RECIPES: 3 Summer break-time ideas

For once, the UK has been enjoying a decent spell of warm weather, but of course, many of us are still working hard, keeping on top of those to-do lists and deadlines. It's so important to take a break though, so Sally Meier and Catherine Frawley have come up with three lovely snacks to treat yourself to either in the garden or in a park near your office. (2 out of 3 of these can be packed up and brought with you to work!) 

   Lagoas Jug by Da Terra , £45,  Elkins  /  Set of Two In-Out Stoneware Mugs in peat , £58,    Stoneware Biscuit Plate in peat , £10,    Stoneware Creamer Jug in peat , £24, all  Rowen & Wren  /    Other items , stylist and photographers own

Lagoas Jug by Da Terra, £45, Elkins / Set of Two In-Out Stoneware Mugs in peat, £58, Stoneware Biscuit Plate in peat, £10, Stoneware Creamer Jug in peat, £24, all Rowen & WrenOther items, stylist and photographers own

Lemon & Pistachio Biscuits {perfect mid-morning break-time}

Makes 30 biscuits approx.


  • 100g unsalted butter, room temperature and cut into cubes
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 200g plain flour, extra for rolling
  • Zest of 1 large unwaxed lemon
  • 50g pistachios, finely chopped, keep 2 tbsp back to sprinkle on top
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2-3 tbsp milk (if needed)


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and pre-heat the oven to 180C
  2. In an upright mixer, cream together the butter and sugar, then add all the other ingredients (remember to keep back some of the pistachios)
  3. This may mix into fine breadcrumbs so to create the dough, add a tablespoon of milk at a time and this will combine the breadcrumbs to form a lovely biscuit dough.
  4. Flour your surface, roll the dough to ½ cm and cut out your biscuits. Place on the baking tray, sprinkle with the remaining pistachios and bake for 12-15 minutes.
  5. Allow to cool before transferring to a rack to cool completely.

NOTE: These will keep in an airtight container for up to a week.

   Lenny Recycled Glass Jug , £32,    Lenny Recycled Glass Tumbler, Set of Four , £28, both  Rowen & Wren  /    Plate , stylists own

Lenny Recycled Glass Jug, £32, Lenny Recycled Glass Tumbler, Set of Four, £28, both Rowen & WrenPlate, stylists own

Sugar Free, Strawberry Milkshake Lollies & fresh lemonade {a refreshing afternoon treat}

LOLLIES: You will need lolly sticks and lolly moulds. Makes enough for 10 moulds.


  • 400g strawberries, hulled, keep a few back and cut into 10 slices
  • 600g Greek yoghurt (we used full fat)
  • 2 tbsp honey


  1. Blitz the strawberries in a food processor until smooth
  2. Add a tablespoon of blitzed strawberries to the bottom of each lolly mould.
  3. Add the yoghurt to the remaining strawberries and blitz until combined, it should turn a lovely pink colour.
  4. Fill your moulds, add a strawberry slice to each, insert your sticks (or however your moulds work)
  5. Freeze for at least 3 hours.

TIP: To loosen from the mould run briefly under hot water.



  • 6 lemons 
  • 150g golden caster sugar 
  • Mint leaves 


  1. Cut the lemons in half. Leave half a lemon aside for later and squeeze out all the juice from rest. Pour into a jug and add the sugar.  
  2. Pour 2 mugs of boiled water into the jug and stir until all the sugar has dissolved.  
  3. Add 600ml of cold water and mix together. Put it in the fridge and leave to cool.
  4. Slice the leftover lemon and add to jug with a few mint leaves and lots of ice.
   Rippled Wine Glass by Bloomingville , £10.50,  Stoneware Speckled Dinner Plate by Madame Stoltz ,  £14, both  Elkins  /  Other items , stylists and photographers own

Rippled Wine Glass by Bloomingville, £10.50, Stoneware Speckled Dinner Plate by Madame Stoltz,  £14, both Elkins / Other items, stylists and photographers own

G&T and melon salad {end of the day wind down snack}


  • Galia melon or similar
  • 1 lime
  • 2 mint leaves 


  1. Chop the melon into large bite size pieces.
  2. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice over melon.
  3. Chop the mint leaves finely and scatter over melon.
  4. Pour yourself a large gin and tonic and add a slice of lime. 
  5. Relax! 

Photography: Catherine Frawley / Styling: Sally Meier

indie shopping at The West Collective

Last weekend 91 took part in the first ever event hosted by The West Collective. The concept was created by three London girls, Kirsty, Alexia and Christine, who found they were constantly travelling across London to the east end of the city to enjoy the kind of creative, independent markets they loved attending, so they decided to launch their own - but in the west. 

The West Collective fair July 2018

Held at quirky venue Duke of London, usually a classic car showroom, the bright warehouse space was peppered with trendy neon signs, taxidermy, plants and striking artwork. The girls had gathered just under 30 independent makers and sellers with a wonderful mix of homewares, jewellery, skincare, stationery and art. There were a few brands that we already know and love, but there were also many new-to-us makers that we were thrilled to meet. 

91 Magazine at The West Collective fair London
91 Magazine workshop - Get your indie brand noticed: PR & Photography

After setting up our stall, 91 photographer Jemma Watts and I braved the sweltering heat in the upstairs space to host our workshop entitled 'Get your indie brand noticed: PR & photography'. We had a group of 16 lovely ladies and we talked solid for 1.5 hours about the importance of great imagery for your brand, approaching editors and bloggers, creating & sending press releases, as well as a mini masterclass in photography.

