Three 91 creatives to follow - AUGUST

As well as our fab editorial team, 91 is also made up of a network of talented contributors whose words and images are what bring the magazine to life. So, here I introduce you to a few of these people through mini interviews and a peek into their creative worlds... 

Lauren Becker - stylist

Lauren is an interiors & food stylist, who has styled for the magazine, blog & e-zine. Look out for her latest shoot in our next issue, out in October. @laurenbeckerstylist /

Lauren Becker - interiors & food stylist
Lauren Becker - interior & food stylist
Lauren Becker - interiors & food stylist

If you weren't a stylist what would you be? 

I'm very passionate about environmental issues and sustainability so probably something to do with that.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Oh gosh thats a tough one... 

  • @bymariandrew is a writer and illustrator who beautifully illustrates the ups and downs of life.
  • @misssarahglover an incredibly inspiring Australian chef who is all about cooking out in nature.
  • @signebay a beautifully curated account of moody images and a lovely colour palette.

Top styling tip?

Don't be afraid of things not being perfect- so much beauty can be found in the unusual, the organic and in imperfections. The best interiors are those that look lived in and the best food looks edible. 

Favourite shop? 

Not exactly everyone's price range, but incredibly inspiring and beautiful is Designers Guild and The Conran Shop. Closer to home, the little boutiques on Chatsworth Road are amazing! 

Favourite flower? 

Ranunculus- so many petals, so many colours

Favourite plant? 

Bougainvillea always amazes me with its vibrancy.

Favourite city?

Istanbul- lovely people, amazing street food and an inspiring mix of the old and the new 

Emma Lavelle – writer

Emma is a freelance writer who blogs about slow living and travel on her blog Field & Nest. She writes regularly for 91 and you will see some of her recent work in our current e-zine. @fieldandnest /

Emma Lavelle - freelance writer
Emma Lavelle - freelance writer
Emma Lavelle - freelance writer

If you weren't a writer what would you be? 

A photographer or a florist. I've always loved photography just as much as I love to write, and I've recently started to branch out my freelance work to include photography. I'd also love to learn more about flowers & sometimes dream of opening my own florist shop.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

This is such a hard question! At the moment I really love @babes_in_boyland and @laurenlsutton

Top tip for aspiring writers?

Write about what you want to write about, not what you think you should write about to get ahead. My first few years of freelancing, I had several clients that I really didn't enjoy writing for. I'm now writing about subjects that interest me and enjoying my work much more. 

Favourite shop? 

I love Form Lifestyle in Manchester for beautiful objects from independent makers, and Olive Clothing, Toast & Off On Clothing for clothes. 

Favourite flower? 

Such a hard question, but probably dahlias. 

Favourite plant? 

I know it's obvious, but I really love my monsteras. I love watching new leaves unfold.

Favourite city? 

Berlin or Copenhagen.

Fran Murphy - illustrator

Fran is an illustrator whose work has accompanied some "Ways of Living' columns in recent issues of 91 Magazine. @fmurphyillustration /

Fran Murphy - illustrations for 91 Magazine
Fran Murphy illustration
Fran Murphy - illustrations for 91 Magazine

If you weren’t an illustrator what would you be? Art director, working with children in some kind of therapeutic role, holistic practitioner… I could go on!

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

  • @charlotte.ager Her work has a boldness and confidence which translates into incredible energy and movement.
  • @moirafrith For anyone interested in printmaking without a press. Her prints are really fresh and inspiring.
  • @molly.a.martin Such beautiful sketchbook work.

Top tip for getting illustration commissions? Perseverance, it takes time and patience to be successful in the illustration world. It can feel daunting at times, as it is such a competitive field. But the best advice I can give is just to keep at it. Another important practice is to keep a personal sketchbook, this is still something I struggle to do consistently. But the more time you spend drawing and figuring things out, the stronger your body of work will become, and as a result the more attractive it will be to potential commissioners.

Favourite shop? I love food and trying new recipes, so browsing the numerous specialist food shops in Brighton is my happy place.

Favourite flower? Iris, they are such elegant flowers.

