91 is reading... Dream Decor

When we get a spare moment here at 91 HQ, we love nothing more than curling up with a good interiors book, to indulge in beautiful photography and inspiring homes. So, what could possibly be better than this? An interiors book that also whisks you away on a dreamy trip around some of the world's most beautiful destinations that will have you longing for Tuscan retreats, Greek islands and hipster Brooklyn neighbourhoods! And this is exactly what we discovered inside the pages of Will Taylor's (of Bright Bazaar blogging fame) second book - Dream Decor

Will's new book aims to inspire readers to "Style a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home Wherever You Live" and he encourages us to look to our surroundings and call on our own memories and personal adventures. It's clear from following Will on social media that he loves to travel, and not only this, he loves to gather inspiration for his interiors from the places he visits. We wholeheartedly agree that your home should be a reflection of your own personality and life experiences, and often holidays is when we make some of our most treasured memories, so it seems sensible that we should glean ideas for how to decorate our homes from these surroundings. 

The 'styles' section of the book is beautifully done. Opening with titles such as Italian Rustic and Mediterranean Marvel, and labelled with where it's inspired by (Tuscany, Italy and Santorini, Greece for example), before leading into a selection of Will's own travel photography and finally touring a home which encapsulates the look.

For each, Will hones in on specific elements that have made this particular look work - such as weathered textures, unexpected hues or use of scale. 

The book is not about recreating the whitewashed Greek villa you stayed in last year in your 2 bed semi in South London, it's about how you interpret your surroundings both at home and abroad within your living space. Whether it's introducing patterned tiles in your kitchen inspired by the medina's of Morocco, using rustic wall panelling à la that cool New York bar you spent an evening in, or simply seeking out curtains in soft pinks like that of the blossom trees in your local park, the book encourages you to look around and visually gather what you can! 

Dream Decor: Styling A Cool, Creative And Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor, photography by Andrew Boyd, is out 17th May. Published by Jacqui Small (£25). The book is available to pre-order on Amazon now and more information can be found here.