Our first print issue publishes!

So, after months of late nights, hundreds of emails between our team, contributors and supporters, and our fair share of mishaps and challenges along the way, we are finally proud to announce the publication of our first ever print issue of 91 Magazine

The issue is jammed packed with all things beautiful. We have four home tours, all very different, but equally as gorgeous, including the nature inspired home of Lou Archell, and the playful family home of Nina van de Goor. We visit a variety of creative spaces from the co-working and events space The Forge in Bristol, to a Californian inspired restaurant in West London. 

We love to share our favourite shops and things to buy, and this issue we focus on plant related retail. Plus our Instagram Edit suggests some of the most beautiful Instagram feeds you must follow. 

We are very excited about a feature we produced in association with Anthropologie - one of our fave shops ever! Three super stylish bloggers update their homes for summer and the results are truly inspiring!

For more style and trend tips, turn to our Palm Sugar feature, the ever popular botanical trend mixed with a pastel palette. Plus, waste not want not in our 'beetroot three ways' feature, showing you how to make use of all parts of the vegetable, resulting in a lovely gift idea. 

That's a really brief peek into our 100 pages of inspired homes, lives and loves, we adore every page and we hope you will too! 

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the magazine, we are so grateful for your support, your copy will be winging it's way to you as we speak! And if you haven't purchased your copy yet - what are you waiting for?! The magazine is biannual, and is just £7 an issue, so including postage that is less than £20 a year - which is nothing these days really! ;) Pop over and place your order now! 

Once you receive your magazine, we would LOVE it if you shared pictures of it online, using the hashtag #my91magazine. We will post a few of our faves on here soon. And of course, we love to hear your feedback, so drop us a line via social media or on email to info@91magazine.co.uk.

For anyone whose preference is to read the magazine in digital form, then we will have a digital version costing £4 online very soon. You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for updates. Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Thanks again to everyone for your support and encouragement as we produced this first print issue, we really hope it brings some moments of joy and oodles of creative inspiration. Enjoy! 

91 Loves... modern hoop embroidery

We love ALL sorts of crafts here at 91, but we particularly love to see traditional crafts brought right up to date for the 21st century. We've focussed on weaving and cross-stitch on here before and today we want to highlight hoop embroidery and show that it is a super cool craft to have a go at, and not hugely difficult to learn either! We thought we'd pick out some of our favourite makers whose work has inspired us to grab a hoop, needle and thread and start stitching!

Image via  Sew and Saunders

Sew and Saunders is one of our favourite UK based embroidery designers, with lots of her work inspired by current botanical trends. We love the simplicity of this leafy design, the use of one colour giving it a chic contemporary vibe. 

Image via  Miss Katiuska

Image via Miss Katiuska

It's also the simplicity we love about Spain based maker Miss Katiuska's work and the use of a modern font in this particular example. Plus, we love the monochromatic palette with a dash of pastels thrown in. She also sells kits via her Etsy shop to get your started. 

Image via  Cinder and Honey

If bold, bright colour is more your bag, then these beautiful butterfly designs by Canadian Cinder and Honey are perfect. It is actually the PDF patterns that embroidery artist Caitlin, sells via her Etsy shop, so you can dive straight in and replicate these at home!  

Megan Eckman of Studio MME started her business as she wanted to offer 'approachable embroidery for modern stitchers' - and her graphic designs inspired by landscapes and landmarks are certainly a far cry from chintzy florals and country cottage scenes our grandmothers might have stitched! She sells kits, pre printed fabrics and PDFs via her US based Etsy shop so you can easily stitch yourself a Rocky Mountain scene or the Statue of Liberty!

Megan in fact shared one of her fun projects in our Craft Special which published back in 2014. Follow her party animal pattern here

Another US maker whose stitching makes us swoon is Stephanie Lapre. Again it's the graphic and monochromatic designs that gives her work a contemporary edge. Her Etsy shop is currently closed while she restocks, but you can follow her lovely Instagram feed for updates. 

Image via  Sarah K Benning

Image via Sarah K Benning

It is American fibre artist Sarah K Benning who bucks the trend for simplicity through her beautifully intricate designs depicting mainly potted plants. The circular scenes are almost like mini paintings there is so much detail included. Sarah is now based in Menorca, Spain, and her Etsy shop is dedicated to a fun monthly subscription project where subscribers receive a new design each month to work on.

