plants, cacti and succulents set against bright yellow walls; the city’s historical architecture rising up behind. For a more detailed review and a peek inside the rooms, head to this previous post.

IG: @chayabnb

Utilitario Mexicano, Mexico City
Utilitario Mexicano, Mexico City
Utilitario Mexicano, Mexico City
Utilitario Mexicano, Mexico City

Utilitario Mexicano - A few streets away from one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Insurgentes Sur, is Utilitario Mexicano. Mexico City’s answer to East London’s Labour and Wait. It’s one of those shops where you have to purposefully visit, as its unassuming location means you are unlikely to stumble upon it. The large store stocks a wide range of utilitarian home goods, all 100% Mexican in design – from enamelware to feather dusters to kitchen utensils. All displayed with pleasing symmetry on floor to ceiling peg boards or simple metal shelving. It was impossible to leave without a bag of goodies from this functional yet stylish store.

IG: @utilitariomexicano

Querencia, Mexico City
Querencia, Mexico City
Querencia, Mexico City
Querencia, Mexico City

Querencia - Just around the corner is Querencia, a relatively new lifestyle store, filled with plants, ceramics, jewellery, homewares and a small selection of clothing. With a strong emphasis on the botanical trend, this delightful little shop again proudly stocked designs from Mexican makers, all beautifully merchandised, making you wish you’d brought that extra suitcase! We certainly did not leave empty handed!

IG: @querenciamexico

Loose Blues, Mexico City
Loose Blues, Mexico City
Loose Blues, Mexico City

Loose Blues - While in the area, it’s worth popping into Loose Blues, a few doors down from Querencia. Vintage clothing and vinyl downstairs, furniture and homewares upstairs with an industrial café sandwiched in between. Both the store upstairs and the restaurant appeared to be a fusion of Mexican and Japanese culture, which you would never has suspected from the outside! A favourite spot for the city’s hipster set.

IG: @loose_blues

Cicatrix, Mexico City
Cicatrix, Mexico City

Cicatriz - Right next door is laid back café/bar Cicatriz, a perfect pitstop for coffee and cake or an early evening glass of wine. Décor is simple with bare plaster walls, concrete floors and exposed beams, with the addition of those ever popular pot plants! We didn’t eat here, but apparently they serve a mean fried chicken sandwich in the evenings!

IG: @cicatrizcafe

Casa Gilardi - Luis Barragan, Mexico City
Casa Gilardi, Luis Barragan, Mexico City
Casa Gilardi, Luis Barragan, Mexico City
Casa Gilardi, Luis Barragan, Mexico City

Casa Gilardi - Celebrated modernist Mexican architect Luis Barragan is well known for his bold use of colour and no trip to Mexico City is complete without viewing at least one of his works. Casa Gilardi was the last house that Barragan designed before his death in 1988. Still occupied by the original owner, you need to arrange a tour to see inside this residence, but it is well worth it for the striking use of colour and modernist design. If you want to take photos in here you need to pay extra to the owner for a photography permit. Without it, you will be kicking yourself as there are photo opportunities around every corner.

Frida Kahlo museum, Mexico City
Frida Kahlo museum, Mexico City
Frida Kahlo museum, Mexico City

Frida Kahlo museum - You can’t talk of Mexico City without mentioning it’s most iconic female: Frida Kahlo. We all recognise her image, but mono-brow and floral headdresses aside, this was one woman who faced adversity head on. Only knowing snippets of her story myself, the museum, which was also Frida’s home, filled in all the blanks and being so close to so much of her personal belongings and the space she inhabited made it a truly moving experience, despite the hustle and bustle of fellow tourists around you. The colourful walls and greenery of the courtyard garden is a more peaceful area to reflect on the story of her life. Be sure to arrive early as there can be long queues for entry.

IG: @museofridakahlo

Casa Bosques, Mexico City
Casa Bosques, Mexico City

Casa Bosques - This light and airy store is another one you need to know where to find it. Ringing the buzzer at Cordoba 25, situated in the Roma Norte neighbourhood, will gain you entry. Stairs lead up to this book and magazine store, filled with a range of art, architecture, photography and fashion tomes. They also stock their own range of chocolate, which includes unusual combinations such as ‘Dark chocolate covered cashews spiced with curry.’

IG: @casabosques

Happening Store, Mexico City
Happening Store, Mexico City
Happening Store, Mexico City

Happening Store

A stroll through the quiet neighbourhood of Roma Norte will take you to another of my personal favourites – Happening Store. A lifestyle shop again championing the talents of Mexican designers, stocking a range of clothing and accessories as well as ceramics, jewellery, cosmetics and kids toys. We spent a small fortune in here, although could easily have spent a large fortune! I should mention that in every shop we visited we were met with the warmest of welcomes from the friendly shopkeepers. They were clearly passionate about showcasing great design from their countries creative community which was truly heart-warming.

IG: @happeningstore

El Moro, Mexico City
El Moro, Mexico City
El Moro, Mexico City

El Moro

A final stop for us before dashing to the airport was El Moro. There are a number of these around the city - we visited the Condesa branch and it did not disappoint both in terms of ‘Instagramability’ and the amazing chocolate churros!  Their famous blue and white tiles and pale wood furniture are a dream to photograph, and there truly was no better way to round off our trip than with a bag of churros in the sun.

IG: @churreriaelmoro

I highly recommend a trip to Mexico City - there is SO much to see and do, our five night trip only scratched the surface of this sprawling city. If you are visiting soon or have been recently I would LOVE to hear what you thought! I do hope I will have the chance to return some day. Thanks again to Caravana Americana for inviting us. 

TOP TRAVEL TIP: The best way to travel around Mexico City is by Uber. They are super cheap – a 20 minute car ride costs about £2.50. The traffic can be horrendous though, so give plenty of time for your journey.  

Photography: Jemma Watts and Caroline Rowland

91 visits... Hay-On-Wye

Our editor Caroline explores the book-loving town of Hay on Wye and shares top tips on where to stay, shop and eat... 

We were recently invited to stay at Westbrook Court, an architect-designed B&B which overlooks the Wye Valley in Wales. The B&B is a short drive away from Hay-on-Wye, the quaint market town, which lies on the border of Wales and England, and is well known for it's literary credentials and Hay festival which takes place every year around May-June time. 

Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye
Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye
Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye
Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye

There are five suites at Westbrook, separate from the main house occupied by owner Kari and her family, and each one is decorated differently. Ours had a nod to the local town's love of reading with the fun wallpaper and small selection of vintage books on display. The room had a mezzanine area, meaning it felt more substantial than a regular B&B, as it wasn't just a bedroom, it had a living space with a small sofa and TV. The bathroom was luxurious with a roll top bath and large shower, with some deliciously scented local toiletries to try (& even buy!) 

Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye
Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye
Westbrook Court B&B, Hay on Wye

We were able to spend some time on our little deck, enjoying the early evening sun and the stunning views of the valley and the of the farmhouse, where breakfast was served the next morning. Kari prides herself in using local produce and suppliers and it was truly delicious. 

Days Household Goods, Hay on Wye
Days Household Goods, Hay on Wye
Days Household Goods, Hay on Wye
Days Household Goods, Hay on Wye

A short drive from Westbrook Court, will deliver you into the town of Hay, which is a haven for independent shop fans. Our first stop was Days Household Goods. A large store filled with utilitarian style goods for the home, reminiscent of London's Labour and Wait. It was styled beautifully, with old wooden pigeon-hole style shelving and tongue and groove panelling, a must for kitchenalia fans. 

Flow, Hay on Wye
Flow, Hay on Wye
Flow, Hay on Wye

A quick stop off in Flow, which appeared to be a shop of two halves. One half stocked outdoor wear and accessories, while the other side was filled with stationery, gifts and accessories. As a shop it seemed a little unsure of it's identity, but still worth popping your head in if you are passing by. 

book shop, Hay on Wye

Of course you can't spend a day in Hay without browsing at least one bookshop. The ones we popped into were total bibliophile treasure troves. Both old and new books sat side by side, in shelves as well as stacked on the floor. The vintage books fed my photo-prop-hunting addiction with their beautifully illustrated covers, well-worn exteriors and gently yellowed pages.  We even ate in a bookshop! At the back of Booths bookshop is a large cafe, perfect for stopping off for lunch or tea and cake. 

The Old Electric Shop, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric shop, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric shop, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric shop, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric shop, Hay on Wye
The Old Electric shop, Hay on Wye

Our final stop was the dreamy Old Electric Shop which can be found on Broad Street. Another large shop, it feels almost like an indoor flea market as there are various partners who sell their wares within the store. The focus is mainly furniture, homeware and lighting, but there was a little bit of vintage fashion thrown in for good measure. The shop also have a cafe where they serve seasonal organic dishes. It is also licensed and occasionally they host cocktail evenings! 

A few other shops to visit while in Hay include: Eighteen Rabbit - a store selling ethical and fair trade goods, and who also stock 91 Magazine amongst other indie titles. Llewelyn and Company is the place to go for French antique furniture and decorative items. For eating, while we didn't get to try either out, we heard great things about both St John's Place and Tomatitos Tapas Bar. Hay on Wye is a small town, so probably a day is enough to explore it, but if you are staying longer there is of course lots of stunning scenery to see with the Brecon Beacons on your doorstep, and lots of outdoor activities to try. Westbrook Court have great listings on their website for things to see and do

Thanks goes to Westbrook Court for putting us up for the night and allowing us to explore this beautiful part of the UK. 

All photos: Caroline Rowland

An Instagrammer's guide to: Bristol

We are big fans of the city of Bristol here at 91 and have in fact featured many of it's trendiest hangouts here on the blog and in the magazine. We thought it was about time we did a round up of our top spots for shopping, eating and shooting for Instagram! We sent photographer Jemma Watts up to experience the many beauties that Bristol has to offer. 

Papersmiths, Bristol
Papersmiths, Bristol

Papersmiths - Situated on Boyce’s Avenue in trendy Clifton Village, Papersmiths is a magazine and stationery shop stocking numerous independent titles, including 91 Magazine (hurrah!). The bright and airy space is a stationery obsessive’s dream, with shelves displaying an array of unusual, colour-coordinated paper goods and desk accessories – look out for their fab oversized staplers! The aesthetic of the interior is artfully curated, yet fun and colourful. It’s hard to leave without a bag full of pretty pens and paper goodies! (Read our interview with owner Sidoine here.) 

IG: @paper_smiths

Two Palms, Bristol
Two Palms, Bristol

Two Palms - Right above Papersmiths, you’ll find Two Palms. Owned by Papersmith’s founder Sidonie Warren, Two Palms was initially a pop-up, but is now a permanent homewares store selling ceramics, textiles, jewellery, crystals and candles. The ambiance of the store is a total contrast to Papersmiths downstairs; the interior and product offering is calming, muted and more bohemian and equally as covetable. 

IG: @two.palms

Anna Cake Couture, Bristol
Anna Cake Couture, Bristol

Anna Cake Couture - Head across the street to Anna Cake Couture where their bright interior and industrial touches will have you snapping away. And that’s before you’ve even laid eyes on their delicious delights! Primarily this is the go-to shop for wedding cakes, having won awards for their contemporary designs, but they will just as happily serve you up some delicate macarons or indulgent pastries, baked freshly on site every day. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker, you can also pop along to one of their cake decorating courses.

IG: @annacakecouture

East Village Cafe, Bristol
East Village Cafe, Bristol

East Village Café - This newly-opened café is just a few doors down from Papersmiths and Anna Cake Couture on Boyce’s Avenue. Indoor plants and colourful artwork contrast against the light interior, which along with super high ceilings, offers an airy and relaxed spot to stop off for a quick coffee or a leisurely lunch. All their food is 100% vegetarian, with vegan and gluten free options available too. 

IG: @eastvillagebristol

Mockingbird cafe, Bristol
Mockingbird cafe, Bristol

Mockingbird Café - The area of Clifton extends beyond the cool Clifton Village area, and about a 20 minute walk from Boyce’s Avenue, you will find Mockingbird Café on Alma Vale Road. This cute little eatery is tucked away on a sleepy street amongst a small selection of shops and is a quiet spot for working or to enjoy a peaceful coffee with friends. The décor is minimal yet eclectic, with potted plants scattered throughout.

Pinkmans, Bristol
Pinkmans, Bristol

Pinkmans - Park Street is one of Bristol’s most iconic shopping streets, and it is here that you will find this bustling café. As you enter, you are greeted by a long, copper-fronted food counter, displaying a huge range of breads, cakes, sandwiches and biscuits. You also can’t miss the neon pink ‘P’ sign on your right as you enter, surrounded by a growing wall of plants. Their menu covers all your daily meals – as well as snacks – offering breakfast, coffee, salads, sandwiches, through to afternoon tea, pizza, tagines, cocktails and wine. What more could you ask for?