Favourite plant?  Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant) The leaves look like someone had painstakingly painted each one by hand, as the marks look akin to brush strokes.

Favourite city? Yet to be discovered!

Thanks ladies! Do give them a follow - I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing their work on your feed as much as we do! 

three 91 creatives to follow - JULY

Ever since 91 began back in 2011, we have amassed a wonderfully talented group of contributors whose beautiful photography, well-crafted words, impeccable styling and exquisite illustrations are what make the magazine so fabulous. A lot of these connections have unsurprisingly been made through Instagram, so in this new series of posts I want to highlight a few of our contributors to give you a mini insight in to their creative worlds via their feeds and a few quick questions...

Ruth Garner - writer

Ruth's feed is a light and airy collection of images from her home and family life as well as out and about around London - @ruthlgarner

Ruth Garner - 91 contributing writer
Ruth Garner - 91 Magazine contributing writer
Ruth Garner - 91 Magazine contributing writer

If you weren't a writer/blogger what would you be? 

I used to work in entertainment PR, so perhaps I'd still be doing that! 

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Top tip for aspiring writers? 

  • Keep writing - anything and everything - every day.
  • Don't be afraid to share your emotions and experience in your writing, others will almost certainly identify with it. 
  • Read as much and as widely as you can, from writers you identify with and writers you don’t. 

Favourite shop? 

Is it cheating to say Etsy? I love rifling through the categories and finding independent makers and sellers; it's the best for gifts.

Favourite flower? 

An Insta fave, the peony! I love their ruffled petals, sweet smell and the magical way they burst into life when they open. 

Favourite plant? 

I don't have a great track record with green things, but our fiddle fig plant is still going strong and I love it. 

Favourite city?

After just a single trip, Helsinki had my heart. There are so many incredible cafes, design shops and museums. I’m longing to return to explore more soon. 

Catherine Frawley - photographer

Catherine is a food and travel photographer whose grid is full of beautiful blooms and delicious foodie flatlays plus facades and interiors from her travels. @catherine_frawley

CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer
CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer
CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer

If you weren't a photographer what would you be? 

A barista. This has been my back up plan since I left my desk job 10 years ago to do photography full time. I'd become a Latte Art Master.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

  • @jo_rodgers - I love her writing as much as her images
  • @mimithor - the same with Mimi
  • @ladyandpups - beautiful food, unusual ingredients, straight, hard talking love her humour.

Top photography tip? 

It has to be light. Learning just a little about working with natural light will totally transform anyones images. 

Favourite shop? 

Possibly Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, I love a wander here, it's very inspiring and calming. 

Favourite flower? 

I change my mind all the time but right this second probably hellebores 

Favourite plant? 

My Swiss Cheese Plant because it is still alive!

Favourite city? 


Becki Clark - illustrator

Becki's Instagram gives an insight into her illustration and brush lettering work. She shares work in progress, inspiration and finished projects. @becki_clark_

Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator
Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator
Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator

If you weren't an illustrator what would you be? 

If it was still a creative job I'd love to be an art therapist, but then in the total opposite direction I would love to be a lawyer, Louis Litt from Suits is my spirit animal. 

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Top brush lettering tip? 

Don't compare your style of lettering to someone else. Brush lettering is all about creating your own style and comparison is the thief of joy! Start with mark-making with your brush, ink or paint just to get used to applying different pressures to create strokes.

Favourite shop? 

The Hambledon in Winchester. Filled with gorgeous homeware, stationery, party wear and clothes! 

Favourite flower?

Dahlia, in particular the peachy pom pom ones!

Favourite plant? 


Favourite city?

Bristol. Its a full of creative people, interesting places to visit, good food and there is the harbourside, woodland areas, art galleries and good shopping spots all in one city! 

Thanks ladies! What an inspiring trio! Be sure to go follow these gals if you aren't already! 