We love how so many of these embroidery artists are working to make their craft inclusive, offering patterns, kits and projects for keen stitchers to get involved with. Plus, it's such an affordable craft - embroidery floss, a small piece of cotton and a hoop and off you go! We'd love to hear if you've given embroidery a go, or have got inspired by these lovely pieces of work. 

91 is reading... Dream Decor

When we get a spare moment here at 91 HQ, we love nothing more than curling up with a good interiors book, to indulge in beautiful photography and inspiring homes. So, what could possibly be better than this? An interiors book that also whisks you away on a dreamy trip around some of the world's most beautiful destinations that will have you longing for Tuscan retreats, Greek islands and hipster Brooklyn neighbourhoods! And this is exactly what we discovered inside the pages of Will Taylor's (of Bright Bazaar blogging fame) second book - Dream Decor

Will's new book aims to inspire readers to "Style a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home Wherever You Live" and he encourages us to look to our surroundings and call on our own memories and personal adventures. It's clear from following Will on social media that he loves to travel, and not only this, he loves to gather inspiration for his interiors from the places he visits. We wholeheartedly agree that your home should be a reflection of your own personality and life experiences, and often holidays is when we make some of our most treasured memories, so it seems sensible that we should glean ideas for how to decorate our homes from these surroundings. 

The 'styles' section of the book is beautifully done. Opening with titles such as Italian Rustic and Mediterranean Marvel, and labelled with where it's inspired by (Tuscany, Italy and Santorini, Greece for example), before leading into a selection of Will's own travel photography and finally touring a home which encapsulates the look.

For each, Will hones in on specific elements that have made this particular look work - such as weathered textures, unexpected hues or use of scale. 

The book is not about recreating the whitewashed Greek villa you stayed in last year in your 2 bed semi in South London, it's about how you interpret your surroundings both at home and abroad within your living space. Whether it's introducing patterned tiles in your kitchen inspired by the medina's of Morocco, using rustic wall panelling à la that cool New York bar you spent an evening in, or simply seeking out curtains in soft pinks like that of the blossom trees in your local park, the book encourages you to look around and visually gather what you can! 

Dream Decor: Styling A Cool, Creative And Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor, photography by Andrew Boyd, is out 17th May. Published by Jacqui Small (£25). The book is available to pre-order on Amazon now and more information can be found here.

4 podcasts for creatives

It took us a little while to discover the joy of podcasts, but now that we have, we're hooked! Ideas, information and interviews, brought to us at our own desk (or, as it may be, kitchen table) at any time of the day, while we sip a cup of hot tea? YES PLEASE!

There's a wealth of inspiration available, not to mention advice and coaching, and the brilliant thing about podcasts is that you can access them anywhere, anytime. Listen whilst you're walking the dog, or stacking the dishwasher, on your commute or in bed at night. However you want to fit them into your life, these tailor-made radio-style shows have so much to communicate to you. Here's our pick of four fantastic podcasts for creatives...

The Blogtacular Podcast by Kat Molesworth

If you're a blogger, or and indie business owner, this is the perfect podcast for you. The Blogtacular podcast celebrates the creative community. Each week, host Kat Molesworth interviews a talented creative, with guests to date including photographers Marte Marie Forsberg and Xanthe Berkeley, editor Lara Watson, and bloggers Fran Stone and Natalie Lue.

You can catch up on episodes here, and you can subscribe to have every episode sent direct to your device.

The Make it Happen Podcast by Jen Carrington

Content coach and Creative Mentor, Jen Carrington promises that 'this podcast is for you if you’re ready to build an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life.' Jen shares stories, insights, and conversations to encourage and empower you to make things happen for your creative life and business on your own terms, in your own way, and by your own rules.

You can catch up on episodes here, and you can subscribe to have every episode sent direct to your device.

The Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast by Emma Gannon

Blogger and author Emma Gannon (AKA Girl Lost in the City) hosts this podcast, on which you will find conversations with interesting guests who all have very unique stories to tell. At the heart of the conversation is how the Internet and social media have changed our lives and the lessons we’ve learned along the way (this is the focus of Emma's book, also called 'Ctrl Alt Delete').

