a wishlist for... a creative home office

Clockwise from top left:   She Planter ,  Howkapow //   Cato Desk  , Habitat //   Mountain Ceramic Coffee Dripper  , The Future Kept //   Kaweko Pen  , Papersmiths //   Get To Work Book  //  Hermes Baby Typewriter  , Present & Correct //   Cobweave Throw  , The British Blanket Company

Clockwise from top left: She Planter, Howkapow // Cato Desk, Habitat // Mountain Ceramic Coffee Dripper, The Future Kept // Kaweko Pen, Papersmiths // Get To Work Book // Hermes Baby Typewriter, Present & Correct // Cobweave Throw, The British Blanket Company

We at 91 are a remote team of creative freelancers. Other than when we get together for meetings, we spend most of our time working from our home offices (or, in some cases, our kitchen tables)! Working from home isn't often particularly glamorous, but in an ideal world, we'd each have a home office that was cosy, chic and organised, with caffeine on tap! Here's what we're currently dreaming of to make up the perfect home office...

Every office needs a desk, and this compact sage green number from Habitat can fit into the smallest corner: ideal for even the most bijou of offices. A planter, like this cute one from Howkapow, brightens up any workspace, and we've even heard that plants can boost productivity, so a little added greenery has got to be a must! 

Every work day starts with coffee, and with a proper coffee dripper like this beauty from The Future Kept, we'll be able to make ourselves a cup of the good stuff. There's even a matching mug available from which to sip it. As temperatures drop, sitting still all day can get a little chilly. Our top tip is to have a cosy blanket on hand, like this beauty from The British Blanket Company. Snuggling up has got to be one of the perks of working from home, right?

Of course, a home office needs stationery. We've got our eye on the Get To Work Book, a daily planner and goal setting workbook that would transform our working week, we feel sure of it. We're also swooning over the pretty Kaweko pen from Papersmiths. Even its box is a beauty.

Finally, it's not exactly an essential in this world of laptops and iPhones, but we're saving a space on the desk for one of these stunning Hermes baby typewriters from Present & Correct. Iconic, colour co-ordinated, and in full, key clicking, working order. We can dream, can't we? 

Tell us, what's on your wish list for a creative home office?