Seek inspire create with Team 91 - June

As always, we are busy bees here at 91 HQ, packing up your orders of the SS18 issue, while working hard on the AW18 edition. In case you missed it, we now have all the back issues of our Seek Inspire Create e-zines available to download for £2 each or £5 for the past three. They are still free to our mailing list subscribers, although it is only the current one which you will be able to access, and we realised that lots of people had missed some so we wanted to make them available at all times. We've also been busy planning for our upcoming workshops this year - the next one is on the 7th July in London where you can learn how to get your indie brand noticed - focusing on PR and photography. We still have a handful of spaces left on that one, otherwise I am running creative masterclasses in Surrey later in the year.  

We've also welcomed two new team members in recent months. Melissa Burgess has taken over from Lucy as our designer on both the magazine and the e-zines, and Shelley Welti is our new marketing manager. Here's a little peek at what we've all been up to when we haven't been knee deep in 91 work! :) 

 Photo: Danielle Macinnes

Photo: Danielle Macinnes

Miracle Mornings - Shelley Welti, marketing manager

Over the last few weeks, I've been trying out Miracle Mornings (originally a book written by Hal Elrod, and now a 'movement'). It is based on the premise that how you start your day determines the quality of your day and ultimately, your life. Admittedly, I haven't managed to tick off each of the suggested activities (silence, affirmations, visualisation, scribing, reading and exercise) every single morning, but I have loved having quiet time, curled up with a cuppa, journalling and reading, as the early morning sunshine streams through the blinds. It's made me far more productive than before when the first thing I did was check my emails. So much so that I think I'm going to continue getting up that little bit earlier...     


Bellenden Road, Peckham - Melissa Burgess, designer

As a graphic designer, I am easily seduced by a well thought out logo, charming business cards and attractive window displays, so when I stumbled upon beautifully quaint Bellenden Road in Peckham, south London, I knew I’d discovered a special little enclave of the city. Each business on the road has applied care and attention to their branding and merchandising, such as gorgeous pub, The Victoria Inn, butcher’s shop Flock & Herd, and my favourite - General Store. Perhaps it was the big Sicilian lemons in the window or the natural bees wax candles hanging by the door that drew me in. The store has the charm of an old-time grocery shop mixed with bold design and nicely packaged goods. Check out their website for a taster,, before heading to Peckham for a Sunday stroll.


Lagom by Linnea Dunne - Olivia Williams - brand manager

This month I’ve loved dipping into this gorgeous book - LAGOM by Linnea Dunne. All about creating balance in life, lagom [pronounce can “lah-Tom”] is an art perfected by the Swedes for this feeling of  “not too little, not too much, just right.”  The book is a guide sharing simple tips on how to bring that feeling into our own lives and homes and I must admit, I am totally sold on the theory. Just picking up the book seems to make me feel like I’m doing something to reduce the flurry and noise in my life. Order a copy here.

Decorative Living Fair

Decorative Living Fair - Caroline Rowland, editor

Every year, if I can, I like to make the trip down to Kent for the annual Decorative Living Fair. Not far from Tunbridge Wells, set in the beautiful surroundings of Eridge Park, a collection of antique, vintage and handmade sellers come together for a few days to sell their wares. With many of the stalls outside, when the weather is kind, it makes for a lovely afternoon of browsing beautiful finds for your home and garden. This year, I found the perfect piece of furniture for an awkward space in our home, and solved my bread-bin-dilemma with a great vintage alternative. There's a while to wait for the next event, but follow them on IG for details so you can pop it in the diary. 

Lost gardens of Heligan

Lost Gardens of Heligan - Laura Pashby, deputy editor

I recently took a trip to Cornwall, where I visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a lush green paradise filled with the romance of the past. The Lost Gardens have a poignant history, an enviable botanical collection and glasshouses galore; perfect for plant lovers and fans of the IG hashtag #ihavethisthingwithglasshouses!