You can catch up on episodes here, and you can subscribe to have every episode sent direct to your device.

The Ted Radio Hour Podcast

Hosted by Guy Raz, The TED Radio Hour is based on the brilliant TED talks and is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create. Based on talks given by speakers on the TED stage, each show is centered on a common theme – such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections.

You can catch up on episodes here, and you can subscribe to have every episode sent direct to your device.

So, there you have it. HOURS of fascinating listening. If you're already a podcast addict, which ones would you suggest to your fellow creatives? We'd love to know.



Meet the 91 team: Olivia Williams (Brand and Advertising Manager)

Olivia runs her own marketing and PR agency The Bird House, working with boutique brands, so she was the perfect person to work with the indie businesses who 91 Magazine love to nurture. She's also a mama, a keen baker, blogger and instagrammer. (she runs the #nestandflourish hashtag) so we caught up with her to find out a bit more about how she juggles, work, life and family... 

Tell us about your morning routineThe day always starts before I’m ready for it, but I have get a quick fix of Instagram with sleepy eyes before the whirl begins. I tear around the house making porridge, packing lunches, checking times tables, hunting down sports kit & TALKING - my girls chat non stop, from dawn til dusk! 

Other than 91 Magazine (of course!) what do you like to read? I confessed to Caroline before I joined the team that I was a big 91 fan ;) To me, magazines are a real treat & can only be read with a clear head, time & ideally, a G&T in hand. Consequently I have a pile of titles waiting to be read. In there is FLOW, The Simple Things & Caffeine Magazine, as well as cook books galore. Slightly nerdish, but we try to snatch ‘book hour’ at home or during high days & holidays where we all sit together & read. 

Image by Olivia Williams ( @x  xbirdhouse  on Instagram)

Image by Olivia Williams (@xxbirdhouse on Instagram)

Describe a corner of your home that you particularly love. My desk is my haven. It’s a new zone, since for years I hot desked around the house with my laptop, thinking it was the freedom to change the view that I needed. But now my freelancing has really grown & I work on lots of projects at the same time, so that means being surrounded with lists & my favourite pen to hand which gives me good karma. 

If you could be whisked away for the weekend to any destination in the world, where would you chose? Gosh that’s a hard question! We are a real road trip family, we pack up our Mini & drive everywhere, so I guess if I was being whisked away it would be a real treat. I’d have to go on a jet plane to just about any European city - Stockholm, Copenhagen & Paris would be on my wish list. 

What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? My mama told me ‘worrying never cures anything’. I’m learning that’s true.

What’s your radio tuned to? My radio gets re-tuned all the time! Radio 2 floats through our breakfast, then it’s Radio 4 - unless there’s a sporting fixture on – then it’s Five Live for the tennis, cricket & footy.

What’s your most treasured flea market find? It is a set of old school desks that my girls use everyday. It’s a hive of activity for them - littered with tiny scraps of paper, glitter & glue.

Image by Olivia Williams ( @x  xbirdhouse  on Instagram)

Image by Olivia Williams (@xxbirdhouse on Instagram)

What was the last thing that you made by hand? I’m a baker & cook, so for me, making time to bake, even if it’s late at night, is what makes me feel everything is ok in the world. The last thing I made was a fridge cake to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to someone very special who is going through the mill. 

What are your home styling essentials? I LOVE ‘jujjing’, but the place has to be clean & ship shape before I start. Isn’t that an awful confession?! Yes, I’m OCD… so apart from my duster & mop, my essentials are I some simple snipped flowers & little twinkly lights.

Can you share a tip for other creative freelancers? Plan, plan, plan.  With a schedule I find I can handle ducking & diving between projects without fluster & on time.

Image by Olivia Williams ( @x  xbirdhouse  on Instagram)

Image by Olivia Williams (@xxbirdhouse on Instagram)

Some quick fire Qs

Tea or coffee? tea to welcome in the day & then coffee for elevenses.

Early bird or night owl? a night owl who gets exhausted

Summer or Winter? summer – light, bright evenings make my heart sing.

Twitter or Instagram? (Who do you follow?) instagram …. @lewesmap @dhowelldesigns @byebyebirdie

Favourite flower? top 3… cow parsley, peonies & blossom.