IG: @pinkmansbakery

The Florist, Bristol
The Florist, Bristol

The Florist - As stated on their website, ‘The Florist believes in the fundamental principles of floristry, to charm each of the senses’, which it certainly does. This bar and restaurant is Park Street’s newest foodie establishment, opening just two months ago, and it is sure to become a favourite Instagrammer’s destination. Greeted by an abundance of flowers, your tastebuds are then satisfied by delicious food and creative cocktails, which are inspired by three key floristry styles: English Summer Garden, Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging) and Modern. While savouring the food, drinks and atmosphere, you are also treated to their daily soundtrack, produced by their musicians and DJ’s. This really is a sensory experience!

IG: @thefloristuk

Dig Haushizzle, Bristol
Dig Haushizzle, Bristol

Dig Haushizzle - This decorative antique and interior shop is ideally situated on Colston Street, in the independent creative area of the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter. The owners of this wonderfully eccentric homeware shop, Cass and Ed, describe their style as ‘Victorian, Gothic but Bohemian’. It is a treasure trove of unusual items for your home, including some taxidermy, with pieces sourced from around the UK where possible.

IG: @dighaushizzle

Osmology, Bristol
Osmology, Bristol

Osmology - Originally this business started out as a men’s personal care shop, but the candles sold so well that it’s owner decided to focus solely on scented candles and home fragrances. Located on the Christmas Steps, a quaint small street of independent shops (on a long flight of steps!), you can discover new or established brands from around the world, including Skandinavisk, The Nomad Society, Laboratory Perfumes and Earl of East London. The store is beautifully laid out in a monochrome scheme, with dashes of colour provided by plants and a bright neon sign, asking you to treat yourself – and so you should.

IG: @osmologyco

Mon Pote, Bristol
Mon Pote, Bristol

Mon Pote - Mon Pote is a lifestyle store found in the quieter district of Bedminster, on the south side of the River Avon. This area feels like it moves at a slower pace than the other districts of the city, with North Street being the main street to visit. Here, small cafes and independent shops are opening, bringing in an arty crowd. The store itself is stocked to the brim with home decor products and gifts, for both adults and kids, all carefully curated and beautifully displayed. (read our Shopkeeper Spotlight interview with owner Anna here

IG: @monpotehome

Albatross Cafe, Bristol
Albatross cafe, Bristol

Albatross Café - If you like to sip your morning coffee surrounded by succulents and hanging plants, then this is the place to be! Currently featured in the latest edition of 91 Magazine, Albatross Café, also on North Street, is unpretentious with an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. The coffee and cakes are locally supplied, and they also provide a small, seasonal menu. Find out more about this cute café when you buy the S/S 18 edition of 91 Magazine!

IG: @albatrosscafebristol

91 Magazine's instagrammer's guide to Bristol, UK

Words and Photography by Jemma Watts

Mexico: Top 12 designers from Caravana Americana

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have followed along on Stories about our recent trip to Mexico City. We were invited as a media partner to a design fair in the city called Caravana Americana, which carefully curates and showcases Latin American design, across both the fashion and interiors industries.

Caravana Americana Mexico City 2018

Myself and 91 photographer Jemma Watts travelled out there to attend the fair and find out more about the design scene there. Today I've got a little run down of twelve of the designers that we discovered....

The Norm - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
The Norm, Caravana Americana, Mexico City


Founded by Debra Heftye, the aim for her brand The Norm is to go back to the simplicity and pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee, slowing down and really enjoying the moment. Debra's grandfather was Norwegian, so her work is inspired by Scandinavian design and hygge, resulting in a super minimal aesthetic. She wants to unite artisanal techniques and contemporary design - this range was made in collaboration with a family of artisans in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Onora - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Onora - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


The dominant theme running through the entire Caravana Americana show was how closely Mexican designers work with artisans across the country, keeping traditional techniques alive while producing contemporary designs for today's market. Onora appeared to be one of the more established brands at the show - they even have a store in the Polanco district - yet their ethos is still firmly rooted in how their business can build better lives for the people who produce their products. They invest time in learning about the individual communities crafts and traditions, allowing this to inform their designs. We particularly loved these patterned monochrome ceramics above.

Mr Man - Caravan Americana, Mexico City
Ms Lady- Caravana Americana, mexico city


While my focus was mainly on the homeware stands, I was drawn to this cosmetic label who produce a range for men called Mr Man and one for women called Ms Lady. The two guys behind the brand did not speak much in the way of English and my Spanish is non-existent, so the only info I managed to glean was that the products are organic and 100% Mexican, and that they source all the ingredients from small communities within Mexico. Oh, and they smelt pretty fabulous. (The products, that is!) ;)

Vicu - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Vicu - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


The show had a small section featuring products for kids, and Vicu really stood out, as how could you not be drawn to these sweet woolly alpacas with their colourful pompoms and smiling faces?! Vicu is short for Vicugna (the scientific name for alpaca) - the brand was set up in 2007 by Olivia Arreguín who crochets and hand-stitches the alpaca plushie toys. She used to make beanie hats, but one day when one came out too big, instead of scrapping it she turned it into the alpaca toy and they've never looked back! The toys are already popular across the States, Canada, Australia and the UK, and they are planning to launch a new collection soon including wallpaper designs. 

Nido - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Nido - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


The other children's brand which caught my eye was Nido Muebles. Run by designer Valeria Tamaya, they produce furniture for children and babies made from certified wood and wicker which is made in Tequis Queiapan - a small Mexican town which produces a lot of baskets. We loved these delicate mobiles which are apparently made from the same material as panana hats. 

La Chicharra Ceramica  - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
La Chicharra Ceramica  - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


Back to ceramics, and I was quite taken by the beautiful pieces by La Chicharra Ceramica. (In fact, I brought home two of their plates!) Run by a husband and wife team from Oaxaca, the couple make everything themselves by hand, and the pieces earthy colour palette are due to the natural substances that are sourced in Oaxaca – every piece is different in colour and pattern. The beautiful textures are created by mixing ground-down volcanic rock into the clay. 

Arudeko - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Arudeko - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


Textiles of course featured heavily at the show, and it was quite the struggle to resist the urge to try and fit a handwoven rug in our suitcases! The monochrome and soft colour palette from Arudeko highlighted the many hours of work that go in to producing these kinds of products, and one of their aims as a brand is to help artisans with pricing as they often do not value their work properly. It was interesting to hear how technology plays a big role in the design and production process, with email and Whatsapp being used as the main way of communicating designs to the makers. 