 Image taken from Flowerbomb!published by Pavilion

Image taken from Flowerbomb!published by Pavilion

Flowerbomb! by Hannah Read Baldrey  - Kath Webber - sub editor

Hannah Read Baldrey’s recently published book Flowerbomb! has been brightening my week with it's wonderful array of floral inspired craft ideas. With everything on how to dry and press flowers (see the SS18 issue of 91 Magazine to see how to use them!), to embellishing clothing and accessories, cooking and baking with a floral theme and even making a temporary tattoo, this book is a source of inspiration for any maker. I’ll be starting with the crochet flowers to stitch on to a plain grey sweatshirt, but I also love the templates for the embroidery projects and will certainly be trying my hand at floral bath bombs and paper anemones. Order a copy here

#my91magazine - our S/S 18 faves

It's been just over two months since our latest issue published, and we have been overwhelmed by the response to it! We've loved hearing from you directly, as well as via your lovely pictures shared on social media using the #my91magazine hashtag. I must confess, with 91 being my baby, I do enjoy a little scroll of the gallery when I need a little boost and a reminder of why myself, my team and our contributors put so much work into creating the magazine; it's so rewarding to see our readers enjoying it, either with a nice afternoon cuppa, somewhere exotic on holiday or snuggled up in bed on a Sunday morning. 

 photo:  @ivy.cottage

So here are just a few of our faves from the hashtag, although there are so many more! Lots of you have said that this is your favourite issue ever (thank you!) so if there are any of you that have been wondering whether it's worth the £7, do pop over to the hashtag gallery and see what our readers are saying about it. 

 photo:  @teabellyteas

As an indie mag, each and every sale, comment, photo and recommendation from our readers means SO SO much to us. I do hope that we can continue to craft a publication that compels you to share your enjoyment of it with others. We certainly aren't on every newsstand from here to Timbuktu, so sharing the love is one of the best ways we hope new readers might come across us. 

I never started this magazine because I thought it was my route to making my millions (it will never be that!), I started it as I have a passion for beautiful publications, a passion for gorgeous photography and a passion for inspiring people and spaces. I really do hope that with your continued support we can make many more issues of 91 for you to collect and cherish, so please do tell your mum/colleague/hairdresser/postman about us, share your gorgeous photos and if you really love it, shout it from the rooftops! Not many indie magazines last their first year, we have been publishing for seven (in print for two) - we are super proud of that, and fingers crossed we can keep going for at least another seven years!

 photo:  @lucyludreams

We feel such a connection with our readership, social media helps of course, but also we feel you 'get' us, and we hope you think we 'get' you. So, lets keep in touch, continue to let us know your thoughts and continue to show and tell where, how and why you love reading 91. It really does mean the world. 

Caroline x

Some #91magazine_floral faves

Our latest hashtag project - #91magazine_floral - over on Instagram has been our most popular yet. It's not surprising really, as flowers have got to be one of the most instagrammed things of all time! We've been loving seeing your images, with everything from delicate grape hyacinth picked from your garden to bold bouquets you've created. Here are a few that have caught our eye in recent weeks, but keep sharing as we will select a few of our faves to feature in our AW18 issue too! 

Check out the blooming gorgeous gallery here and join in if you haven't yet! Simply add #91magazine_floral to your flowery photos. You can still grab a copy of our SS18 issue of 91 which inspired the hashtag with it's floral theme, and if you sign up to our mailing list you can also get a free download of our e-zine which is all packed to the rafters with beautiful blooms! 


We hope you've enjoyed our most recent Seek Inspire Create e-zine? If you haven't read it yet, you can download it for free simply by registering your email here. It's 12 pages of 91 loveliness with this issue focusing on three inspiring, creative women and their workspaces. 

Team 91 have been busy preparing our next print issue too (thanks for all the pre-orders so far! order here if you haven't yet!) so it's been a little hectic, but here is what we've all been up to in our downtime. Don't forget you can join in with #seekinspirecreate over on Instagram with us too - sharing the places you've been, books you've read, shops you've shopped at and anything else that's inspired you creatively. 


Cotswold Farm - Laura Pashby (deputy editor) 

My family and I have been searching for snowdrops at Cotswold Farm, the home of a galanthophile, where 62 varieties of the blooms are scattered around an Arts and Crafts garden overlooking a Cotswold valley. I love the ephemeral beauty of these delicate flowers which bring us one step closer to the arrival of spring.