And finally… Tell us a secret or something surprising about yourself.  I ALWAYS work with music on. 

a sneak peek inside the magazine : home tours

It's now only a matter of weeks before the magazine is in print and, if you've pre-ordered a copy it will soon be arriving on your doormat.  If you haven't yet ordered a copy-...do! There's still time to be one of the first to receive it- you can order your copy here.

The mag's looking gorgeous, and we can't WAIT for you to see it. In the meantime, would you like to take a little peek inside?! We've got four stunning homes to show you round in this issue. Here's just a flavour of what's in store- some unseen images from the home tours that we just couldn't squeeze on to the pages. A few beauties from the cutting room floor, if you will!

Image by Mirjam Hart of her own home

Image by Mirjam Hart of her own home

Image by Kasia Fiszer of Flora Mountford's home

Image by Kasia Fiszer of Flora Mountford's home

Image by Laura Pashby of Lou Archell's home

Image by Laura Pashby of Lou Archell's home

Image by Nina Van Der Goor of her own home

Image by Nina Van Der Goor of her own home

We hope this has given you a little flavour of what's to come. Now, hurry off and order yourself a copy of the mag so that you can see the full tours: you'll find out the stories behind these gorgeous homes and the home decor secrets of their lovely owners...

12 easy bank holiday DIY updates

As we beaver away putting the finishing touches to the S/S issue, getting it ready to be delivered to your door in a few weeks, the 91 team are all looking forward to the long weekend coming up at the end of the month. It is a great time to get busy with some projects around the house that you just haven't had time for, or perhaps you want to update things a little, but you're not quite sure what to do? Well, we have 12 lovely ideas that are simple (mostly!) and will give your space an instant update in a weekend! 

1. Make an air plant holder - Either source a wooden palette or make your own using strips or wood and pop it on the wall for a fab feature.

Photo by  Aileen Allen  of her own home - featured in  issue 8 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Aileen Allen of her own home - featured in issue 8 of 91 Magazine

2. Paint a door with blackboard paint - Blackboard paint is a great invention, and we love how Katy of Apartment Apothecary has painted a door in it. Great for leaving notes for your loved ones, or reminders for when you leave the house! 

Photo by  Katharine Peachey  of  Katy Orme's  home -featured in  issue 11 of 91 Magazine

3. Make your own light fitting - Simply updating your lighting can make a big difference to a room, and you can personalise it by making your own from many found items such as vintage moulds. There are lots of tutorials online for how to make these. 

Photo by  Holly Jolliffe  of  Stacy Sirk's  home - featured in  issue 11 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Holly Jolliffe of Stacy Sirk's home - featured in issue 11 of 91 Magazine

4. Give furniture a mini makeover - You don't have to go all out and completely repaint a piece of furniture. You can simply add some sweet detailing like Kerry of Seventy Tree has done on this set of drawers. Making a stencil will help with getting the design perfect. 

Photo by  Kerry Layton  of her own home - featured in  issue 9 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Kerry Layton of her own home - featured in issue 9 of 91 Magazine

5. Strip back a wall to bare plaster - If you fancy a slightly bigger and more dramatic project, then why not take a wall back to it's bare plaster? This may result in you being more tired at the end of the weekend than you were at the start, but hey, it looks pretty amazing right?! 

Photo by   Holly Jolliffe   of   Stacy Sirk's   home - featured in   issue 11 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Holly Jolliffe of Stacy Sirk's home - featured in issue 11 of 91 Magazine

6. Beautify your outside space or balcony - fingers crossed for some decent bank holiday weather! If we get it, it's the perfect time of year to start sprucing up the garden. Add a few lanterns, festoon lighting, repaint the fence and give it a general tidy up. You'll have a real sense of satisfaction when it's all looking lovely! 

Photo by  Elsa Young  of  Nic Guymer's  home - featured in  issue 7 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Elsa Young of Nic Guymer's home - featured in issue 7 of 91 Magazine

7. Tidy up your office space - If the weather is not on our side, then why not give your workspace a refresh? We often don't have time when we are busy working to keep it in order, so sort out paperwork and style up your shelves, it'll make the return to work feel so much easier! 