Candor Home - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Candor Home - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


Classic striped towels and neutral colours are the signature look of Candor Home - a relatively new brand, only launched in 2016, by 25 year old Fernanda Mereles. Like most of the exhibitors at Caravana, Candor's focus is on artisanal techniques and quality materials and Fernanda works with a team of artisans who produce the textiles on a foot pedal loom and hand knot the tassels. Products are designed to have versatility - so could be used as a towel, throw, blanket for picnic or the beach.

Peca - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Peca - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


What I found interesting at the event was that while many of the designers work which was produced in collaboration with traditional artisans still had the aesthetic and cultural qualities associated with the crafts of the country, some brands had really stretched the limitations to create contemporary designs that still utilised artisanal techniques yet were far from traditional in style. Peca in particular, a brand established in Guadalajara, uses natural materials such stone, wood, marble and volcanic rock and works with artisans whose skills include hammering copper and embroidering leather with pita (a fibre from the leaf of the agave) to produce their high end furniture and design-led accessories. 

Tributo - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
Tributo - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


Similarly, the design led products and furniture by Tributo stood out as being ahead of the curve in terms of how to utilise the traditional crafts of the country. They connect a number of designers and artisans to create their range which spans many disciplines, from lava stone carving to blown glass to woodwork with their aim being to 'promote design as a strategic tool to promote social, economic and cultural development by working with artisan communities in Mexico.' 

txt.ure - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
txt.ure - Caravana Americana, Mexico City


One of the most inspiring aspects of Caravana, was the passion that the designers held for the craftsmanship and communities of their fellow countrymen. The respect and admiration for those whose skills have been passed down through many generations was palpable. For some of the designers, their quest was to ensure the longevity of some of the crafts that are endangered, and Txt.ure was one brand who is actively working towards the preservation of techniques and introducing new makers to what will hopefully become a way of life – teaching apprentices to make. The complicated hand weaving technique required to make these chairs is one that was becoming almost extinct, something which Txt.ure is working to change, by bringing these folk classics up to date for the modern home. If I could've fitted one of these beauties in my suitcase I totally would have transported one back to the UK! 

HDMX Hecho de Mexico - Caravana Americana, Mexico City
HDMX Hecho de Mexico - Caravana americana, Mexico City


Last but not least on our epic day at Caravana Americana was Hecho De Mexico. Another relatively new brand set up in 2016 in a bid to preserve the traditional craftsmanship of the nation. They use natural materials such as copper, wood and agave fibre and say some of their woven items can take up to six weeks to produce. Interestingly, so far, they say they sell their products solely through Instagram. We are loving those hand-embroidered mustard yellow and white cushion covers! 

Caravana Americana, March 2018, Mexico City

It was such a treat to spend a day immersed in the design culture of Mexico - the people we met and conversations we had truly inspired us. Caravana Americana has only been running since 2016 but already it has established itself as one of the most notable design events in Mexico. Their next event will happen in October 2018, so if you have an interest in design and fashion then I suggest you consider a visit. Mexico City totally blew me away and was so much more than I expected, so the city is well worth a visit too. Look out for our upcoming guide to the city's best shops, cafes, restaurants and venues coming up soon too! 

Thanks again to Gina and her team for welcoming us to Caravana! x

Photography: Jemma Watts

An Instagrammer's guide to: Brighton

The well-loved seaside location of Brighton is a popular choice for city dwellers looking a slower pace of life while not compromising on creativity, good food and fun. Freelance copywriter Shelley Welti shares just a few of her top spots for a day trip or longer to this colourful coastal city.

As Dorothy knows only too well, there’s no place like home and for me – a biased Brightonian of just five years, there’s really nowhere quite like this bohemian city. Full of creatives, inspiring small businesses and an anything goes vibe, along with historical buildings, an award-winning beach and dreamy sunsets; Brighton really is a must to tick off your to-do list.

Whether you’ve never visited before or have strolled around The Lanes hundreds of times, there’s always something new and exciting to experience. Here are just a few of my must-sees.

Photo: India Hobson for  Trouva

Photo: India Hobson for Trouva

Workshop - Located just off the twisty-turny, meandering Lanes is Workshop – a beautiful lifestyle store stocking home and fashion products that are both simple and useful. This airy and light store brings together gorgeous goods, created with care and craftsmanship from across the world and offers a peaceful, respite from the busy, bustling city streets, thanks to its relaxed ambience and well-designed – yet useful products. It’s really easy to while away a good half an hour in here – you’ve been warned!

IG: @workshopliving

Red Roaster / Pike & Pine - Instagrammer's Guide to Brighton

Redroaster/ Pike & Pine - Located just a stone’s throw from the pebbly shore in boho Kemptown, this Brighton gem is a beautiful botanical café (Redroaster) by day and stunning restaurant (Pike & Pine) serving seasonal, contemporary dishes by night. With marble topped tables, gorgeous gold accessories and foliage a-plenty, it’s the perfect place to stop for one of their hand-roasted coffees or to tuck into a spot of breakfast, brunch or lunch (or all three!) All food is prepared by a team led by Matt Gillan (holder of a Michelin Star and winner of the BBC’s Great British Menu). Oh, and for something a little fancier than fish and chips, head back in the evening for luxurious, yet relaxed fine dining and to die for cocktails.

IG: @redroastercafe

Photo:  Lucy Davidson

Spiderplant Shop - Hidden away in Waiste Vintage (a divine vintage clothes boutique in North Laine), lies Spiderplant Shop – a tiny botanical haven, adorned with houseplants of all shapes and sizes. It’s not just the bright white-washed room full of nature’s green goodies that qualifies its ‘Instagrammable-ness’, there’s also quirky illustrations by local illustrator Jessica Sharville, leading the way up the stairs to this plant emporium. Phones at the ready folks!

IG: @spiderplantshop

Photo: India Hobson for  Trouva

Photo: India Hobson for Trouva

Dowse - Mixing together prints, jewellery and homeware – some made in-house and others carefully sourced from various talented designers, Dowse is a true, independent boutique with a passion for art and thoughtful gifting at its heart. With an ethos of supporting and showcasing makers and their work, there’s always something new to lust after; from stylish planners to woven blankets, Danish-made ceramics to geometric prints, created by the small Dowse team. I don’t think I’ve ever left this store empty-handed – I bet you won’t either!

IG: @dowsedesign

Silo - Instagrammer's Guide to Brighton

Silo - Nestled in the quirky North Laine, Silo is a unique industrial, zero waste restaurant. Renowned for their ethical waste reduction philosophy (they work with farmers directly, use re-usable delivery vessels and choose local ingredients), Silo’s aesthetic reflects this re-use vibe – with tables made from industrial floor tiles, work benches crafted from filing cabinet frames and jam jars for glasses. There’s even a working compost machine set inside the restaurant. Of course, it’s not just about their look and ethos – Silo wows with it's food too, with delicious brunches and dinners inspired by modern and ancient primitive diets; just choose from plant, fish or meat menus.