Etcetera Vintage in Margate, Kent

Etcetera Vintage, Margate - Caroline Rowland (editor)

We recently sped down to the Kent coast to spend a day exploring the Old Town of Margate which is packed full of independent shops and enticing cafes. The first shop we stumbled upon was Etcetera Vintage – a small, but perfectly curated shop which mixes vintage finds, Scandi homewares, lifestyle products and plants effortlessly. As a rule, I don’t generally buy in the first shop I visit, (Why?! Such a silly rule!) but I couldn’t resist purchasing (another) plant pot and hubby picked a leather keyring. I had to restrain myself from popping in again on the way back to the car! Read my full post about our day in Margate here.

Pretty Little Party Shop

Pretty Little Party Shop - Melissa Burgess (designer)

When my sister got married we spent hours and hours scrolling and searching for wedding decorations and creating endless Pinterest boards. As it turns out, there are many great places to find original and beautiful event decorations but the hard part is finding them all! Now, it is my turn and my wedding is just five months away - the DJ is booked, the food is ordered, I have sampled a good amount of cake and now it is all about the details. When I discovered Pretty Little Party Shop I was absolutely elated! It’s the perfect online destination to source original and unique balloons, cake toppers, cocktail decorations, table trinkets and all-round beautiful accessories that I am sure will make my wedding personal and special.

Anna Jones - The Modern Cook's Year

Anna Jones book - Olivia Williams (brand and advertising manager) 

Never before has being in tune with the season made more sense than it has for me in the past winter months. Maybe it was the arrival of Anna Jones new book The Modern Cook’s Year in January that turned my focus into celebrating wintery wonders and making nourishing bowls of tasty, warming food with simple, seasonal ingredients. That said, I think I might be even more impatient for the promise of the year ahead. With another 400 pages of this beautiful book just waiting for the arrival of spring and beyond, I find myself looking longingly at them as I plan the food to get us through this current cold snap.


Firstsite - Kath Webber (sub editor) 

Essex has long been ridiculed and remarked up upon as a cultural black hole, but residents and natives like me baulk at that suggestion. Firstsite in historic Colchester shatters this empty illusion by bringing art and culture together at a beautiful space in the town centre, with art exhibitions, film screenings, events and workshops all held under the golden, crescent-shaped roof. Recent draws include The Life of Julie Cope, a wonderful display of Grayson Perry’s tapestries, sketches, stories and ceramics that make up the fictional life of his ultimate Essex woman. It’s a moving tale of an everyday, middle-aged woman- someone who might be an aunt or family friend that’s familiar and yet extraordinary enough to warrant Perry’s beautiful shrine, A House for Essex, on the River Stour. For Spring, we can look forward to the Essex Book Festival, a short Japanese film season and the new exhibition ‘The Britishness Project’- a ground breaking exhibition that explores national identity through art, working with resident artists and schools.

Casa Mae, Portugal

Casa Mãe, Portugal - Lucy Davidson (designer) 

I recently went and stayed at Casa Mãe in Lagos, Portugal for a week. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of their artists for the residency they are running 'Share&Stay'. Each week they have a different artist staying and other visitors or locals can come and take part in your workshop. I was teaching weaving and got to meet various lovely people from all parts of the world. The space is absolutely beautiful and it was so hard to leave, especially with the warm temperatures! 

#my91magazine - our AW17 faves

Our AW17 issue published about 6 weeks ago and we've been blown away by how quickly it has sold! Already we are down to under 200 copies so if you haven't got yours yet, be swift! Look out for it in the shops too, the full stockist list is here

As always, we LOVE to see your pics of the magazine, that is definitely one of my favourite things along with spotting it on the shelves of our lovely stockists - I still have to pinch myself sometimes! Here is a small selection of some of our faves that appeared in our #my91magazine hashtag over on Instagram. I love how it is nearly always accompanied by a cuppa!

