91 is reading... The Natural Eclectic

If you read my recent post about my top styling props, then you'll know that I love plants, flowers and vintage finds to feature heavily in my home and my images. So when I received a copy of Heather Ross's new book The Natural Eclectic, I felt an immediate affinity with it. It is described as 'A lusciously illustrated guide for nature-lovers, designers, and flea-market foragers', and in Heather's own words it is 'a philosophy rather than a style'.

Originally from Canada, Heather has also spent time living in Paris, where she developed her knowledge of European flea markets. This love for vintage finds coupled with years of foraging found objects on shorelines and in hedgerows is what inspires Heather's aesthetic, which feels beautifully authentic and effortlessly timeless.

The stunning photography is a mix of visual inspiration from nature - patterns, shapes, colours and textures - mixed with interiors and vignettes demonstrating how exactly  to put together your foraged and flea finds. 

It has a very different format and feel to it than most interior decor books, in a good way. It feels fresh and unique and almost as if Heather has just poured all her years of inspiration and experience onto the pages without restraint. Plus, for those of us on a budget, what better way to decorate your space than with found (and free!) objects and those vintage pieces which you bargained a great deal on! 


The Natural Eclectic will be published in the UK in May 2016, but you can pre order it on Amazon already

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