IG: @silobrighton

Photo:  Lucy Davidson

Peach Blossom - In a city that’s known for its fun, party atmosphere (especially during Pride weekend in August!), it’s important that Brighton has a party shop to enhance the celebratory feeling all year. And Peach Blossom, with its brightly coloured balloons and fun décor – including everything from cups to napkins, garlands to piñatas – is the perfect place to pick up supplies for parties and all year round home décor. I dare you not to take a snap in front of their party-perfect photo wall… and then want to recreate it in your home!

IG: @peachblossomuk

Photo: India Hobson for  Trouva

Photo: India Hobson for Trouva

Homage - Escape the hubbub of the city centre and venture just ten minutes up Dyke Road to Seven Dials – a tranquil area of Brighton, with a village-like feel. As well as independent coffee shops and cafes (as well as breath-taking views across the higgledy-piggledy roof tops and the sea), you’ll also find Homage. This hidden treasure is a must-visit for fans of sleek, chic and sophisticated Scandi-style homeware with carefully curated shelves featuring wall hangings, seagrass baskets and ceramic planters. *Swoon*.

IG: @homage_shop

Photo:  Lucy Davidson

Utility - Speaking of homeware, Utility is a household store that delights the city’s vintage-lovers who enjoy well-made, practical products. Describing themselves as ‘a no-nonsense household goods store’ a trip around Utility is like taking a step back into yesteryear. From hardware to ceramics,  brushes to crockery, dusters to hospital towels and so much more, this retro mecca is a must for traditionally, timeless British home essentials.

IG: @utilitybrighton

Photo:  Lucy Davidson

Magazine Brighton - For me, there’s nothing I love more than curling up with an indie magazine and loosing myself for an hour or so. Magazine Brighton allows us paper-lovers to indulge with its huge range of titles spanning fashion, lifestyle, crafts, design, feminism and photography to name just a few. Be warned: it’s easy to lose track of time, as you peruse and pick out your next read!

IG: @magazinebrighton

Photo:  Lucy Davidson

The Flour Pot Bakery

With a black and white tiled floor, copper fixtures and wooden tables, shelves and blocks; The Flour Pot Bakery on Sydney Street is one of the city’s most aesthetically pleasing places to stop for a sarnie and a cuppa. The bakery sells its own fresh bread and pastries and the counter of freshly made filled baguettes, ciabatta rolls and flatbread pizzas are always a little too tempting to refuse. If you visit on a sunny day, grab a table outside and enjoy watching the world go by. You can also eye up vintage bargains from many of the retro boutiques that neighbour The Flour Pot Bakery. 

IG: @theflourpotbakerybrighton

Artists Residence - Instagrammer's guide to Brighton

Artist Residence - A 24-bedroom townhouse hotel with two restaurants and two cool cocktail bars, no stay in Brighton is complete without cosying up at Artist Residence. This beautiful boutique hotel, which is located in the historic Regency Square, has sea views overlooking the iconic West Pier and the British Airways i360, an observation tower. Opt for one of their curated ‘Artist House’ rooms (with free-standing bath) or choose a tucked-away ‘Below Deck’ room situated in the basement. Each room features eclectic (and deeply dreamy) décor, powerful rainfall showers and comfy beds – all you could want to end a perfect day sightseeing in Brighton.   

IG: @artistresidence

Thanks Shelley for showing us round your home town! We have always loved Brighton, but now we love it a little bit more! Shelley is the co-founder and editor of Brighton Style Magazine; an online lifestyle magazine celebrating the inspiring people and businesses who call Brighton home. Thanks also to our designer Lucy Davidson and India Hobson / Trouva who contributed some of the images for this post. 

Instagrammer's guide to Brighton, UK

An Instagrammer's Guide to: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

The Shopkeepers are back to share more instagrammable venues to visit - this time on the other side of the pond, in the super cool neighbourhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York. Over to you Paula! 

Brooklyn’s neighbourhoods are home to a thriving independent shop scene. On sunny days I love hopping on a ferry to Greenpoint, a great way to travel and the perfect chance to take in the stunning Manhattan skyline views. Once in Greenpoint, there are so many great cafes and independent shops to choose from, these are some of my favourites. (Most are on Franklin Street unless otherwise noted.)

Bakeri - Instagrammers guide to Greenpoint, Brooklun

Bakeri - First stop is Bakeri on Freeman Street for homemade pastries and great coffee. Both the interior and exterior are wonderful, from the tall decorative wooden doors to the over-scale botanical wallpaper by Nathalie Lete.

IG: @bakeribrooklyn

Duke's Liquor Box - Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Duke’s Liquor Box - Duke’s Liquor Box is filled with hard to find whisky, bourbon, gin, vodka and other spirits from small craft & independent makers. I love the vintage details, unique displays, and the lovely red door with gold lettering.

IG: @dukesliquorbox

Home Of The Brave - Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Home of The Brave - Interiors and homewares store Home Of The Brave specialises in fair trade and American-made goods. Visit sister store Wolves Within, a men’s and women’s concept shop, a block away.

IG: @homeofthebravenyc

maman - Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint,Brooklyn

Maman - This charming café has tables suspended by ropes from the ceiling. Maman uses locally sourced ingredients and offers twists on French classics. They are famous for their lavender hot chocolate.

IG: @mamannyc



Porter James

Porter James

Adaptations and Porter James are sister vintage home stores both with Californian influences but completely different vibes. Porter James is predominantly jewel tones, leather and rich dark vintage rugs. Across the street bohemian Adaptations is more millennial pink and cream, wicker and feminine styles.

IG: @porterjamesny / @adaptationsny

Alter - Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Alter - Visit Alter for their wide range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories as well as their own brand. Check out the original architectural details like the tin ceiling and tiled floor.

IG: alterbrooklyn

Littleneck Outpost - Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Littleneck Outpost - Littleneck Outpost serves coffee and New England classics like lobster rolls and clam chowder. They sell pantry items, vintage goods and antique linen textiles by Patriae.

IG: Littleneck Outpost

Homecoming - Instagrammers guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Homecoming - Coffee shop, flower shop and lifestyle products, Homecoming has something for everyone. Lovely place to sit with a coffee and smell the flowers.

IG: @homecoming

Feng Sway - instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Feng Sway - Nestled amongst the warehouses on Dobbin Street is Feng Sway, an Aladdin’s Cave of fine vintage and exotic plants.

