91 Loves ... Weaving

Weaving is the craft of the moment. Following a resurgence of interest and talent, woven pieces are far from retro. Instead, they feel contemporary and uniquely characterful. A woven wallhanging adds colour and texture to a fresh white interior and looks particularly fabulous when combined with some leafy greenery. Purchasing a piece of weaving is not just a way to brighten up a room, it's also an opportunity to own an original -perhaps even a bespoke - piece of artwork. Weaving offers endless scope for creativity and variation: shade, scale, texture and technique can all be altered and explored. So whether it's a tiny, pale, delicate tassled piece, or a bright, bold, chunky talking-point, there's a weaving that's right for every space.

We've gathered together some weaving inspiration. If you've caught weaver fever, you'll find more over on our Modern Crafts Pinterest board.

Image by  Maryanne Moody
Image by  Lucy Davidson
Image by  Natalie Miller
Image of Jeannie Helzer via  Urban Outfitters

Image of Jeannie Helzer via Urban Outfitters

Image by  Maryanne Moodie
Image via  Dadaa

Image via Dadaa

Image by  Lucy Davidson

Image by Lucy Davidson

Are you feeling inspired to get your craft on? Hand looms are perfect for beginners and can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Hatchet and Bear and Sugar House Workshop both produce hand-made wooden loom kits to be treasured. If you'd prefer to attend a workshop and learn some weaving skills in person, 91's very own designer, talented Lucy Davidson, runs regular weaving courses. Find out more on her website. Finally, if you'd like to commission someone to make you a woven piece, perhaps textile designer Little Feather Woven can help. Find her over on Instagram.