Please do keep sharing your pics as we will choose a few to feature in the next issue too! :) 

Seek Inspire Create with Team 91 - October

Our next Seek Inspire Create e-zine is very nearly ready to wing it's way to your inboxes (sign up here!) packed with some lovely places, people and ideas to discover. In the meantime, Team 91 share a little of what we've been up to in our spare time - from castles and crafting to converting sheds! Don't forget to get involved with our hashtag over on Instagram - #seekinspirecreate - post pics of your discoveries, inspirations and creations and you may get your image featured on our IG feed, blog or even in the e-zine! 

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden - Caroline Rowland (editor)

The infamous Richmond based shopping and eating destination Petersham Nurseries has recently opened up shop right in the middle of Central London. A more polished space than the original, tableware is styled to perfection while the back of the shop resembles a small jungle with an abundance of unusual plants, both large and small. The price tags on their beautiful range of ceramics, glassware and linens can often make your eyes water, but it is likely to be a purchase you will treasure for many years to come.

handmade gift giving

Handmade gift giving - Kath Webber (sub editor) 

As the days get shorter and we hurtle towards the festive season, my thoughts turn to what beautiful handmade gifts I can produce for my family and friends. I often find I’m short of time, especially when much of my work involves making, so Helen Stewart- aka Curious Handmade- has come up with some wonderful festive tips and hints, as well as releasing a very special knitter’s calendar called KnitVent! Last year’s collection included six quick and easy-to-make patterns ideal for stash-diving and giving. I’ve been rummaging through my stash for some pretty supplies for Helen’s latest shawl, Surprise Party, but this one is strictly for self-giving! For more gift ideas, a new must-have book for knitters and crocheters is top of my list- A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes shares the inner thoughts of knitters and designers on how their materials shape their lives. 

Lowther Castle, Lake District

Lowther Castle - Laura Pashby (deputy editor) 

I recently visited Lowther Castle in the Lake District - a romantic ruin with a particular melancholy beauty. This fairytale castle, its walls draped with hanging vines, has wild gardens with extensive views across the surrounding countryside and, hidden away in a wood, the ‘Lost Castle’- a fantastic adventure play area for kids. “No dogs, and no dragons” reads the sign outside. Adults and children alike were captivated by Lowther’s magic.

Creative shed makeover

A creative shed makeover - Lucy Davidson (designer) 

Recently I got the chance to transform a standard garden shed into my dream weaving space and I never want to leave. A few coats of paint, some simple furniture and textiles - and of course my favourite weaving tools - it quickly became a cosy creative haven. It really is the perfect way to add extra space to your home in an affordable way – just make sure to install an electric heater for those colder days spent in there. See the full project over on my blog Peas and Needles.

The Giddy Grocer, Bermondsey Street

The Giddy Grocer - Melissa Burgess (designer) 

Everyone has a happy place. A place that always cheers you up or makes you feel content. Mine is London’s Bermondsey Street. This street is a hidden yet relatively busy thoroughfare and is home to a collection of beautiful interiors boutiques, a controversial café (for its name alone!), The White Cube gallery, the quaintest pet shop and now a new grocer’s- full of British charm. The Giddy Grocer has been open for around eight weeks and is packed with artisanal products and seasonal produce.  Despite it’s city location, it feels just like a small country farm shop – well worth a visit b before taking a leisurely stroll along my ‘happy place’ street!


Gower Peninsula - Catherine Binnie (distribution manager)

I'm just back from the glorious Gower, South West Wales. I love the seaside in Autumn, and staying near the stunning sweep of sand that is Oxwich Bay meant lots of bracing walks along the beach, shell collecting and paddle boarding (my kids, not me - I'm more a book and a blanket sort of person). Oxwich is also home to the amazing Beach House restaurant - I'm still dreaming of their delicious handmade seaweed bread. On rainy days we dressed up as Tudors at Oxwich Bay Castle (me, not the kids - I'm a total embarrassment) then headed to the Mumbles, for drinks and board games at Croeso Lounge, followed by a trip to the fab indie Cinema & Co, before heading back to the house for a log fire and some treats from the Little Village Bakery

Le Petit Jardin, Tunbridge Wells

Le Petit Jardin, Tunbridge Wells - Olivia Williams (brand and advertising manager) 