IG: fengsway

Bellocq - instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Bellocq - Before heading home I always love a visit to Bellocq tea atelier. Enter through the red brick storefront into an enchantingly beautiful store selling single-estate teas. A faded aubergine wall is lined with over-sized yellow tea canisters. Drink some tea in the adjacent salon, and enjoy this Instagram beauty.

IG: @bellocq

What a dreamy round up of shops and cafes! See more wonderful boutiques and eateries from around the world over on The Shopkeepers

Instagrammer's guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

An Instagrammers Guide to: Dublin

A weekend in the Irish capital of Dublin has much more to offer than a trip to the Guinness factory, with stylish lifestyle stores, speciality coffee shops and tempting eateries popping up across the city. The Shopkeepers share their top spots for capturing insta-worthy shots while you shop, eat and drink your way around the streets of this friendly destination.

arran street east, Dublin

Arran Street East - Arran Street East is a stoneware studio hidden behind Dublin’s Victorian covered market. The Victorian Fruit & Vegetable market in Smithfield inspires the stoneware colour palette, and walking into the studio you are surrounded by beautiful handmade creations amongst fresh flowers straight from the market. If you’re lucky, you can even peek through the back to watch their potter at creating new pieces, all of which are made, glazed and packaged in the studio. Neighbouring Oxmantown, famous for their sandwiches, is Arran Street East’s creative director, Laura Magahy’s, favourite coffee shop.

IG: @arranstreeteast


Find - Located on Cow's Lane in historic Temple Bar is vintage emporium Find. Filled with antiques, handmade and retro-style goods, there is something for everyone. I always love having a good browse at Find, and am particularly partial to their wonderful range of prints and church art and statuary. The narrow cobbled streets and lanes of Temple Bar are home to several interesting independent shops so have a wander, and there's lots of interesting architectural facades to capture on camera too. 

IG: @findshop

Fish Shop, Dublin

Fish ShopFish Shop on Benburb Street is by far the best fish and chips restaurant to be found in Dublin. This relaxed little wine bar/fish and chip shop has the freshest of fish and will not disappoint. Beautifully decorated with a simple menu, take a seat and rest assured that the wine suggestions will perfectly compliment your mood and dish. If you would like to linger longer over dinner I'd recommend making a reservation at their sister restaurant around the corner on Queen Street which won 'Best Seafood Experience in Ireland' at the 2017 Irish Restaurant Awards.

IG: @fishshopdublin

Industry, Dublin

Industry - Every trip to Dublin must include a visit to lifestyle store Industry. The look is a blend of vintage and modern sourced from around the world; from furniture and lighting to books and home accessories. At the front of the space there is a café serving healthy Middle-eastern style lunches and freshly baked cakes and treats - a great place to sit and take a break, or in warmer weather take a pew outside and watch the passers-by. Read our more in-depth post about this lovely shop here

IG: @industrydesign

Lilliput Press, Dublin

The Lilliput PressThe Lilliput Press is an independent Irish publisher founded in 1984. It is one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Ireland, specialising in Irish interest books with a focus on biographies and historical non-fiction, as well as memoirs. The charming shop front invites you into a room filled with beautiful books and a gorgeous greyhound named Phoebe welcomes you. Across from The Lilliput Press you will also find the Lilliput Stores, a small independent food store selling delicious sandwiches, coffee and a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

IG: @lilliputpress

Love Supreme, Dublin

Love SupremeLove Supreme's second coffee shop is located in Portobello and has been nominated 'Best New Cafe' by coffee culture website Sprudge.  A short stroll from the Grand Canal, I have always admired the beautiful historic shopfronts on Lennox Street, but the black and white graphic interior of Love Supreme behind the gridded glass frontage, makes me love them even more.
Stop here for a great coffee accompanied by cake, cookie, sausage roll or pie made in their own mini bakery.

IG: @lovelovesupreme

Lyon Loring, Dublin

Lyon LoringLyón Loring is a charming lifestyle store carrying handpicked vintage products from clothes and jewellery to kitchenware and gifts. They opened this store due to a love of history, specifically the way small pieces - such as jewellery - have such a rich story. All their pieces are handpicked both locally in Ireland or as far afield as San Francisco. 

IG: @lyonloring

Scout, Dublin

ScoutScout owner Wendy Crawford has a keen designer's eye for curating and editing a lovely mix of women and kids clothing, accessories and homewares. Alongside international designers, there is a selection of the best of Irish design, such as knitwear by sought-after design duo Electronic Sheep, baby sized traditional Aran sweaters and ceramics by the award-winning Arran Street East. (see above)

IG: @scoutessexstreetwest

indigo and cloth, Dublin

Indigo and Cloth - Another spot located in the famous in Temple Bar area is Indigo & Cloth, a cafe, menswear store and studio. Arranged over three floors with the cafe on the ground floor, you'll find a great assortment of magazines and accessories, with their menswear range located upstairs.

IG: @indigoandcloth

The garden, Dublin

The Garden - In 2010 Mark Grehan transformed the foyer of Powerscourt Townhouse into a floral oasis. This landmark Georgian building serves as a picture perfect environment for Mark's flower shop - The Garden - from the gorgeous tiled floor to the magnificent architectural doorway details and mantlepiece - making The Garden Instagram gold.

IG: @shopthegarden

Wool Felt Shop, Dublin

The Wool Felt Shop The Wool Felt Shop occupies an old butcher shop which has maintained its original facade, but it’s the little felt mice and sheep that will catch your eye in the window. The Wool Felt Shop also shares the premises with Jennifer Slattery, a textile designer who creates napkins, table runners, place mats and cushions. The Wool Felt Shop is open Friday & Saturday but if you see someone working inside on other days, don’t be shy to give a good knock on the door!

Thanks to Paula and Laura for sharing these great locations. Recently named by Conde Nast as one of the top Instagram accounts to follow for travel, The Shopkeepers is packed full of stunning shops to drool over, so make sure to pay them a visit! 

Instagrammers Guide to Dublin

An Instagrammers guide to: Helsinki

With 2018 only a few weeks away, you may be starting to think ahead to where you might spend the holidays next year. Louise Gorrod shares her guide to Helsinki - an alternative option for a summer break which you may not have considered - along with her top style spots to visit in the city. 

