91 is reading... Life Unstyled

Yes, of course we LOVE a bit of styling here at 91, but the homes that inspire us the most are the ones that are 'lived in', that have real personality, not ones that have been polished and preened within an inch of their lives for the purpose of a magazine shoot. No, we much prefer homes that are filled with creativity and imperfection, and we hope this is evident through what we choose to feature on our pages. 

That is why Emily Henson's latest book Life Unstyled really resonates with us. Emily demonstrates 'how to embrace imperfection and create a home you love'. Her ethos is so similar to our own; beautiful homes ooze personality and are rooted in reality - there are stacks of books and newspapers by the bed, there are kids toys sprouting from every orifice, and there are ALWAYS unfinished jobs, but that doesn't mean your home cannot be stylish, creative and inspiring. 

The first section of the book is compact, but eloquently explains Emily's theory of 'embracing imperfection'; focusing on working with what you've got, and how it's always a good idea to break the rules! She reminds us to use our creativity rather than just simply consuming. 

The main bulk of the book is then freed up to explore some of the fabulous homes Emily has discovered. Spaces that epitomise the Life Unstyled look. We find out more about the interesting people behind the interiors and Emily highlights particularly clever ideas to steal, and I especially liked her 'Every Home Should Have...' notes.

So if you've ever felt disillusioned by an interiors mag (not 91 of course!) or have just wanted the reassurance that everyone else does have clutter, then Life Unstyled will give you the belief that your home can be interior-book-worthy AND lived in! It's a book full of character and life and one we will be delving into regularly.

Life Unstyled by Emily Henson (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar © Ryland Peters & Small

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