The West Collective fair, London

Following that, I spent some time browsing the stalls, snapping the wares and chatting to all of the lovely sellers. I think this is one of my favourite things about taking part in these kinds of events - everyone is so lovely, and it is great to meet so many kindred spirits in one place. It really was tempting to buy something from everyone, but I managed to restrain myself and bought just three items! Of course, lots of you will not be near enough to have attended the event, so as we don't want you to miss out on discovering all of these lovely independent makers, I wanted to share each and every one with you, so you can go check them out online....

 and 91, of course! you may spot that we were selling some back issues of the S/S 17 issue (middle one on the stand). These are seconds - so very slightly damaged or have a small printing defect. If you are interested in one of these please drop me a line. They are reduced to £5.50, but I have limited stock.    @91magazine

and 91, of course! you may spot that we were selling some back issues of the S/S 17 issue (middle one on the stand). These are seconds - so very slightly damaged or have a small printing defect. If you are interested in one of these please drop me a line. They are reduced to £5.50, but I have limited stock. 


Duke of London - venue for The West Collective fair

So, there you go, the full line up from the event! Plenty of internet browsing to keep you busy for a while! Do give your faves a follow, some of them are recent graduates and just starting out, so any support we can give these talented folk is going to encourage them that they've made the right choice to go it alone! And do follow The West Collective for future events too - we think these girls have a great eye for curating a lovely collection of makers, so we're sure the next one will be bigger and even better! 

91 visits.... Isle of Wight

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have spotted that I recently spent a weekend on the Isle of Wight - thank you so much for all the suggestions of places to visit, they came in very handy! More on that later...

The trip came about as the lovely folk of Tiny Home Holidays invited us to come and spend a couple of nights in one of their sustainable cabin-style homes set in lush countryside near Newport.

 Tiny Homes Holidays - sustainable cabins on the Isle of Wight

After a speedy crossing with Wightlink from Portsmouth, and a quick drive across the island, we were greeted by a serene meadow setting and these three compact structures, hidden away from the road.  

Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

Stepping inside our cabin - Hygge - we discover how well thought out the space is. Clever storage solutions and spatial planning mean that while it is certainly compact it doesn't feel cramped. There is a living space with a sofa that converts into a comfy bed, as well as a desk area and a wood-burning stove. The kitchen has everything you need to cook a meal as well as a BBQ out the front of the cabin. A sliding door hides the bathroom with a shower, sink and composting toilet. Climb the ladder, and you'll find another sleeping area with a double bed as well as a storage area for hanging clothes and stowing bags.

Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

The eco-credentials encourage mindfulness in terms of how you use the space and it's amenities. They are solar-powered and you must conserve water as much as possible. But it's clear that owners Helen and Frazer have not neglected making their tiny homes welcoming and homely too - they have put lots of thought into the decor also. The wood cladding made the space feel cosy and cabin-like, and lots of contemporary and vintage touches create a real home-from-home feel. We were also provided with a few essentials such as tea, coffee and milk and a lovely treat of homemade chocolate brownies - not something you'll receive in a faceless chain hotel that's for sure! 

Sustainable holiday cabins - Tiny Home holidays - Isle of wight
Sustainable holiday cabins - Tiny Home holidays - Isle of wight
Tiny Homes Holidays - Isle of Wight

Our evenings were spent out on the deck, chatting over a bottle of wine, listening to the sounds of nature and simply appreciating those precious moments spent with family. 

Harbour Kitchen, Cowes

With just two days to explore the island and a recommendation list as long as my arm, we wasted no time and headed first to Cowes for a spot of lunch at The Harbour Kitchen and a perusal of lifestyle store PHG Interiors. This store really stood out amongst the other coastal/island-inspired shops we came across, mixing contemporary, utilitarian and vintage looks as well as stocking a selection of clothing and skincare products. 

PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes
PHG Interiors, Cowes

Visiting the island during a heatwave inevitably means gravitating towards the coastline and it's many beautiful beaches and we managed to spend time on a few - The Needles (great for kids as there is also amusements and a sweet factory which offers demonstrations), Compton Bay (a vast sandy beach) and Steephill Cove (a small yet perfectly quaint spot). We also visited Ventnor briefly before heading home, where my daughter enjoyed the paddling pool and we all enjoyed an ice cream from Crave, who serve an ever-changing menu of intriguing flavours. My daughter devoured her Lego ice cream! 

 The Needles

The Needles

 Compton Bay

Compton Bay

SteepHill Cove Isle of Wight
 Steephill Cove

Steephill Cove

Crave Ice Cream, Ventnor

No trip to the Isle of Wight could be complete without a visit to stunning jewellery store, Rust. If you've got the latest issue of 91, then it's likely you have already been swooning over this gorgeous shop, and the home of owner Artemis Russell. I can report it is equally as lovely in person as it is in print, and Artemis and her husband Nao's talent for both jewellery making and product design is second to none. Save up your pennies and get over to the island and treat yourself to a lovely piece of jewellery - I, for one, didn't leave empty-handed!  

Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Rust Jewellery, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Many thanks to Tiny Homes Holidays for our stay and to Wightlink for our complimentary ferry crossings. And thanks again to our Instagram followers for the fab recommendations! 

All photography: Caroline Rowland

An Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards

The seaside towns of Hastings and St Leonards on the south coast of the UK both have a thriving community of independent businesses, with certain streets such as George Street, Norman Road and Kings Road being particularly great spots to focus your shopping trip. When 91 visited we discovered that a number of stores are closed on a Monday, while others opt to take a Tuesday or Wednesday as their day off, so to take full advantage of the selection of great shops, aim to visit at the end of the week or a weekend.

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Reste


A long time friend of 91, (she took part in our West Elm pop up in 2016) Jacqui Martin opened her petite boutique on George Street in 2017, two years after launching her brand Reste online. Jacqui supports and celebrates indie makers and traditional craftsmanship, and puts a lot of time into finding new designers and makers to stock. The store itself is compact, but beautifully merchandised, with a mainly neutral colour palette and lots of greenery. Ceramics, baskets, textiles, candles, organic skincare and a carefully curated selection of books and magazines (including 91!) fill the shelves, and Jacqui will happily fill you in on the story behind each and every object on display.