You can get a few odd looks when you tell people you’re off to Finland for your family summer holiday. But they’ve obviously never tried it. As a family who aren’t naturally drawn to hot beach destinations, we’ve found ourselves taking holidays in Scandinavia quite a bit over the past few years. Finland is a twice-visited firm favourite that we hanker to return to as soon as time allows. Our Finnish trips always start with a few days in Helsinki followed by some much-needed relaxation in a summerhouse in the woods. For further recommendations I highly recommend purchasing the guide book Helsinki - People Make the City, which is written by the local people who run the shops, make the food and create the vibes that make this city such a worthwhile place to visit. (IG: @peoplemakethecity)

Alfons Pizza, Helsinki

Alfons Pizza - We stumbled upon Alfons on our first evening in the city. A little weary and with two hungry children in tow, we just wanted something quick and easy to eat. Alfons ticked all the boxes with their reasonable prices (for Finland) and delicious pizzas. We sat in to eat, but it seemed to be a busy spot for those wishing to take-away too. Simple food done well.

IG: @alfonspizza

Fleuriste, Helsinki

Fleuriste - As soon as you arrive at Helsinki airport, you can indulge in a pretty good quality cinnamon bun should you wish, but I prefer to make that ‘first one’ something special. So with that in mind, we headed to Fleuriste in Punavuori, a french-style cafe renowned for their top-notch cinnamon buns. Owner Eija Limnell recreates childhood moments with the baking she learnt from her mother. A favourite with locals, her buns are packed full of cinnamon and cardamom. Simply the best.

Design Museo, Helsinki

Design Museo - Finland does museums well. Each time we’ve visited the city, we have always made a point of visiting the Design Museo. It’s a doable size to navigate around and there is always an engaging exhibition on. Currently showing is California - Designing Freedom, an exhibition from our very own London Design Museum. However, if it’s Finnish design you’re after, Utopia Now - The Story of Finnish Design is the exhibit for you. We love this museum for its beautifully curated content, good coffee and unrivalled kids entertainment. There’s a workshop room in the basement where children can create their own masterpieces. It even manages to win over children who think they're too big for 'kids stuff'.

IG: @designmuseo_fi

Photo:  Titoni Thomas

Cafe Regatta - An absolute favourite of ours, Cafe Regatta can be found close to the Sibelius monument in the Töölö district. Housed in an 1887 traditional red cottage, the cafe is famous for its fresh cinnamon buns and blueberry pie. The interior is dolls-house tiny and snug, so consider yourself lucky to get a seat inside at busy times. Luckily though there are plenty of seats outside with blankets to borrow if it’s a little chilly. There’s an outdoor fire too that you can sit round and cook sausages that can be purchased from the cafe. 

IG: @caferegatta

Photo: via Marimekko

Photo: via Marimekko

Marimekko - This Finnish design company have been producing their vibrant graphic prints since 1951. No trip to the city is complete until you’ve made a visit to one of their stores. A piece of Marimekko, whether a dress, purse or tea towel is a perfect souvenir to bring home. Wherever you are in the city, you’re never too far from a Marimekko store, but it’s worth making the short journey just outside the city centre to their outlet store at Kirvesmiehenkatu 7. Here you’ll find an excellent range of clothing, ceramics, fabrics, childrenswear and homewares from both past collections at reduced prices as well as the current range. There’s also a Marimekko cafe there too should you want to stop for lunch or refuel with a snack.

IG: @marimekkodesignhouse

Nuuksio National Park1_1200.jpg

Nuuksio National Park - If you fancy a day out of the city you can easily escape to Nuuksio National Park. Within easy reach of the capital you can take in the typically Finnish scenery of huge lakes, lush forests and rugged crags. Pack your backpack with a picnic and some food to cook at the many firepits that can be found. There are three marked trails for hiking and locations for grilling, camping, skiing, and berry and mushroom picking. In addition to four camping sites it is also possible to rent a cabin at Wild North. If you’re lucky you may even spot an elk or flying squirrel.

IG: @finnishparks


Ateneum - Much like the UK, Helsinki’s weather can be unpredictable. If you do have a rainy day another good museum is the Ateneum Art Museum - one of the three museums that form the Finnish National Gallery. Located in the centre of the city, close to Helsinki Central railway station, it has the country’s oldest and largest art collection. The new collections exhibition presents well-loved classics alongside seldom-exhibited works of art. There’s a good shop there too, perfect for picking up a bit of Finnish design. The museum offers workshops that range from silk-screen printing to ceramics, as well as drawing and painting, for all ages on Saturdays between 11am and 2pm. Participation in the workshops is included in the price of admission (free for under 18s).

IG: @ateneummuseum

IPI Kulmakuppila1_1200.jpg

IPI Kulmakuppila - We visited this large, light-filled cafe in the Kallio district for lunch when it’s mainly vegetarian menu drew us in. We opted for the buffet lunch where, for a fixed price, you help yourself to the daily specials of soup, breads and an array of hearty salads. The cafe describes itself as ‘a shared living room in the neighbourhood that’s a cosy place for starting the day or stopping for lunch’, which pretty much sums up the friendly relaxed atmosphere of the place. There is an underlying harmony to this cafe with its use of sustainable products, Scandi design and practice in employing mentally handicapped adults who are trained in the art of brewing their delicious coffee.

IG: @ipikulmakuppila


A Finnish Summerhouse - Helsinki isn’t a huge city, so if carefully planned you can get a good feel for it over three or four days. If time allows, extend your visit and rent a summerhouse. We’re lucky enough to be able to stay at a friend’s family summerhouse in Kirrkonummi, located just outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, bordering the city of Espoo in the east. A quick search on Airbnb will provide you with a plethora of these pretty wooden houses for rent. For us, time at the summerhouse is all about relaxation; lake swimming, saunas, alfresco eating, walks in the woods and short visits out to explore local towns and villages. 

Thanks Louise! We are now itching to visit Finland and experience the mix of design and wilderness! Check out more of Louise's work on her blog Buttercup Days. She works as an independent food stylist and writer & is also the wish list editor of slow-life magazine, The Simple Things. 

Instagrammer's guide to Helsinki

Creative Christmas events

Tis the season to get creative and shop independent! With Christmas just around the corner we thought we'd highlight a few events to either go and buy from makers directly or workshops to try your hand at a bit of Christmas crafting! 

Christmas Event| Freelancers Christmas Party EV.jpg

Play Christmas Gathering at The Forge, Bristol - Friday, 15th December, 2017

Beautiful Bristol-based venue The Forge are hosting a Christmas get together for creative professionals, freelancers & designer makers. Perfect for those who work alone and don't have a traditional 'work Christmas party' - go along and celebrate the festive season in the company of like-minded folk. Tickets are £12.50 - purchase here.

