Home tour - Selina Lauck

As we know how much you love the home tours we feature in the print magazine, we decided it was about time we shared a few more lovely homes on here too! Following on from our recent post about how to create a Scandi Minimal interior on a budget, Louise Parker of Studio Gabrielle gives us a tour around the Berlin apartment of interior stylist and blogger, Selina Lauck.

Selina Lauck home tour - interior stylist
Selina Lauck - home tour - hallway

Two years ago, in October 2016, Selina and her boyfriend (and 5 year old dog, Gordin) renovated their one bedroom apartment in Mitte, Berlin, transforming it into a true blend of modern style furnishings and classic original features. Unbelievably, it only took them three months and they did it all by themselves. Selina's home features a mixture of independent brands including Kai Linke, Mad et Len, DCW Éditions, Gurilla, Cooee Design, alongside well-known favourites Alessi, Knoll, Flos, Hay, Normann Copenhagen, Menu and Hem.

“For me, the theory is always ‘less is more’. I like the idea of designing, building or recreating my own furniture with a mix of designer pieces. There, you have a perfect combination of affordable and expensive investments. I do a lot of searching for second-hand design classics because of their good quality they do not really age and sometimes you can get some pretty good deals.” says Selina. 

Selina Lauck - home tour - minimal living room
Selina Lauck Home Tour
Selina Lauck - Home Tour - minimal interior

In the living room, the parquet flooring, molded cornice and panelled doors are stand out original features, but they took work.  Selina and her boyfriend spent hours sanding down the existing wooden floors to reveal their hidden beauty - time well spent as it brings real warmth and character to the space. The architectural elements are painted in the same colour and finish, which accentuates the architectural language beneath, complimented by Matisse's Nadine print prominently in the room.

Selina Lauck- home tour - bedroom
Selina Lauck home tour - bedroom
Selina Lauck - home tour - bedroom

Singing with comfort and minimalist living, Selina's bedroom allows space to relax and breathe. Linen bedding is an essential item as Selina often switches up the styling in this space to suit their changing requirements - with different bedside tables, table lamps and objects. She believes you can only 'feel' if something works when you try it out for a while, especially in a space as important as the bedroom, where it directly affects your wellbeing.

Selina Lauck- home tour - kitchen
Selina Lauck - home tour - marble and wood kitchen
Selina Lauck - home tour - minimal kitchen style

The kitchen offers warmth to the apartment using tan-based tones in two finishes - both in paint above the shelving and wooden base units. This is offset with black accents with Kai Linke's Blasted KL1 pendant lamp and Iittala's Alvar Aalto vase. In this room, Selina decided to replace the original tiles with a new concrete floor, which flows through to the apartment's bathroom offering a seamless transition. And what kitchen could be complete without Noma's 'Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine' cookbook?


Diamond Chair by Knoll , Utility Design, £1003;  Henri Matisse ‘Nadia Au Menton Pointu’ Poster,  The Conran Shop, £49

Diamond Chair by Knoll, Utility Design, £1003; Henri Matisse ‘Nadia Au Menton Pointu’ Poster, The Conran Shop, £49

Figue Noire Candle by Mad et Len , The Garnered, £75;  Mantis BS3 Table Lamp by DCW Éditions , Made in Design, £452
Portrait N by Gurilla, 580 DKK (approx £69);  Snaregade Table Round by Menu , Finnish Design Shop, £1691

Portrait N by Gurilla, 580 DKK (approx £69); Snaregade Table Round by Menu, Finnish Design Shop, £1691

Check out Selina's work and blog and follow her on Instagram