Volume 7 publishes!

It’s that time of year! A new issue has landed. As it’s our first edition of 2019 we decided to freshen things up a bit, particularly as we widening our distribution and the magazine will be available internationally, from Barnes and Noble in the States, to niche shops across Europe, Asia and Australia! So exciting but also slightly terrifying as making this leap was a big risk for us financially, and I just hope it pays off and gives our international readers an easier option for getting their hands on a print copy. Please do tell friends and family around the world to go seek it out!

91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7

Perhaps the most noticeable update is to our cover layout. We’ve still kept the minimal, fresh look, but just shifted things around a little. For the purists among you, I hope the barcode on the cover does not jar. This is actually a requirement of moving into the US market, and I wrangled with this for a while, but in the end I found it doesn’t offend me greatly, and is something which is actually on the majority of mag covers, and we don’t tend to even notice it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new look!

91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7

Inside, we still have lots of our regular features - home tours, creative spaces and Instagram Edit for example - but we’ve added a few new features including a plant care guide by Sophie Lee of geofleur, and Seek Inspire Create - inspired by our hashtag - which focuses on the creative talent from a particular town or city.

91 Magazine - independent interiors and lifestyle magazine - Volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7
91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7

Our loose theme for this issue was Playful - which was interpreted in a number of ways - from playful interiors to family life through to playful creativity and how to involve play in your working day. It’s a fun edition packed with joyful spaces, interesting stories and bags of inspiration for your home and life.

91 Magazine - indie interiors & lifestyle magazine - volume 7

If you haven’t pre-ordered or subscribed yet, then pop on over to our shop and grab yours now. Please do share your pics of the magazine on social media too with our hashtag #my91magazine. We love to see your snaps and also it helps us to spread the word far and wide, which as an indie magazine means the world! Thank you as always for your support readers! Enjoy x


Sneak peek at the new issue - Volume 7

2019 is whizzing by at breakneck speed, how is it March already?! Good news is that as Spring draws near, that means the brand new issue of 91 will be arriving soon too! We are thrilled that lots of you have already subscribed, meaning your order for this new issue is already in. If you haven’t done so yet, you can either SUBSCRIBE HERE to get the two 2019 issues, or you can PRE-ORDER the next edition individually. Both of these options mean it will get to you as soon as possible after we receive it from the printers, which, if you are UK-based, should be by the 15th April. (slightly later for international orders)

The other exciting news is that we are widening our distribution internationally. I don’t have a full list of stockists just yet, but it will be available in certain Barnes & Noble stores in the USA, as well as stores in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Singapore and Spain. I will post the details of where and when as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a little sneak peek! Some of you might have noticed that we have been making some changes to the design. We have a lovely new look cover, and while things inside are still very much in keeping with our style, we have also introduced a few new features. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted we are no longer calling the issues SS or AW, but instead this is Volume 7. The reason for this is that we have always aimed to make the content non-seasonal so that it remains evergreen and can be read and enjoyed at any time, even if you are purchasing back issues. With this in mind, it seems more logical to catalogue them as volumes rather than by season.

And now, on to revealing some lovely images from the issue! First up, the cover….

91 Magazine Volume 7 cover

This issue is inspired by the word ‘Playful’. This idea has been referenced and represented in various ways throughout the pages, from family homes that have brought elements of childhood into their interior in a stylish way, through to designers and shop owners who use colour and pattern in exciting and fun ways, through to looking at how to introduce play into your working life. No matter your age or personal and professional situation, play is an important part of life and promotes feelings of happiness and contentment. We hope this issue encourages you to be more playful too, we have certainly had lots of fun putting it together!

Cover image by Kasia Fiszer

Photo:  Jemma Watts
Photo:  Nuraan Ackers
Photo:  Lesley Lau

Photo: Lesley Lau

Photo:  Karolina Wiercigroch  / Styling:  Sally Meier
Photo:  Georgia Gold

Dreamy right?! Make sure you don’t miss the issue by subscribing or pre-ordering. Pop to our shop where you will find both options.


Our A/W 2018 issue is here!

