91 loves... interiors using cork

While we do love our white walls and floors here at 91, we also enjoy the use of interesting materials in interiors. Anything from wood cladding, to metals like copper or brass, through to plywood and perhaps more unusually, cork. The use of cork in the home can go badly wrong, it has potential for looking cheap, but if done right, like the examples here, we think it can look really chic and is definitely a forgiving material. 

via  H&M

via H&M

Photo by  Petra Bindel

Photo by Petra Bindel

An entire wall clad in cork can look super cool, and can either be left blank for simplicity, or can be utilised for creative inspiration. I remember how much I loved rearranging my pinboard back in the 80's! :) 

Would you have ever thought of a cork floor? The family who live in the home above say it is a great material for flooring, having it in their kitchen and children's rooms. It's quiet under foot, and easy to clean once sealed. 

Photo by  Holly Marder  for 91 Magazine

Photo by Holly Marder for 91 Magazine

If covering your walls or floors in cork seems like too much of a commitment, then you can opt for some cork furniture. It has a contemporary feel, and as the above images demonstrate, it can work in both a neutral or colourful scheme. Check out Ikea's Sinnerlig stools, coasters and pot stands, or these cork pots from Mind the Cork, perfect for small plants or a desk tidy.