Flea Finds : a 91 Instagram Project

Image by Lou Archell ( @littlegreenshed )

Image by Lou Archell (@littlegreenshed)

Here at 91, we love nothing more than a rummage at a flea market, junk shop, car boot sale or brocante in search of vintage treasures. We're also rather curious about other people's flea finds, particularly those with a story attached. With this in mind, we're launching a 91 hashtag project over on Instagram. We'd love for you to share your 'flea finds' with us, using the hashtag #91magazine_fleafinds. In the caption, tell us a little of the story behind the find- where and when you bought it, any memories attached to it, and if it was a total bargain, you could even tell us how much you paid (only if you want to, of course!)

Take the gorgeous French glass bottle above, shared by writer and photographer Lou Archell (@littlegreenshed): 'This glass wine bottle from France is one of my favorite vintage pieces' says Lou. 'I found it in a tiny brocante shop in central France. The shop was dark and smelt of rusty metal and dust. The little old guy wanted €20 for it but my son Charlie and I haggled him down to €10. A true treasure.'

Image by Caroline Rowland ( @91magazine )

Image by Caroline Rowland (@91magazine)

Editor Caroline's favourite flea find is this sweet little tin, which has a lovely romantic story behind it: 'This is the tiny tin which we had our wedding rings in for our ceremony. I found it at Spitalfields market a few months before the wedding, and knew it was perfect.'

Image by Lou Archell ( @littlegreenshed )

Image by Lou Archell (@littlegreenshed)

Perhaps, like the objects above from Lou Archell's kitchen, you have a small collection of flea finds that you would like to share. "All of these items in my kitchen I have found at car boot sales, spending less than £1.50 each. They sit proudly on my kitchen shelf." explains bargain-hunter Lou.

The gorgeous collection of earthenware pots below belong to writer and photographer Melanie Barnes (@geoffreyandgrace): 'These pots were discovered on a wonderful day in Hastings, where there are so many fantastic shops, with lots of treasures waiting to be found.' says Melanie. 'I think that in total they were £6: I was very pleased with myself as you can imagine! I love how I can use them all together in a little cluster like this.'

Image by Melanie Barnes ( @geoffreyandgrace )

Image by Melanie Barnes (@geoffreyandgrace)

Share your own flea finds with us using hashtag #91magazine_fleafinds on Instagram, and you could even see your treasures appear in print: we'll be collating our favourite images in the upcoming print edition of 91 Magazine this spring. Do get tagging: we can't wait to see what vintage beauties you've got stashed away!

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