Make: Paper Wisteria

Stylist Laura Sawyer shares the secret of how to recreate the gorgeous paper wisteria that she made for our launch party earlier in the summer. Over to you, Laura!

Image by Jemma Watts

Image by Jemma Watts

Back in June this year I participated in the 91 Magazine launch party at Anthropologie by running a paper wisteria workshop.  We used bright coloured paper for a fun summery feel, and the results were hung from branches at the crafting table.

This later inspired me to create a white paper  wisteria  display for an event I was styling at a London hotel, so I thought I would share this version with you, as the white  wisteria  would work perfectly for a wedding or a winter display.  

I hung my wisteria drops from a suspended white branch, but you could easily place branches adorned with  your paper wisteria  in a vase as we did at the 91 launch.

This is a very simple and soothing craft activity. Here's how to do it...

Paper Wisteria 

 You will need:  

 -Tissue paper – all one colour or a mix  


 -Thread (nylon thread works well)


1.  Cut tissue paper into squares

2. Cut squares into balloon shapes.

3. Twist end of balloon shape around thumb.

4. Thread petal from the curved side.

5. Continue adding petals onto thread.

6. Tie off end of thread into a loop. Continue making strings of petal and hang them to display.

Project and styling: Laura Sawyer

Photography:  Richard Clatworthy