IG: @reste

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Butler's Emporium

Butler’s Emporium

Directly opposite Reste you’ll find Butler’s Emporium. This charming lifestyle store was once a hardware shop, and dates back to 1832. What makes this store special is the fact that owner Rose has kept a large proportion of the original fixtures and fittings intact. The weathered timber, peeling paintwork and original cabinets seem to have layers and layers of life within them. Rose utilises these features in how she styles the shop and explains that her taste is eclectic, so there is a real mix of wares, but that all work together, offering shoppers goods for the home as well as skincare products, jewellery and accessories. You can now also purchase a selection of their range online via Trouva.

IG: @butlersemporium3

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - AG Hendy & Co
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - AG Hendy & Co

AG Hendy & Co Homestore

Before continuing along George Street, make sure to take a detour up High Street, as AG Hendy & Co Homestore is not to be missed. This Grade II listed Georgian town house is a sight to behold in itself, with an intriguing history which you can read about in detail on their website. Owner Alastair Hendy brought the building back to life when he took it over in 2008, completely restoring it to it’s former glory after many of it’s original features had been covered up in an attempt to modernise it in the late 20th century. As for what’s on sale, it is a mix of new and vintage homewares with a utilitarian theme tying them together. On the weekends they open their kitchen and dining rooms to serve a menu of mainly seafood, and they also run workshops in cookery, food styling and photography. A truly aspirational lifestyle brand that is accessible and welcoming.

IG: @a_g_hendy_co_homestore

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Warp & Weft

Warp and Weft

Back along George Street, and yet another beautifully styled store, this time with a focus on lovingly-crafted garments. Owner Leida Nassir-Pour has created a stunning space across two floors, again maintaining much of the building’s original features. Warp and Weft’s clothing, footwear and accessories are set against muted tones - whitewashed exposed brick downstairs and earthy, rustic wood upstairs. The emphasis on craftsmanship was brought into focus for us when we were given a peek inside the store’s workshop, where tailor Bret and his colleague Katie were busily constructing bespoke garments for customers via their made to measure service. Attention to detail and passion were clearly evident here, with vignettes of the small selection of home goods carefully styled and the rails of softly neutral garments complementing each other. A space not just for shopping, but for soaking up creativity and serenity.

IG: @warpandweft

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - The Clockwork Crow

The Clockwork Crow

Just next door is The Clockwork Crow – a jam-packed emporium of eclectic persuasion. Plants feature heavily, with a number of more unusual varieties creating mini jungle-like scenes around the store. The building was originally a grain mill, and if you weave your way to the back of the shop, you’ll find an intriguing ‘cave-like' space where you can rummage through a collection of architectural salvage finds, more plants and other unusual objects. Not everything here was my cup of tea, but with such an assortment to explore, there is certainly something for everyone and they cater particularly well for the current boho / global trend in home décor.

IG: @theclockworkcrowhastings

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - S Forrest
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - S Forrest

S. Forrest

There’s no mistaking that dried flowers can be equally as beautiful as their fresh incarnation, and of course longer lasting! The place to go to find an unusual and wide range of dried blooms in S Forrest, also conveniently located on George Street. From classic lavender and hydrangea through to delphiniums and phalaris, the store smells divine and also offers a selection of teas, herbs and spices and some kitchenware items.

IG: @sforrestuk

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Simply Garden
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Simply Garden

Simply Garden

There is certainly no chance of plant lovers missing out on their botanical fix when visiting George Street, as yet another shop along this stretch is overflowing with greenery! Rustic scaffold boards, crates and an old workbench hold a variety of houseplants, pots and other plant care necessities in Simply Garden whose aim is to make gardening simple for all. Treat your home to a teeny cactus or go bold with a statement palm.  

IG: @simply_garden

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Dyke and Dean
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Dyke and Dean

Dyke and Dean

You could easily fill a whole day wandering the streets of Hastings Old Town, but if you have more time, do head over to neighbouring St Leonards. An edgier vibe is felt here – a sort of Shoreditch by the sea – with many new businesses setting up shop here, and some empty units still vacant, which crying out for creative types to occupy them. Unfortunately for us, many places here are shut on Mondays, one such place being Dyke and Dean, where instead we gazed through the large windows of the former printworks at the stylish counter space, colourful homewares and clever display ideas. Run by Oliver Dean and Eddie Lloyd-Dyke, two product designers, who met while studying at Central St. Martins, the shop stocks a range of contemporary homewares, utilitarian items as well as their own lighting designs.

IG: @dykeanddean

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Cake Room

Cake Room

I’m gonna be honest with you here… we sadly didn’t have time to sample the goods in this Robertson Street café, as we’d spent far too long gabbing with the shopkeepers back in the Old Town and ran out of time! But if the interiors are anything to go by, Cake Room is a place that takes pride in its offering. The tiles, the wallpaper, the plants, the furniture - we loved it all, and it certainly seemed a popular spot with the locals. If anything, it’s worth a visit just to Instagram the interior!

IG: @cakeroomhastings

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - St Leonards Modern Goods
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - St Leonards Modern Goods

St Leonards Modern Goods

"K" Avery-Stallion opened her store, St Leonards Modern Goods, on Norman Road following a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016. As well as stocking her own leather goods which she’s been producing for around 8 years, K also stocks a selection of British made clothing and homewares from other independent designers. She also hosts intimate workshops in leather craft on Mondays when the store is usually closed.

IG: @stleonardsmoderngoods

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers
91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Little Mashers

Little Mashers

Little Mashers on Kings Road is sure to bring a smile to any little ones' faces who have patiently endured your lifestyle store shopping trip to this point! Filled with fun clothing, kitsch toys, beautiful picture books and colourful kids décor, the shop has been cleverly put together by husband and wife team, Clare and Andrew. Their own clothing range is screen-printed using unique inks including glow in the dark and chalkboard designs, that both kids and parents will love. They also host screen-printing workshops for kids in their studio at the back of the shop, and are part of a kids-focused festival happening in August called Fun House Festival.