Yesterday I had a message from one lovely reader to say how excited she was about the new issue arriving and that it is the highlight of her autumn season. Wow, that honestly makes me beam with pride that 91 can bring so much joy to those who read it. I can’t tell you how much hard work and pure love goes into creating it, but what truly makes it all worth it, is hearing the words of anticipation, enjoyment and encouragement from our readers. I often hear people say that they don’t buy magazines anymore, and that was exactly the reason I started the magazine - as I couldn’t find any I enjoyed anymore - but I hope that 91 has restored your love of magazines too, and will continue to do so for anyone who had previously lost faith in magazines. We only publish twice a year, but our ethos is most definitely quality over quantity.

The AW18 issue of 91 Magazine

So, here it is. Our A/W 2018 issue - our sixth print issue. In this edition, we shine a light on ethical living, visiting venues and talking to brands for which sustainability is at their heart. Our columnists talk about how living ethically can boost creativity, how to have strong ethics when running a small business as well as how to build a brand from scratch.

La-Eva feature in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue
Living consciously feature in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue

We connect with the makers community via our Instagram Edit, and as always visit beautiful homes of creative people. We always find so much inspiration in shops, studios and restaurants, so we share some truly beautiful spaces with you, as well as recipes, styling ideas, shopping tips and more.

Instagram Edit feature in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue
Wunderblumen home tour in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue
Lord Whitney studio tour in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue
Silo Brighton in 91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue
91 Magazine A/W 2018 issue

If you haven’t yet ordered your copy, then I hope this little peek at what’s inside has convinced you to treat yourself (or a friend!) - get it delivered direct to your door by ordering here, or check out our stockists list for where to find it near you. And don’t forget, we absolutely love to hear your feedback and see your pics, so do share online with our hashtag #my91magazine - we may even share your pics on our Instagram feed or in the next print issue!


Some changes to 91 plus AW18 issue sneak peek!

It's our favourite time of year again - when we finally get to reveal what we've been working on for the past few months! Our AW18 issue is coming together beautifully and it is now possible to PLACE YOUR PRE-ORDER! Woo hoo!

Cover image: by  Daniela Schinke  &  Olinga Ok

Cover image: by Daniela Schinke & Olinga Ok

I also wanted to let you know about a few minor changes we are making to the magazine going forward. These are made in the hope that we can continue to produce the best magazine we can. Firstly, we are increasing the number of pages in the magazine - it initially started back in 2016 with 100 pages. In AW17 we quietly upped in to 108, and for this brand new issue you will find 116 pages filled with loveliness! YAY! The other change is that we are increasing the cover price from £7 to £8. This is, of course, a reflection of the additional pages, which in turn affects not only our printing costs but also production costs in terms of the lovely features our team and contributors create. We have also decided to change printers due to various problems in the past, which has had a small knock-on effect to our costs, but we hope that the quality will be improved in light of this. 

As an independent magazine, we feel it best to be open and honest with you about what changes we are implementing and the reasons for these. We do hope you feel that this small twice yearly cost to buy the magazine brings you much enjoyment and inspiration. We are still one of the most affordable independent magazines on the market and we like to think one of the best! ;) 

Without further ado, here is a little sneaky peek at some of the images you will find in the new issue. Our inspiration for this edition is ethical living, something we feel very in tune with and wanted to highlight. We visit the home of Emily Mathieson, founder of online store Aerende, we fall head over heels in love with the studio space of skincare brand La Eva, and we share some gorgeous ethical homewares and how to style them. Plus lots more gorgeous homes and work spaces, styling ideas and creative inspiration for your home, life and work. 

Photo:  Cathy Pyle  / Styling:  Kay Prestney

Photo: Cathy Pyle / Styling: Kay Prestney

Photo:  Cathy Pyle  / Styling:  Lauren Becker

Photo: Cathy Pyle / Styling: Lauren Becker

Photo:  Kym Grimshaw
Photo:  Kasia Fiszer
Photo:  Catherine Frawley  / Styling:  Sally Meier

Photo: Catherine Frawley / Styling: Sally Meier

Photo:  Rachel Warne

That is literally a tiny snippet of the gorgeousness that is in the next issue. It will be out at the beginning of October, so if you get your pre-order in now it will land on your doormat around the 9th/10th October, all being well. I do hope you will add this new issue to your collection!