RECIPE: Blackberry and hazelnut grand financier

As we say a fond farewell to summer, thoughts of cosy days at home are firmly on our minds. Candles lit, woolly socks on, we remember there’s nothing better than spending time in the kitchen baking some delicious comfort food for all the family. With a last nod to the abundance of fruit that has ripened through those past weeks of warmth, food photographer Katia Wlodarczak of Gourmand Pixels shares with us her recipe for using foraged blackberries which can be easily found in hedgerows, woodlands and parks.

blackberry picking.jpg

Baking in our house is an important way to relax and connect; it is a part of our slow living weekend rituals. Having access to nearby London parks means we start the day with a walk where multiple hedgerows of blackberries allow us to make the most of what nature has to offer during this time of the year. Some end up in our mouths (mostly my 4 year old son’s!), as for the rest - a punnet is just enough for some afternoon baking indulgence. A French classic - financier - is a quick and relatively light dessert with a distinct flavour of hazelnut and hardly any flour. It can be decorated with beautiful ribbons of piped cream and served as individual mini cakes, but we make it as a family sharing treat minus the cream.

blackberry & hazelnut financier


  • 125g hazelnuts

  • 180g butter + a bit for greasing the tin

  • 6 egg whites

  • 60g flour + a bit for flouring the tin

  • 180g golden caster sugar

  • 250g of blackberries

  • salt

blackberry & hazelnut financier recipe

Preparation:15 min. Cooking: 50 min. Serves 6 people.


• Grind hazelnuts in a blender until they become a powder. Toast half of the quantity in a dry frying pan until it turns golden, then mix in the rest.

• Melt the butter in a sauce pan until it turns golden. Turn off the heat and set aside.

• Whisk the egg whites into soft peaks.

• Preheat the oven to 170 C.

• In a separate bowl mix flour, hazelnut powder, sugar and pinch of salt. Add the butter and mix, then fold the egg whites into the mixture.

• Pour into the buttered and floured tin (20 inch diameter). Scatter blackberries on top and bake for 30-40 min. The financier will become golden when ready.

• Leave to cool before taking out of the tin. Serve with extra blackberries on the side and cream if you wish.

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