IG: @littlemashers

91 Magazine - Instagrammer's Guide to Hastings & St Leonards - Fika@44


Again, we sadly didn’t get a chance to experience this coffee shop – it actually closes at 3pm on Mondays and doesn’t open on Tuesdays, but the rest of the week you can enjoy this light bright café which apparently has a courtyard at the back. Reviews online of this place are very complimentary, so it seems the coffee and food are just as delightful as the interior.


All Photography by: Jemma Watts

three 91 creatives to follow

Ever since 91 began back in 2011, we have amassed a wonderfully talented group of contributors whose beautiful photography, well-crafted words, impeccable styling and exquisite illustrations are what make the magazine so fabulous. A lot of these connections have unsurprisingly been made through Instagram, so in this new series of posts I want to highlight a few of our contributors to give you a mini insight in to their creative worlds via their feeds and a few quick questions...

Ruth Garner - writer

Ruth's feed is a light and airy collection of images from her home and family life as well as out and about around London - @ruthlgarner

Ruth Garner - 91 contributing writer
Ruth Garner - 91 Magazine contributing writer
Ruth Garner - 91 Magazine contributing writer

If you weren't a writer/blogger what would you be? 

I used to work in entertainment PR, so perhaps I'd still be doing that! 

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Top tip for aspiring writers? 

  • Keep writing - anything and everything - every day.
  • Don't be afraid to share your emotions and experience in your writing, others will almost certainly identify with it. 
  • Read as much and as widely as you can, from writers you identify with and writers you don’t. 

Favourite shop? 

Is it cheating to say Etsy? I love rifling through the categories and finding independent makers and sellers; it's the best for gifts.

Favourite flower? 

An Insta fave, the peony! I love their ruffled petals, sweet smell and the magical way they burst into life when they open. 

Favourite plant? 

I don't have a great track record with green things, but our fiddle fig plant is still going strong and I love it. 

Favourite city?

After just a single trip, Helsinki had my heart. There are so many incredible cafes, design shops and museums. I’m longing to return to explore more soon. 

Catherine Frawley - photographer

Catherine is a food and travel photographer whose grid is full of beautiful blooms and delicious foodie flatlays plus facades and interiors from her travels. @catherine_frawley

CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer
CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer
CAtherine Frawley - 91 Magazine contributing photographer

If you weren't a photographer what would you be? 

A barista. This has been my back up plan since I left my desk job 10 years ago to do photography full time. I'd become a Latte Art Master.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

  • @jo_rodgers - I love her writing as much as her images
  • @mimithor - the same with Mimi
  • @ladyandpups - beautiful food, unusual ingredients, straight, hard talking love her humour.

Top photography tip? 

It has to be light. Learning just a little about working with natural light will totally transform anyones images. 

Favourite shop? 

Possibly Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, I love a wander here, it's very inspiring and calming. 

Favourite flower? 

I change my mind all the time but right this second probably hellebores 

Favourite plant? 

My Swiss Cheese Plant because it is still alive!

Favourite city? 


Becki Clark - illustrator

Becki's Instagram gives an insight into her illustration and brush lettering work. She shares work in progress, inspiration and finished projects. @becki_clark_

Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator
Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator
Becki Clark - 91 Magazine contributing illustrator

If you weren't an illustrator what would you be? 

If it was still a creative job I'd love to be an art therapist, but then in the total opposite direction I would love to be a lawyer, Louis Litt from Suits is my spirit animal. 

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Top brush lettering tip? 

Don't compare your style of lettering to someone else. Brush lettering is all about creating your own style and comparison is the thief of joy! Start with mark-making with your brush, ink or paint just to get used to applying different pressures to create strokes.

Favourite shop? 

The Hambledon in Winchester. Filled with gorgeous homeware, stationery, party wear and clothes! 

Favourite flower?

Dahlia, in particular the peachy pom pom ones!

Favourite plant? 


Favourite city?

Bristol. Its a full of creative people, interesting places to visit, good food and there is the harbourside, woodland areas, art galleries and good shopping spots all in one city! 

Thanks ladies! What an inspiring trio! Be sure to go follow these gals if you aren't already! 

Seek inspire create with Team 91 - June

As always, we are busy bees here at 91 HQ, packing up your orders of the SS18 issue, while working hard on the AW18 edition. In case you missed it, we now have all the back issues of our Seek Inspire Create e-zines available to download for £2 each or £5 for the past three. They are still free to our mailing list subscribers, although it is only the current one which you will be able to access, and we realised that lots of people had missed some so we wanted to make them available at all times. We've also been busy planning for our upcoming workshops this year - the next one is on the 7th July in London where you can learn how to get your indie brand noticed - focusing on PR and photography. We still have a handful of spaces left on that one, otherwise I am running creative masterclasses in Surrey later in the year.  

We've also welcomed two new team members in recent months. Melissa Burgess has taken over from Lucy as our designer on both the magazine and the e-zines, and Shelley Welti is our new marketing manager. Here's a little peek at what we've all been up to when we haven't been knee deep in 91 work! :) 

 Photo: Danielle Macinnes

Photo: Danielle Macinnes

Miracle Mornings - Shelley Welti, marketing manager

Over the last few weeks, I've been trying out Miracle Mornings (originally a book written by Hal Elrod, and now a 'movement'). It is based on the premise that how you start your day determines the quality of your day and ultimately, your life. Admittedly, I haven't managed to tick off each of the suggested activities (silence, affirmations, visualisation, scribing, reading and exercise) every single morning, but I have loved having quiet time, curled up with a cuppa, journalling and reading, as the early morning sunshine streams through the blinds. It's made me far more productive than before when the first thing I did was check my emails. So much so that I think I'm going to continue getting up that little bit earlier...     