Photo by  Jemma Watts  of  Emma Hia's  home - featured in  issue 9 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Jemma Watts of Emma Hia's home - featured in issue 9 of 91 Magazine

8. Make some embroidery hoop holders - A few of these could be perfect for adding to that newly spruced work space or craft room! You can find the tutorial for making them in issue 7 of 91 Magazine

Photo by  Penny Wincer  / Styling  Alice King  - featured in  issue 7 of  91 Magazine

Photo by Penny Wincer / Styling Alice King - featured in issue 7 of  91 Magazine

9. Decorate with logs - Go for a walk in the woods and collect some logs to chop down to size, or buy some at your local garden centre and make a stack in an unused fireplace or next to one that is working. They make a great little feature all on their own! 

Photo by  Holly Marder  of   Yvonne Eijkenduijn's   home - featured in  issue 9 of 91 Magazine

10. Make a bed headboard - if it's your bedroom that's in need of some TLC, then why not create a focal point out of your headboard, using a couple of wooden palettes?! 

Photo by  Bonnie Christine  of her own home - featured in  issue 5 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Bonnie Christine of her own home - featured in issue 5 of 91 Magazine

11. Make your own pillowcases - For a bedroom project that is less labour intensive, why not decorate some plain pillowcases using fabric paint? You can use masking tape to mask off areas to create your design, or simply paint freehand. 

Photo by  Mattias Ermanbrix  / Styling by  Klara Markage  - featured in  issue 7 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Mattias Ermanbrix / Styling by Klara Markage - featured in issue 7 of 91 Magazine

12. Buy great planters - Finally, if your idea of a great weekend is more about browsing car boot sales and markets than sanding and painting, then keep your eyes peeled for great vintage containers like enamel or zinc buckets, wooden crates and old tins, and then pop in some of your favourite plants for an instant update inside or out! Minimal effort required!

Photo by   Katharine Peachey   of   Katy Orme's   home -featured in   issue 11 of 91 Magazine

Photo by Katharine Peachey of Katy Orme's home -featured in issue 11 of 91 Magazine

We'd love to hear what projects you've got planned for the bank holiday weekend, and do let us know if you decide to give any of these ideas a go! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to too! (Although we may well be resting our weary overworked eyes!!!) 

Shelfies : some favourites

We love shelves here at 91. A little corner of the home where styling meets storage- what not to like!? We've been so enjoying taking a peek at your gorgeous shelves over on Instagram, shared via #91magazine_shelfie. The brilliant thing about a shelfie is that it gives an insight into your home, and to the things that you hold dear. Here at 91 HQ, we are naturally nosey, and we relish the opportunity to see inside your inspired homes and lives. These are our current favourites...

Do keep sharing your shelfies with us using #91magazine_shelfie on Instagram. If you've got a pretty shelf, we want to see it!

Banner image: Aileen Allen

Make : a papercraft Spring Garland

We're thrilled to have a guest blog post from crafter extraordinaire Emma Mitchell, aka Silverpebble. Emma is a jewellery designer, craft teacher, writer, naturalist and an absolute whizz with a crochet hook. She also has a particularly dreamy Instagram feed. She's here to show you how to make a beautiful Spring garland using simple materials that you probably already have sitting on your desk! Over to you, Emma...

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

As Spring gathers pace there’s a week or so that I look forward to with flowery anticipation. A clematis montana grows (or rather clambers, triffid-like) over and around our cottage porch. These plants, available from most garden centres, are very close to their wild counterparts, which means they grow like BILLY-O*. Mine seems to thrive on neglect. I neither feed it nor prune it. The soil it grows in is a thin strip of parched, chalky, almost grey soil that we laughably call our front garden. It seems undeterred by the complete lack of rich, dark organic matter where it lives. When its crazy mane of fine twiggy branches get out of hand I hack at it a bit in the winter but that seems to egg it on even more.

The almost scary vigour of this seemingly indestructible yet beautiful plant means that on a certain day between mid April and early May the flowers begin to open. There are hundreds of them-they bloom in drifts at the front of the cottage. Pink on pink. Strangers stop to look at it as they pass by. Sometimes I overhear them saying ‘oof a gardener must live here’. Ha! A lazy one maybe.

