91 Loves... velvet furniture

Velvet is having a bit of a moment in the world of soft furnishings and we are big fans here at 91. Soft and sumptuous, it contrasts well with rougher textures as well as sleeker lines, and it seems to pair particularly well with our other obsession - house plants. We love it in strong colourways like mustard yellow and emerald green as well as softer shades like blush pink

Photo:  Cathy Pyle  for  91 Magazine

The tactile material seems to be up for anything when it comes to design - it's happy in a formal Chesterfield or mid-century format as well as a slouchy, comfy 'dive right in' style. It can be simply paired with cushions of the same colour and fabric, or happily allows textured, colourful versions to take centre stage. We just wish it was acceptable to change your sofa on a monthly basis so we could enjoy all of these different incarnations! If you are in the market for some velvety seating, then read on for a few of our faves to be found on the web... 

Mustard yellow velvet armchair , £975, Att Pynta
Lime Green velvet sofa , from £1598, DFS

Lime Green velvet sofa, from £1598, DFS

Dark blue velvet sofa , £1095, IKEA

Dark blue velvet sofa, £1095, IKEA

Mustard yellow velvet corner sofa , £1699, Swoon Editions

Mustard yellow velvet corner sofa, £1699, Swoon Editions

Burnt orange velvet sofa , from £1598, DFS

Burnt orange velvet sofa, from £1598, DFS

What's your views on velvet? Which one of these beauties are you dreaming of snuggling on this winter?