Bellenden Road, Peckham - Melissa Burgess, designer

As a graphic designer, I am easily seduced by a well thought out logo, charming business cards and attractive window displays, so when I stumbled upon beautifully quaint Bellenden Road in Peckham, south London, I knew I’d discovered a special little enclave of the city. Each business on the road has applied care and attention to their branding and merchandising, such as gorgeous pub, The Victoria Inn, butcher’s shop Flock & Herd, and my favourite - General Store. Perhaps it was the big Sicilian lemons in the window or the natural bees wax candles hanging by the door that drew me in. The store has the charm of an old-time grocery shop mixed with bold design and nicely packaged goods. Check out their website for a taster,, before heading to Peckham for a Sunday stroll.


Lagom by Linnea Dunne - Olivia Williams - brand manager

This month I’ve loved dipping into this gorgeous book - LAGOM by Linnea Dunne. All about creating balance in life, lagom [pronounce can “lah-Tom”] is an art perfected by the Swedes for this feeling of  “not too little, not too much, just right.”  The book is a guide sharing simple tips on how to bring that feeling into our own lives and homes and I must admit, I am totally sold on the theory. Just picking up the book seems to make me feel like I’m doing something to reduce the flurry and noise in my life. Order a copy here.

Decorative Living Fair

Decorative Living Fair - Caroline Rowland, editor

Every year, if I can, I like to make the trip down to Kent for the annual Decorative Living Fair. Not far from Tunbridge Wells, set in the beautiful surroundings of Eridge Park, a collection of antique, vintage and handmade sellers come together for a few days to sell their wares. With many of the stalls outside, when the weather is kind, it makes for a lovely afternoon of browsing beautiful finds for your home and garden. This year, I found the perfect piece of furniture for an awkward space in our home, and solved my bread-bin-dilemma with a great vintage alternative. There's a while to wait for the next event, but follow them on IG for details so you can pop it in the diary. 

Lost gardens of Heligan

Lost Gardens of Heligan - Laura Pashby, deputy editor

I recently took a trip to Cornwall, where I visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a lush green paradise filled with the romance of the past. The Lost Gardens have a poignant history, an enviable botanical collection and glasshouses galore; perfect for plant lovers and fans of the IG hashtag #ihavethisthingwithglasshouses!

 Image taken from Flowerbomb!published by Pavilion

Image taken from Flowerbomb!published by Pavilion

Flowerbomb! by Hannah Read Baldrey  - Kath Webber - sub editor

Hannah Read Baldrey’s recently published book Flowerbomb! has been brightening my week with it's wonderful array of floral inspired craft ideas. With everything on how to dry and press flowers (see the SS18 issue of 91 Magazine to see how to use them!), to embellishing clothing and accessories, cooking and baking with a floral theme and even making a temporary tattoo, this book is a source of inspiration for any maker. I’ll be starting with the crochet flowers to stitch on to a plain grey sweatshirt, but I also love the templates for the embroidery projects and will certainly be trying my hand at floral bath bombs and paper anemones. Order a copy here

An Instagrammer's guide to: Malmo and Skåne County

Five years ago it is probably fair to say that not many of us Brits would have been able to tell you where Malmö was on a map. But then along came Saga Noren and a perfectly written slice of Scandi crime drama and this lovely little city in Southern Sweden is no longer such a secret. It looks across the water to Copenhagen but there is no need to cross the bridge in search of lovely places to eat, sleep and shop (although if you want to, check out our guide here!). There is a thriving cultural, dining and design scene within Malmö, and if you jump in the car and head out of the city, within an hour you can be walking the cobbled streets of impossibly pretty fishing villages. Rebecca Lawson travelled there recently and shares a small selection of her favourite places that all travelling instagrammers should visit....

Story Hotel - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's guide to Malmo

Story Hotel

There are plenty of great places to stay in Malmö but the Story Hotel is the only one that has a rooftop bar with stunning views of the harbour and the field of Japanese paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling as you walk into the bar will have you desperately trying to locate your camera. The décor is pared back and industrial without ever feeling cold and uninviting. Concrete ceilings in the bedrooms are blended with deep colours and soft textures in the furnishings to create a stylish, warm atmosphere. Downstairs, the lobby restaurant Lokal 17 is well worth checking out with waterfront views. If you are staying with your family then check out the OhBoy Hotel which has mini apartments near the regenerated docks with free bikes for all hotel guests.

IG: @storyhotels

AB Smaland - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

AB Småland

If you only have time to visit one shop when you are in Malmö then make it AB Småland. It is modern rustic heaven with two floors of beautifully curated homeware, plants and fashion with a café dotted with vintage wooden tables and giant indoor olive trees. Even children will want to linger as they have a lovely corner with a huge chalkboard for kids to doddle on as well as a sweet selection of vintage toys.

IG: @absmaland

Malmo Saluhall - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Malmö Saluhall

No trip to Sweden is complete for me without a fresh attempt at eating my own body weight in cinnamon buns.  Some of the finest I tasted whilst in Malmö were located in St Jacob Stenugnsbageri in the Saluhall, which brings together a host of delicious food and drink stalls in a renovated warehouse. Against a bare brick backdrop there are pale wood communal tables and festoon lights criss crossing the industrial ceiling. There is a gorgeous florist at the entrance and if you have any elastic left in your trousers after sitting down for Noodles at Papi or a salad at Holy Greens, then make sure to have an ice cream at Favvo Glass. The rhubarb flavour is a complete game-changer.

IG: @malmosaluhall

Slottsgarden - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo


If you need to walk off your lunch after a trip to the Saluhall, then a gentle stroll around the corner is the Malmohus castle which has a lovely little aquarium to entertain kids and some great art exhibitions to meander around too. Continuing on will bring you to the Slottsträdgårdens - just one of the many beautiful parks in Malmö. You can pick up a pedalo and gently bob along the river that runs through it or stay on dry land and head for a cup of tea and some fika at the Slottsträdgårdens Kafè. You can sit outside under the shade of rippling trees or duck inside the greenhouse strung with bunting and dotted with candles.