The riot of delicate four-petalled pale pink, and in my plant’s case scented flowers, is one of my favourite moments in this, my favourite season. I’m always rather sad when the last petal falls and the wait for that almost unreal exquisite flowery wig over the front of our house returns. I’ve designed a simple Spring garland inspired by the shape of clematis montana buds and the slender, rambling branches of this brilliant plant. If you make this there’ll be a spot of April in your home when July is in full swing and the flowers are long over, and even when Autumn creeps around the corner.

*proper, technical gardening term

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

You will need

Thin card, preferably white
Household string (the white kind sold in most post offices works really well)
Washi tape to hang garland (optional)
Spiky something-or-other to make holes in your cardboard buds eg. knitting needle, sharp pencil

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell


1. Click on the link at the bottom of this post to open the clematis template and then save it to your computer. Print it onto thin card. Cut out and draw around it as many times as you’d like clematis buds/flowers on your garland.

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

2. Cut out each flower, make a 3mm (ish) hole in the very centre with a fine knitting needle, blade of your scissors or a sharp pencil.

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

3. Make your buds/flowers look realistic by dragging one of the blades of your scissors gently along each petal to make it curve inwards slightly.

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

4. Cut a length of string around 1.5-2m long. This will be the main string of your garland.

5. Cut shorter pieces of string around 20cm long -these will be your shorter ‘stems on which the buds will hang.

6. Tie a knot close to the end of one of the shorter pieces of string and thread one of your clematis buds onto the string. The knots will prevent the bud from falling off.

7. Tie the piece of string with the bud attached onto your main string using a larks head knot as shown. Don’t pull the larks head knot too tight. It doesn’t matter where on the main string you attach the shorter string at this stage.

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

8. Thread another clematis bud onto the other end of the shorter string so that it hangs downward like the first.

9. Push this second bud up the string and tie a knot in the position you’d like it to hang. To make your garland/clematis plant look authentic avoid making each string ‘stem’ the same length - cut some so they’re long and some shorter. 

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

10. Repeat steps 4-9 as many times as you need to add all your buds to your garland.

11. Move your clusters of buds along the main string until your happy with the arrangement-if your knots are a bit tight loosen them a little so they’ll move easily on the main string.

12. To make your clematis branch look even more natural, when adding the second bud to each piece of string tie a single knot fairly close to the main string, then add a second bud and another knot to hold it near the end, forming a cluster of three buds using one length of string.

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

13. Stick your garland to a wall, along a shelf or suspend from the ceiling eg. using washi tape.

14. Stand back and admire your bit of handmade Spring!

Image by Emma Mitchell

Image by Emma Mitchell

Click here to download the template.

You can find Emma in the following places...

Website: Silverpebble.net  | Instagram: @silverpebble2 |  Twitter: @silverpebble 

Pinterest: Silverpebble 




Win: crafting goodies from Loop

Crafters from far and wide are usually very well acquainted with North London store Loop, which is located on one of my personal favourite streets in all of London - Camden Passage. Filled with a plethora of yarns in every colour, patterns to suit any taste, beautiful as well as practical haberdashery items, plus perfect gifts of handmade loveliness. As well as all of this, Loop are soon to stock the print edition of 91 Magazine too! yay! 

So, in celebration of this, Loop have kindly supplied some lovely goodies for one 91 Magazine reader to win! Don't worry if you are not such a dab hand with a crochet hook or knitting needles, the items are suitable even for the novice crafter! So, what can you win?! 

Photo by Laura Pashby  @circleofpines

Photo by Laura Pashby @circleofpines

1. a haberdashery or project pouch by Danica Studio

2. a pair of Yozo Scissors - Antique Style Bird

3. three bird buttons 

This little bundle will go to one lucky winner! There are a few different ways you can enter, and the more you do, the more chances you'll have to win! Read on to find out how....

Photo by Laura Pashby   @circleofpines

Photo by Laura Pashby @circleofpines

Photo by Laura Pashby   @circleofpines

Photo by Laura Pashby @circleofpines

Place your entries using the Rafflecopter widget below. Please remember to leave a contact email with your blog comment. The closing date will be the 22nd April 2016 at 12am. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards. Open to international entries. Please read further terms and conditions below before entering. 


- Failure to follow entry guidelines as above will result in that entry not being accepted.      

