Meet the team: Lucy Davidson (Designer)

This month we find out a little bit more about our designer Lucy Davidson. Lucy is a designer and illustrator, as well as writing craft and lifestyle blog Peas and Needles. Lucy has many crafty talents, but is particularly fond of weaving and ceramics and often holds weaving workshops around the country. She even sells some of her handmade wares online! A busy bee, that's for sure! Let's find out a little bit about her daily life and what inspires her...

Tell us about your morning routine… My mornings vary so much. When I am freelancing I can be working anywhere, so there isn’t really much of a routine. I do miss this. However, everyday starts with a coffee and a quick browse through Instagram. I don’t like that this is one of the first things I see in the morning. It's a terrible habit and one I want to stop.

Other than 91 Magazine (of course!) what do you like to read? I love to read Frankie, Lady Lunch, Toc Toc Toc and Peppermint magazine. The styling and variety in these magazines is so great. I have a massive stack I haven’t read yet! 

Describe a corner of your home that you particularly love. In our living room we have a Papasan chair that sits in our bay windows. I love to sit there with a tea, and weave, read magazines or just watch people walk by.

If you could be whisked away for the weekend to any destination in the world, where would you chose? Margate, its not very fancy but I really want to visit! It looks great. I really do love a good seaside town. Maybe thats why I live in Brighton.

What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? To just keep playing.

What’s your radio tuned to? When I work from home I tend to listen to Radio 6, but when I am in other studios or out and about I normally listen to Spotify's 'discover playlist'. This is the best thing about Spotify!

What’s your most treasured flea market find? Oh this is a tricky question… probably my Ercol armchair that I found on eBay. I ended up recovering the cushion and now it's looking pretty special.

What was the last thing that you made by hand? A weaving and ceramic pots - I am pretty obsessed with these two crafts. I am working on a project where I can combine the two. It's still in the sketching stage so it might never happen.

What are your home styling essentials? Plants and cushions. Out flat is covered in both. I don’t think you can ever have too many of either.

Can you share a tip for other creative freelancers? Have a google calendar - this has saved me from missing so many important deadlines and meetings. Oh and colour code your emails. Such a timesaver when you are routing through all your emails trying to find a specific one. These aren’t that interesting or exciting but I have only been doing this recently and it has helped me out so much.

Some quick fire Qs…

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Early bird or night owl? Neither, I have a small window mid morning where I am my most productive.

Summer or Winter? Summer

Twitter or Instagram? (Who do you follow?) Instagram - I favourites are: @maryannemoodie, @clarenicolson, @_sunken_treasure, @lobsterandswan and @herminevandijck

Favourite flower? Green chrysanthemum

And finally…

Tell us a secret or something surprising about yourself. I don’t have a sense of smell. I can just about smell oranges, sometimes.