IG: @Slottsträdgårdens Kafè 

Malmo Art Museum - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's guide to Malmo

Konst Hall

Another lovely cultural highlight located near the Opera House is the Konst Hall, a modern art gallery situated in an old orangery building with a beautiful, secluded and leafy courtyard café. The light-flooded gallery space is not huge but there is plenty to while away a happy hour. If you are with kids, they also run free crafting workshops in a room off the main gallery space.

Vastra Hamnen - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo
Vastra Hamnen - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Västra Hamnen

Our favourite place to end every day was in Västra Hamnen, a former shipyard which has been transformed into a sustainable area of contemporary housing with a harbour bobbing with boats. There are stretches of wooden walkways looking out towards the sea, dotted with beautiful Scandinavians (young and old) who have come to enjoy the sunset and a swim in the sea off bleached wooden pontoons. Vespa is a great spot to grab a pizza and glass of wine and watch the sun go down and look out for the famous turning torso building behind you.



 Söderberg & Sara

Söderberg & Sara



No.6 / Söderberg & Sara / Spoonery

Scandinavians know how to do a good café and there are plenty of contenders for the title of best place to grab a Macchiato in Malmö.  However, if you are pressed for time, I would recommend that you head to the St.Knut area of town which has a lovely village-y feel and three sublime cafes - No.6, Söderberg & Sara, and Spoonery. I came away from No.6 wanting to go home and triple the number of pendant lights hanging in my kitchen as their collection of vintage lighting looks so effective grouped above the coffee bar. 

Hus 57 - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo
Hus 57 - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Hus 57

Just an hour outside of Malmo are stretches of beautiful coastline to explore. If you are looking for an affordable option with bags of great design then make Hus 57 in Ängelholm your base. It brings a strong lobby game with velvet button back sofas in rich dark greens and mustard yellows, mingling with statement lighting and plenty of great coffee book reading material. It has a contemporary restaurant serving a Scandi menu with a modern twist and a small spa, gym and games room to boot.

IG: @hus57engelhom

Molle 6edit.jpg


There are lots of lovely little fishing villages to explore. Our favourites were Torekov (the rumoured  home of Hugh Grant’s wife, leading to lots of reported sightings of the floppy-haired one) and Mölle. Both have cobbled streets dotted with whitewashed clapboard houses and Molle is also home to a lovely little pottery studio called the Mölle Krukmakeri which has a garden café with lots of quirky touches including a stuffed tiger dressed as an airline pilot (trust me it works).  The Grand Hotel at the top of the hill is the perfect spot for a cocktail as the sun goes down with an amazingly instagrammable view.

IG: @mollekrukmakeri

Bastad - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo


There are lots of beaches to chose from along this stretch of coastline but our favourite was in the smart town of Båstad (pronounced Borstod - just to stop you making the 'bastard' mistake!).  It has soft golden sand and a pier stretching out to sea with a sauna at the end in a contemporary larch clad building. If you have worked up an appetite after sweating and swimming then smarten up and head to Hotel Skansen (@hotelskansen) behind the dunes which has a restaurant with floor to ceiling windows leading out onto decking covered by white linen sails. Or for something more casual head to the Två Män café.

Hoganas Saluhall - 91 Magazine Instagrammer's Guide to Malmo

Höganäs Saluhall

I had to double check the map when we arrived at a slightly unpromising industrial estate off a dual carriage way to visit the Höganäs Saluhall for lunch. However my fears were quickly allayed when we located a gorgeous former warehouse that has been transformed into a foodhall showcasing the best of Swedish fresh produce. The café is set on the floor above the foodhall in a stunning industrial space and serves up delicious buffet lunches.  Once you have eaten, return downstairs and explore the surrounding warehouses which have a brilliant mix of lifestyle boutiques with gorgeous homeware from the likes of Tine K and Lene Bjerre.

IG: @hoganassaluhall

Enkla Ting 3edit.jpg

Enkla Ting

Making your way back to Malmö, make sure to stop off at Enkla Ting on the way. Set in the rolling green fields of the Skåne countryside in whitewashed converted farm buildings, is the shop I have always fantasised about opening. It blends relaxed luxe fashion with contemporary/vintage style Scandi homeware and has a café you will want to linger in all day. I defy you to visit without coming way with arms groaning with shopping bags and a camera roll full of photos of the gorgeous courtyard.

IG: @enklating

Rebecca (AKA Malmo & Moss) visited Malmö and Skåne County as the guest of Visit Sweden. Follow Rebecca on Instagram

RECIPE: Rose & Pomegranate Cream Pots

For a simple yet delicate and pretty summertime dessert, try out this recipe from Catherine Frawley. A sweet, creamy indulgence to serve after a filling BBQ for example.

RECIPE: Rose & Pomegranate Cream Pots
RECIPE: Rose & Pomegranate Cream Pots


Makes: 6-8 ramekins

  • 450ml of single or double cream
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • ½ tsp. rose water
  • 3-4 drops of pink food colouring
  • Seeds from one pomegranate
  • Icing sugar to dust
RECIPE: Rose & Pomegranate Cream Pots


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 140 degrees (fan).
  2. Grease the ramekins and place in a large deep baking tray.
  3. In a large saucepan heat the cream, constantly stirring for about five minutes but do not allow it to boil.
  4. Add the rose water and set aside.
  5. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a glass bowl. When combined, start adding the warm cream a little at a time and continue to whisk until it’s all been added and the mixture is smooth.
  6. Pass the mixture through a sieve then add the food colouring.
  7. Boil the kettle.
  8. Scatter the bottom of each ramekin with pomegranate seeds, pour over the crème and then fill the baking tray with the boiled water until it reaches half way on the ramekin.
  9. Place in the oven for about 40 minutes, or until they wiggle just a little when moved.
  10. Remove from the baking tray, allow to cool a little, then place in the fridge to set for 2-24 hours. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and icing. Serve.
RECIPE: Rose & Pomegranate Cream Pots

Recipe, styling and photography by Catherine Frawley

91 is reading.... Start up London

This book had me on the first page. The welcome note from the founders of Hoxton Mini Press inspire with their own story of starting up their publishing house with a Kickstarter campaign, and encourage readers with: 'Don't wait for certainty. Go out and learn as you do. Start up!'