With the clocks falling back, it’s time to properly welcome in the new season. A favourite place for a fix of treasures for the home and garden is Le Petit Jardin in Tunbridge Wells. Filled with flourishes to prepare the home for winter – from joyous twinkling fairy lights, to the cosiest fleeces to glorious new hanging fern leaves in brass. Located in Chapel Place, Le Petit Jardin is perched near parks and woodland galore, wonderful for wintery walks before a stroll around town, stopping for coffee and cake, of course. For those further afield, the online shop means we can all share the love of hand crafted goodies right from the comfort of our sofa. 

Don't forget to register for the e-zine - it's free and is a mini 12 page version of the main magazine, so not to be missed! ;) 

Some #91magazine_paperlove faves

If you have our SS17 issue, you'll know that we love all things paper, and lots of you have joined in with sharing your paper passion too via our hashtag project #91magazine_paperlove.

Paper is just so important isn't it? In our digital age, it seems even more relevant to try and appreciate the material in all of its forms - books, magazines (of course!), letters, greetings cards, beautiful wrapping paper, ephemera, artwork, stationery... the list goes on. We wanted to celebrate this, by scattering it through the issue, and also getting you involved by including paper in your imagery.

Here are a few faves from the hashtag, and make sure you join in to be in with the chance of having your snap featured in the next issue! Be sure to post before 4th Sept when we will select my faves! 

Follow 91 Magazine on Instagram or purchase our SS17 issue before it sells out! 

Seek Inspire Create with Team 91 - August

Summer is in full swing here and in fact, most of our team are off on their holidays as we speak! But, we've been working hard on the next issue which will be available for pre order very soon! Lots of you have been enjoying our new Seek Inspire Create e-zine too, which is great! If you haven't seen it yet, then you simply need to register your email here and you will receive a link to download it. You can read what it's all about here in case it's went under you radar! 

Anyway, as well as being busy with all of that, our team always find time to do some lovely things for themselves or with family and friends, so here's what we've all been enjoying of late....

No Guts No Glory, Devon - Lucy Davidson (designer)

Recently I got the chance to pop into lovely lifestyle store No Guts No Glory, during a trip to Exeter in Devon. I’ve been dreaming of a little visit here for quite some time now, and thankfully it did not disappoint. Owners Nathan and Hayley are friendly and welcoming, giving the store a lovely atmosphere, and I couldn't leave without snapping up one of the wonderful pots from Studio Senji. And of course, it’s always a proud moment to spot 91 Magazine on the shelves of such a gorgeous shop too!

Happy Days Retro Vacations - Kath Webber (sub-editor) 

Happy Days Retro Vacations is a small family-friendly campsite, home to seven vintage trailers- this is camping at its coolest. Six polished silver Airstream trailers and a curvaceous vintage Avion trailer offer comfortable, vintage-style accommodation just a few miles from the coast on the edge of the market town of Saxmundham in Suffolk. The restored caravans are perfect family holidays homes, all styled with an American mid-century vibe. There's a play area for kids, fire pits for each trailer, and a red shed for partying when the campsite is rented exclusively. We stayed in Nettie, and enjoyed every minute- the kids made friends and ran wild in the safe campsite, while we enjoyed the great big skies and excellent local beers. Throughout the summer months, Wednesday night is pizza night with Pete and his wood-fired oven, cooking and delivering pizzas before your very eyes. Rent the entire site for a very special occasion or enjoy a weekend in my favourite county.

Osmology - Caroline Rowland (editor) 

I recently listened to the Style Matters podcast with Melia of Contemporary Life where she talked of her Swedish heritage and how the burning of candles is an every day occurrence in Swedish culture, not reserved solely for the winter months or special occasions. I really loved this idea, as why should we keep candles for 'good' or only light them when we have guests? Especially when there is such an abundance of delicious candle brands out there. On a recent trip to Bristol, I stumbled upon Osmology, a newly opened store on the Christmas Steps, who I'd heard mention of on social media only a few weeks previous. A small but perfectly formed little shop, filled with nose-tingling scents from brands such as Eastwick, P.F. Candle Co and Skandinavisk to name a few. If you are in Bristol, add it to your list of 'must visits' or peruse their website from the comfort of your candlelit living room. 

