91 Loves... garden retreats

Over the autumn and winter months we've spent all of our time bringing the outdoors indoors (see our recent post on Botanical Style!), but now the summer seems to be gently rolling in (well, some days at least!), we are now desperate to take the indoors outside and create a mini retreat, in which to spend balmy evenings, sipping a gin and tonic, while chatting, reading, relaxing....

image via  Fashion Me Now

image via Fashion Me Now

Image via  Apartment Therapy

Whether you've got acres of outdoor space, a small patio or a teeny balcony, there is so much you can do to create a mini oasis. Floor cushions, blankets and rugs create a tactile look, while offering some warmth after the sun goes down - but remember to bring them indoors afterwards. Wicker, metal and wood are all good options when it comes to furniture - small side or coffee tables help to bring the sense of a 'outdoor sitting room' to the space. 

Image via  Fantastic Frank

Image via Fantastic Frank

image via  Issue 7 of 91 Magazine . Photographer: Elsa Young

image via Issue 7 of 91 Magazine. Photographer: Elsa Young

Of course lighting is hugely important -  proper outdoor lighting is an option, but if you are renting or just want something simpler - lanterns, candles & festoon lighting all work a treat and create a more bohemian vibe. 

image via  Pinterest

image via Pinterest

For that added 'indoor outdoor' feel, adorn surrounding walls or panelling with interesting items. Enamel signs, vintage plates, mirrors and even framed prints (if you have a covered over area) work really well. Also consider the materials you use to surround your space - we love the idea of using corrugated tin like in the below shot. All of these aspects add extra interest and texture to the garden.

image via  100 Layer Cake

image via 100 Layer Cake

image via  Free People

image via Free People

image via  Anetteshus

image via Anetteshus

I don't know about you, but I'm off to gather some cushions and a few candles to start styling the decked area! ;)