A Green and Scandi Christmas

As we hunker down for winter, we naturally want to keep warm and cosy indoors. But now is the perfect time to get out in the garden or for a brisk walk and forage for foliage, as adding greenery to your Christmas decor and gifts looks truly fabulous. It is also a super budget friendly way of styling your space! Blogger and online shop owner Hege Morris shares some lovely ideas for a simple Scandi Christmas with added botanical touches....

Using nature as a focus at Christmas time isn’t something new, but as the trend for greenery in the home continues to gain momentum, I think this year we’ll see even more botanical influences creeping into our décor, table settings and gift wrapping. It’s safe to say that the Nordic aesthetic and hygge way of life have taken Britain by storm and it looks like it’s here to stay. But it’s not just about candles and sheepskin rugs, but very much about bringing the outside in and creating a space that makes you feel connected and at peace.

Myself and fellow blogger Katie Coull collected foliage from our gardens and a few tools - string, scissors and floristry wire - and set to work on creating some natural style ideas. You can pretty much use anything from your garden. It doesn’t have to be pine just because it’s Christmas. If you don’t have a garden then just pop to your local florists, garden centre or take a countryside walk.

We have used wire to attach a small bunch of ivy and eucalyptus to a gift bag. It’s best to do this as late as possible so they don’t wilt before you give the gift to your loved one. Tissue paper, twine and a few leaves also make for a beautifully stylish gift that would make a stunning place setting - a pleasant surprise for your guests to sit down to. Check out some further gift wrapping ideas over on my blog too. 

For the classic Scandi vibe, keep your table simple with a white and grey palette - the greenery will add natural colour. Popping a rosemary plant into a glass container looks great – who knew soil and roots could look so good?! Add a Christmas decoration for some extra festive magic.

While it’s a tradition to decorate your Christmas tree, an undecorated small fir in a hessian bag continues our theme of simplicity, while a wreath made from birch or willow twigs is an easy way to decorate the walls. Use floristry wire to attach a few sprigs of greenery.  

Whatever you do, we're sure bringing the outdoors inside this Christmas will fill your home with a sense of natural style and you will have lots of fun doing it. Happy foraging! 

Thank you Hege! We can't wait to get outside and gather our decorations!  

Photos: Hege Morris / Styling: Hege Morris and Katie Coull