Style a woodland themed Easter table

Easter is nearly upon us, and if you are expecting guests then take the chance to get creative and really make your Easter table a sight to behold! Stylist Amanda Russell shows us how to decorate a woodland themed table with a collection of spring plants, a bit of moss and a few simple accessories... 

There’s no denying there is a big botanical trend going on just now. As nature accelerates out of the cold dark winter months, it certainly seems appropriate that we embrace it and celebrate it, by creating a wonderfully green and lush Easter table. The natural scheme is inspired by spring’s rebirth with buds popping, leaves unfurling and birds singing.

It’s time to make your interior sing too; bring the outside in, get up close, smell the flowers and emphasise the detail with this woodland theme. It’s a simple, eclectic look, which just needs a little preparation in advance, then style by layering up the rustic elements and items you already have around the home.

Make moss wrapped kokedama:

You can make these the day before from seasonal plants like pansies, primroses or ranunculuses. You will need moss from the garden or sourced from a florist, floristry wire and wire snips. Half an hour before you start, water the plants, then leave to drain. Green side down spread some moss out in a rectangle large enough to cover the plant pot. Take the plant out of the pot, pull off the loose soil, press the roots into a ball shape, and wrap the moss around the soil. Wind wire in all directions around the moss making a firm ball. Snip the wire and press the end into the moss ball.

Styling tips:

·      Dress up simple white ceramics by placing on rustic chopping boards, if you need extra, borrow from friends or family.

·      Save time and ironing energy, by choosing natural rumpled linen napkins or use tea towels if you don’t have napkins. (try H&M or Zara for a good selection of well priced textiles)

·      Mismatched vintage or contemporary ceramic candlesticks look great with ordinary white household candles.

·      Make rustic bread rolls special by wrapping with a collar of brown paper, held in place with twine.

·      Tie in your glassware by opting for green tumblers and jugs. (H&M is a good source of affordable glassware) 

·      Write your guests' names on simple luggage tags, then add a sprig of blossom.

·      Speckled chocolate eggs in decorative nests (try Waitrose, Tiger or online craft stores for these) scattered with feathers add authenticity to your woodland theme and also are a treat for your younger (and older!) guests.

·      For a last minute finishing touch, drape a few trails of ivy.

After your celebrations, give the kokedama a long drink, drain, then group around the house or in the garden. Better still, give your guests a parting gift of a moss wrapped kokedama plant to remind them of a perfect celebration.

Styling and design: Amanda Russell - /

Photography: Antonia Attwood