Start Up London book review

Writer Christina Hopkinson and photographer Rick Pushinsky share the stories of 30 small businesses from across the capital making this an inspirational guide rather than a 'how to'. But to complement this, it does include a handy 'tips and advice' insert with some practical advice for entrepreneurs. 

I've picked out five of the businesses, all run by women, that I was thrilled to see featured in the book to highlight and give you some little snippets from their story.... 

Petalon - feature in Start Up London book

Petalon - flower delivery service run by Florence Kennedy

Florence's business delivers flowers around London by bike and when she first started she was getting up at 3:30am to go to the flower markets, and initially struggled with cash flow issues. Her next stumbling block turned out to be a blessing in disguise and business is now going from strength to strength: 

"A second crisis hit the business in 2016 in the shape of Brexit when Florence was pregnant with Clover. Overnight the cost of imported flowers rose dramatically. She was also wondering how she'd get to the market at dawn with a newborn. Then a cold call from a Dutch wholesale flower distributor came at just the right moment. He offered to deliver anything from his website at far lower costs. 'We went on his website and saw that a flower I'd paid £1.30 a stem for was selling for 90p. I really miss the market, but he saved my business.'"

Birdsong - featured in Start up London book

Birdsong - ethical fashion website run by Sophie Slater, Susanna Wen & Sarah Beckett

Birdsong is a clothing website selling products made by charities supporting women. The founders realised that many women's groups were making beautiful clothes but had nowhere to sell them at a fair price. Sophie and Sarah started the business in their early twenties and feel lucky that it is so easy to start your own business in the UK: 

"Along the way, they've discovered that London is a peculiarly fertile place to set up a business. Says Sarah, 'We sell a lot of our stuff in Berlin and talking to people there makes me realise how much easier it is to set up in the UK than elsewhere, in terms of bureaucracy. Here, £40 and half an hour is all it takes to register your own company. There's so much help for start-ups - we've been on both free and paid-for programs."

Riposte magazine - featured in Start Up London book

Riposte - independent magazine run by Danielle Pender

Similar to 91 Magazine, it was when Danielle could not find a women's magazine she wanted to read that she decided to start her own. She is a great example of someone who is not afraid to take risks and more often than not those risks pay off. With no journalism experience, she simply followed her nose along with creative director Shaz Madani, and now prints 10,000 copies of the magazine. 

"In November 2013, Riposte was launched with a striking cover that had no image, only text with the names of the women featured inside. Although having a cover so different from the norm made them nervous, it also made them excited and as novices they had nothing to lose. It turned out to be an inspired move, garnering them press coverage and visually emphasising their credentials as an alternative to mainstream women's magazines." 

Quill London - featured in Start Up London book

Quill London - stationery shop run by Lucy Edmonds

We featured Lucy's business way back in 2013 in the digital version of 91, and it's been lovely to see Quill flourish from an online store into a bricks and mortar destination for not only your stationery needs but a place to learn calligraphy. An advocate for a detailed business plan, Lucy had never envisaged calligraphy being part of her business but she explains why she went 'off plan'... 

"'I've always been able to spot trends just before they go mainstream. I wish I knew how, it's bizarre. I noticed on social media that calligraphy was becoming a big thing in the US but nobody was doing it over here.' At the same time, she noted the growing trend for one-day or evening workshops as consumers became increasingly interested in buying experiences and knowledge rather than 'stuff'. Melding the two, she decided to offer a one-off workshop to stationery customers taught by the calligrapher Imogen Owen. But demand was off the scale and the one-off soon became a regular offering, eventually leading to the lease of the Amwell Street shop, Lucy training to become a calligrapher herself and the commissioning of her book on modern calligraphy." 

London Terrariums - featured in Start Up London book

London Terrariums - plant shops and workshops run by Emma Sibley

Emma's business came from the desire for a garden while at university, leading to her experimenting with spider plants and kilner jars. Everyone's approach to starting up is different, and Emma is proof that a detailed business plan is not always necessary... 

"As her enthusiasm grew, so did the idea for a business, although becoming an entrepreneur had never been something she'd imagined for herself: 'I never thought I'd become this person - juggling an employee, premises and accounts.' Instead the whole process has been spontaneous and guided by circumstances. 'I've never written a business plan - it's been a hobby then turned into more than a hobby and now a job." 

What an inspiring bunch of ladies! And the book of course has many male entrepreneurs too, with businesses ranging from a London distillery to knife makers to sports nutrition. If you'd like to read more of these stories and the other 25 in the book then head over to Hoxton Mini Press (support indie publishers!) to order a copy and check out their full range of beautifully crafted books. 

#my91magazine - our S/S 18 faves

It's been just over two months since our latest issue published, and we have been overwhelmed by the response to it! We've loved hearing from you directly, as well as via your lovely pictures shared on social media using the #my91magazine hashtag. I must confess, with 91 being my baby, I do enjoy a little scroll of the gallery when I need a little boost and a reminder of why myself, my team and our contributors put so much work into creating the magazine; it's so rewarding to see our readers enjoying it, either with a nice afternoon cuppa, somewhere exotic on holiday or snuggled up in bed on a Sunday morning. 

 photo:  @ivy.cottage

So here are just a few of our faves from the hashtag, although there are so many more! Lots of you have said that this is your favourite issue ever (thank you!) so if there are any of you that have been wondering whether it's worth the £7, do pop over to the hashtag gallery and see what our readers are saying about it. 

 photo:  @teabellyteas

As an indie mag, each and every sale, comment, photo and recommendation from our readers means SO SO much to us. I do hope that we can continue to craft a publication that compels you to share your enjoyment of it with others. We certainly aren't on every newsstand from here to Timbuktu, so sharing the love is one of the best ways we hope new readers might come across us. 

