Creative Business Inspiration for a New Year

Image by  Laura Pashby

Image by Laura Pashby

Here at 91 we are all creative freelancers, with varied portfolio careers. We understand all too well the challenges (and the thrills) of running a creative business. It can sometimes be hard to stay focussed and energised if you work freelance, or from home, so we thought that we'd start the year with a dose of creative business inspiration. Here are some blog posts, articles and podcasts that have helped us to feel positive about our creative business (and creative life) plans for 2017...

1. Tara Swiger's podcast on The Importance of Planning. This is a great place to start if you're not sure which direction to take your business in 2017. Tara also offers a comprensive Map-Making Guide, which you can download for a small fee.

2. Jen Carrington's thoughts on 10 Ways You Can Live and Work Wholeheartedly in 2017 aims to show you how to make 2017 your most meaningful, focused and wholehearted year yet.

3. If you find this time of year difficult, and feel overwhelmed by comparisons between yourself and those you see around you in life, or on social media, take a moment to read and be comforted by Sas Petherick's piece: read this if you feel like time is running out for you.

4. This piece by Gretchen Rubin in the Guardian talks about how to use the power of habits to change your life for the better in 2017.

5. Following a successful year in 2016, Sara Tasker of Me and Orla shares her thoughts on 5 Ways to Grow Your Creative Business This Year.

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