- All prizes are non-transferable, non refundable and non negotiable. No cash alternative is available for any prize.

- The winner will be chosen at random after the 22nd April 2016, and will be notified shortly after this date. If the winner has not provided an email address or can not be contacted through social media or via email by 27th April 2016, we reserve the right to select another winner at random.

- Prizes will be shipped from the UK by 4th May 2016, using the most affordable shipping method available. 

- The decision in respect of all matters to do with the giveaway will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

- By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

- The giveaway and these terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

91 Magazine stockists

It has been really great to see so many pre orders coming in for our first print edition, it's really spurred us on as we put the finishing touches to the issue, and we are so excited for everyone to see it, we think it's pretty great if we do say so ourselves! If you haven't already, you can pre order now.

We are also really excited about the lovely shops who have already agreed to stock the magazine on their shelves. It will be a surreal moment for me personally to walk into a shop and see the magazine on display. An absolute dream come true! So we thought we'd share which shops are on our stockist list already, but we'd also love to hear if there are any fab shops in your vicinity that you think would be a perfect match for 91 Magazine. Just leave a comment to let us know and a website if possible.

Here we go on our current list, and a MASSIVE thank you to these shopkeepers - we are so chuffed that they have believed in us and the magazine to place an order for the very first issue.

Amongst the plants and flowers at Botanique

Amongst the plants and flowers at Botanique

Colourful shelves at Berylune

Colourful shelves at Berylune

- AStore, Chelmsford - www.acanteenstore.co.uk

- Berylune, Leamington Spa - www.berylune.co.uk

- Botanique, London - www.botaniqueworkshop.com

- Caravan, London - www.caravanstyle.com

Inside the Squash Court (Photo by  Laura Pashby )

Inside the Squash Court (Photo by Laura Pashby)

A homely feel in Johnny's Store

A homely feel in Johnny's Store

- Dean's Court (The Squash Court), Wimborne, Dorset - www.thesquashcourt.org

- Johnny's Store, Hayle, Cornwall - Facebook page

Lion Street Store in Rye

Lion Street Store in Rye

Loop, London (photo by  Michael Sinclair  from  The Shopkeeper's Home  book by 91 Magazine editor, Caroline Rowland)

Loop, London (photo by Michael Sinclair from The Shopkeeper's Home book by 91 Magazine editor, Caroline Rowland)

- Lion Street Store, Rye, East Sussex - www.lionstreetstore.com

- Loop, London - www.loopknittingshop.com

On the shelves, in Love Inc

On the shelves, in Love Inc

Indie mags in Magalleria

Indie mags in Magalleria

Southwood Stores showroom 

Southwood Stores showroom 

- Love Inc, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - www.loveincltd.co.uk

- Magalleria, Bath - www.magalleria.co.uk

- Much Ado Books, Alfriston, East Sussex - www.muchadobooks.com

- Southwood Stores, Milton Keynes - www.southwoodstores.co.uk

Aren't they a lovely bunch?! Have you spotted any near to you?! If you are a shop owner and would love 91 Magazine on your shelves too, just drop us a line at info@91magazine.co.uk

91 is pinning... flowers

Fresh flowers. We at 91 just can't get enough of them. Whether it's a lavish display, a simple posy, or a few wild flowers tumbled into a jam jar, blooms always brighten our days.

Image pinned from  Pretty Prudent

Image pinned from Pretty Prudent

We love to gather inspiring ideas for lovely ways to arrange and display flowers. A simple glass bottle filled with blousy dahlias, a bunch of fragrant lilacs tied to a chair, elegant magnolia standing proud in a vintage bottle: all of these are ideas that we can use in our own home styling.

Image pinned from  Gaelle Barre blog

Image pinned from Gaelle Barre blog

A bunch of flowers presented in a simple paper bag is a charming gift,  and we love the idea of washi-taping single blooms to a wall for a ephemeral and quirky floral display.

Image pinned from  Nathiya Prathnadi's Flickr

Image pinned from Nathiya Prathnadi's Flickr

Image pinned from  Katie Brown Home Workshop

Image pinned from Katie Brown Home Workshop

If you share our love of all things floral, do head over to our Flowers Pinterest Board. It's like a stroll through a midsummer meadow!

Image pinned from  Momspark

Image pinned from Momspark

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