I never started this magazine because I thought it was my route to making my millions (it will never be that!), I started it as I have a passion for beautiful publications, a passion for gorgeous photography and a passion for inspiring people and spaces. I really do hope that with your continued support we can make many more issues of 91 for you to collect and cherish, so please do tell your mum/colleague/hairdresser/postman about us, share your gorgeous photos and if you really love it, shout it from the rooftops! Not many indie magazines last their first year, we have been publishing for seven (in print for two) - we are super proud of that, and fingers crossed we can keep going for at least another seven years!

 photo:  @lucyludreams

We feel such a connection with our readership, social media helps of course, but also we feel you 'get' us, and we hope you think we 'get' you. So, lets keep in touch, continue to let us know your thoughts and continue to show and tell where, how and why you love reading 91. It really does mean the world. 

Caroline x

Shopkeeper Spotlight: Tailor & Forge

Previously working within the worlds of design, marketing and interiors, boutique owners Scott and Driss brought their extensive experience and passion together to create a bricks and mortar store which oozes style, sustainability and offers affordable wares. 

We chat with the duo from dreamy curated home and lifestyle boutique, Tailor & Forge, located in World Heritage Site, Greenwich Market, to hear about how they turned their online store into a must-visit boutique, sourcing sustainable products and the importance of community…  

Photography: Nuraan Ackers


First things first, why did you set up the store? 

We have a great passion for travel and experiencing the world, so wanted to create a business that helped us to achieve our goal of combining work and travel - essentially running a business online from a laptop anywhere in the world.  

For the first year or so, Tailor & Forge was trading online and started to gain momentum; however we quickly realised that the curated ‘store’ we were creating needed to be fully experienced to allow customers to enjoy the product ranges. We believe that there is a shift starting to happen in online shopping for lifestyle products in that, many of us now want to experience a brand, see and feel product in the real world and then order online. As a result, we decided to create the boutique in the real world with a bricks and mortar store. Starting off as a pop up in Greenwich, Tailor & Forge has now developed into a permanent store on Durnford Street in Greenwich Market. Somewhat of a shift from the original intention of combining work and travel – but all for the best.

tailor and forge

How would you describe Tailor & Forge's style?

Tailor & Forge is all about curating high quality products from the UK and around the world; products which are on-trend, as ethical as possible but also practical and affordable. We believe that there is a limited ‘middle ground’ when it comes to homeware; stores are either top-end or mainstream mass market, often resulting in an inability to purchase due to exclusivity or so run-of-the-mill that the love and excitement of a great interior just disappears. By curating our product range and style through research, we’re able to source high quality, beautiful and affordable products which won't break the bank, but will bring pleasure and joy to customers’ homes.

tailor & forge greenwich

Speaking of your products, how do you source them? Which have been your fave finds so far?

We spend a lot of time researching the fashion, interiors and designer-maker arenas to understand what the latest trends are and what the next season(s) may hold. This could be a certain pantone, a motif or material. There may be one element which resonates, or there may be several, but the intention is to curate the boutique with personality and practicality. We attend industry shows but also keep our ears to the ground by actively seeking out quality products and exceptional designs from a myriad of places - online, print, social media and events. 

Social trends have an influence; with vegan and sustainability being extremely important social topics at the moment and also into the future. It’s great that we are all becoming more aware of our responsibility to the environment so ensuring that we have products made of bamboo, vegan leather and provide products which have come from fair trade producers is extremely important. It can be tempting to purchase mass produced products from certain countries, but often the environment, social responsibility and quality are compromised; something which we do not believe is necessary or justified in todays diverse world.

Tailor and forge greenwich

As well as curating stock from other makers, you also make your own products. Can you tell us a little about them?

After experiencing in our own lives, an emerging pattern of low quality, mass produced furniture which was flooding the market and on the opposite side of the spectrum, high-end furniture which was not only hard to find but was extremely expensive; we felt that there needed to be a much more real and achievable balance between price and quality. We reached out to a Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters - Steve, who has over 40 years’ of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience designing and making beautiful furniture with an all consuming love and passion. We work together to design and make anything from white minimalist contemporary desks to solid reclaimed oak dining tables with inset Corian pieces and unique triangular shelving installations amongst many other things!

Tailor and forge

Do you have any advice for other people thinking of setting up a shop?

Setting up a shop or any business takes dedication and hard work. But for us, it’s all about a genuine passion and love for what you are doing. If your product and your business is created with an authentic joy then this will resonate with your customers and your brand will come to life.

Location and being part of a community are also extremely important; which are two of the main driving factors to why we decided on Greenwich Market for Tailor & Forge. 

tailor and forge london

What other factors made you choose Greenwich to become home to your boutique?

Greenwich is one of those places where you just don’t feel like you are in London! It’s a globally renowned destination which is full of culture and history. At the same time, Greenwich has a strong community where the locals, market traders and tourists all have a great vibe and spirit for the area. It was extremely important that Tailor & Forge was in a location where it could be part of a strong community and also be able to contribute to it. 


If you could just choose one favourite product each from the store - what would it be?

Driss: This is a real tough one….however, my choice would the centrepiece natural handmade rattan day bed, adorned with a variety of cushions and throws filled with texture and colour. 

Scott: At the moment, it’s the valet mirror stand, a super, handmade mirror combining a phone holder, tray and coat hook all in one sleek modern design and hand made from French oak – beautiful, practical and affordable.


What has been your Tailor & Forge career highlights so far?

It has to be meeting amazing people! Meeting fantastic customers and designer-makers, to local traders and other business owners who all want to engage and be part of the local Greenwich community. 


Finally, do you have any exciting plans for the future?

We are constantly evolving the boutique, with new products every one to two weeks; the layout always changes too so there is always something new to discover and experience. As we enter into the summer, Tailor & Forge will shortly be announcing a range of masterclasses including talks on interior design, gardening in the modern home, mindfulness at home and many other topics. So watch this space!

9 Durnford Street, Greenwich Market, London, SE10 9BF, UK.