Rose and Grey wreath making workshop

Wreath Making with Rose and Grey, Altrincham - Wednesday, 6th December, 2017

Join florist Chloe Robinson for an evening of festive wreath making whilst supping prosecco and enjoying mince pies. The class will take place within Rose & Grey's beautiful showroom with all materials supplied to create a stunning wreath to take home and adorn your door. Tickets are £40 - Book here

Photo: Kayti Peschke

Photo: Kayti Peschke

Crafty Fox Market, London - various dates and locations in December

Now in it's seventh year, the Crafty Fox Market has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of London's best handmade markets, giving makers a great platform to sell their work to a niche audience and offering shoppers a high quality selection of unique, handmade goods. This year the market will be popping up in four London locations, so check their list of dates for your nearest one. 

paperdolls market - Birmingham

Paperdolls Handmade Market, Birmingham - Saturday, 25th November, 2017

If you are closer to Birmingham, then don't miss Paperdolls Handmade Christmas Market. Launched four years ago by creatives Carolyn Carter and Jo Dowsett, this event hosts an array of super talented makers, such as our very own 91 designer Lucy Davidson selling her weaving work, Copper and Solder, Bloom Collective and Sparrow & Wolf to name just a few. Free entry - more details here

Skadium scandi christmas workshop

Scandi Christmas workshop, London - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

Last year 91 attended MK Design's Scandi Christmas workshop at Skadium, a lovely event that has prompted a repeat this year. This time though it will be held within the brand new Skandium Townhouse - a four-storey London property transformed into a fully shoppable, Scandinavian-inspired home. You can try your hand at various craft pursuits to enable you to style your Christmas to Scandi perfection. Ticket price is £47.60 with all materials included plus some Scandi drinks and treats to enjoy. Book here.


Christmas Wrapping Paper workshop with Hato Press, London - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

If you've ever fancied trying your hand at print making, then now is the perfect time - design and print your own Christmas gift wrap with the guys of Hato Press. You will learn lots about printing techniques and pattern design, and you'll take home 10 folded A2 sheets of beautifully printed wrapping paper, printed in 2 colours of your own design, plus complimentary mince pies and drinks are included. Tickets are £45, purchase here


Brighton Etsy market - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

If you'd rather spend your Saturday shopping other people's handmade creations than making your own, then head to Brighton Dome for the local Etsy sellers annual market, where over 80 sellers will be selling everything from homewares and jewellery to skincare and art, all created by their own fair hands. it's free entry and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting indie makers and sellers while discovering fab finds for your loved ones. More details here

We hope there's something there that tickles your fancy, either way we do hope you try and support indie brands this Christmas - they work so hard to build up their businesses and every sale helps! 

An Instagrammers guide to: Leeds

In the next of our series, 91's news editor Sophie Warren-Smith shares an insight into some of top spots in UK city Leeds - from Scandi-style cafes to the hippest of co-working spaces.

Twenty years ago the most exciting thing about Leeds was the opening of Harvey Nichols, and it was just when I was leaving and heading down to London. Looking back, it was the start of an intensive stage of redevelopment that has turned the city from mill town to a 21st Century urban chic destination that includes elegant arcades, indie coffee shops and a wonderful sense of history. Luckily, I’m back living here to witness it all and give you the ultimate guide to life in this exciting city.

Tall Boys cafe

Tall Boys cafe

Indies in Thorton's Arcade - In the heart of Leeds and running parallel to Queen’s Arcade is Thornton’s Arcade where you’ll find some lovely independent stores like bookstore and gallery, Village, and Tall Boys Beer Market where you can buy craft beer, artisan breads and specialist coffee. They have a super cool cafe upstairs which has a great rustic-meets-Scandi aesthetic and some full-on hanging plant love.

IG: @village_leeds

IG: @tallboysleeds

Victoria Quarter Leeds

Historical detailing - Ready for some stunning architecture? Head to one of the main shopping attractions in Leeds, The Victoria Quarter. Built in 1900, it is full of beautiful mosaics, marble and intricate ironwork - perfect for decorative style insta-pics and don’t forget to look up, the view is stunning! In here you’ll find the likes of Harvey Nichols, Space NK, Kiehls, Paul Smith and Jo Malone, and why not pop into Charbonnel et Walker for some chocolate treats?

IG: @VictoriaLeeds_

Olive and Rye, Leeds

Olive & Rye - For a pitstop, walk across Briggate and up Queen’s Arcade and you’ll find Olive & Rye, a food lover’s deli store that also serves brunch, lunch and dinner (Friday and Saturday evenings). They have a plentiful supply of locally sourced jams, chutneys, wines, beers and food gifts, all of which can be bought individually or can be made into one of their bespoke hampers built to order.

IG: @olive_rye

Colours May Vary Leeds

Colours May Vary - one of my favourite places to visit. Passionate about choosing and selling products that they would buy themselves, you will find graphic art and design books, unusual prints and jewellery, as well as stationery, journals, gifts, wrap and indie magazines. Brands stocked include Studio Arhoj, Egle Zvirblyte and Matthew the Horse. They also hold exhibitions from time to time, so keep an eye out on the website.

IG: @coloursmayvary


North Star coffee - A short walk across the bridge from Colours May Vary will bring you to a part of the city called Leeds Dock. The Royal Armouries museum is here, and you can take a trip on a Dutch water taxi. But if it’s a rest and great coffee you are after in a super stylish environment, then head to fantastic coffee shop North Star. As well as selling delicious freshly baked goodies by Noisette, a progressive micro bakery, there’s also a general store where you can buy the full range of North Roast coffee, Storm Organic loose leaf teas, Earl of East soy candles and numerous other foodie items that are all carefully sourced. Next door to the cafe sits their academy, where they run fabulous Home Barista and Home Brew courses.

IG: @northstarcoffeeshop

Modes of Expression Leeds

Colourful murals - For dramatically colourful & abstract backgrounds for your Instagram photos, look no further than Modes of Expression. These stunning murals are painted by artists Emma Hardaker and Bobbie Rae who formed Modes of Expression - a workshop/studio space located in Bryon Street Mills. You can find their eye-catching walls around Leeds - like the exterior of independent pub The Brunswick. For more info on workshops and courses check out https://www.facebook.com/mediumleeds/

IG: @modesofexpression

Duke Studio Leeds

Duke Studios - Visiting Leeds for a weekend and want somewhere cool to hang out and work? Duke Studios is an open space based around a co-working model which has turned into a thriving hub full of creative folk who share, collaborate and socialise together. Named as one of the twelve 'coolest co-working places in the world', the design is multicoloured and inspirational. You can hire a desk, book the space for meetings/events or simply pop into the cafe for a cuppa.

IG: @dukestudioleeds

Instagrammer's guide to Leeds