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Cotswold Lavender - Laura Pashby (deputy editor) 

Strolling through purple fields of fragrant lavender is the stuff of floral dreams (with plenty of Instagram opportunities to boot!) For the second summer, we took a trip to Cotswold Lavender where the lavender was in full bloom and buzzing with bees. Arriving early meant that the fields were quieter and the gentle morning light was better for photography (it's hard to resist snapping away when you're surrounded by beautiful blooms!) Afterwards, we took a trip to National Trust Snowshill, which is just a few miles away- an eccentric's manor house stuffed full of curiosities and treasures, with charming gardens, including the prettiest dovecote.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - Catherine Binnie (marketing manager) 

This month my seven year old daughter and I have been reading Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. The book reinvents fairy tales, with inspirational women from across the ages as the heroines (you won't catch any of them hanging around for Prince Charming). From Marie Curie, to Frieda Kahlo, Maya Angelou to Elizabeth I - Good Night Stories is packed with fascinating women, their stories brilliantly told and beautifully illustrated (including work by Karolin Schnoor - the talented creator of our 91 Magazine prints!)

Liberty London's new Living Emporium - Melissa Burgess (designer) 

Liberty has long been a go-to destination for unique and unusual products and gifts. However, homeware is not what some may associate with Liberty. In fact, the Home department is a climb up the famous (and slightly wonky) wooden staircase to the third and fourth floors, that many have never even made! The department is undergoing massive changes and is returning to the stores roots and iconic reputation. The new Living Emporium on the third floor is one of my favourite spaces to just get lost in. You are immediately immersed in vivid and bold colour and texture. The collections are, as you would expect from this quirky store, slightly weird but ever so wonderful and eclectic. The Emporium has also become a temporary home to Conservatory Archives - the Hackney based plant specialists. As you stroll down their lusciously green alley, you are briefly taken out of busy city life and immersed in nature. This is my kind of shopping experience.

Lleweyln and Company - Olivia Williams (advertising and brand manager) 

Don’t you just love that feeling of stepping into a shop and having to force yourself to stop and breathe before you get too giddy?! I had to do just that when visiting Lleweyln and Company in Hay-On-Wye recently. This home store is filled with the most beautiful French and Scandi treasures, both old and new, which Anna and John seek out from across Europe. It is filled with home-making delights and curated so beautifully. Though nothing beats a browse around the store for inspiration, it’s wonderful that their online store means we can all enjoy the magic from further afield.  

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Seek / Inspire / Create - 20 of our hashtag faves

One of our favourite things about using Instagram is discovering new things - whether that's books to read, cafes to visit, shops to shop at, crafts to try or people to inspire us. That was our reason for starting the hashtag #seekinspirecreate - a tag to share your discoveries, creations and inspirations with the community. We are just a little bit chuffed that the tag has reached over 14,000 images! We're so pleased you like using it, so we've picked out 20 images from the feed to showcase on here. We've got some exciting news relating to the tag coming up in a few weeks, but until then I suggest you sign up for our newsletter as it will be exclusively for our subscribers! For now, enjoy this little round up of great photography from #seekinspirecreate and make sure to check out all of the accounts below - if you don't already follow them, I guarantee you will want to! Oh and in case you aren't following us, you'll find 91 on Instagram here.

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#my91magazine - our S/S 17 faves

Our S/S 17 issue has been out for just over a month now and we are always so thrilled to receive your messages and comments about how much you are enjoying the magazine, it really does mean so much to our team. Seeing your images of 91 Magazine in your home, your favourite cafe or as a travel buddy is wonderful, so thank you for sharing and for tagging with #my91magazine. Here are a few of our favourites from the past few weeks. Keep sharing your pics as we will feature a small selection in our next issue! :) 

 Image by  @graceandflora
 Image by  @unpeusauvage

Image by @unpeusauvage

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