Discover new talent at UAL shop

We love discovering new designers and makers through our research for 91 Magazine, and it's always exciting to see the talent that is emerging from our younger generation, whether that is from self taught artisans or those graduating from colleges and universities around the UK and beyond. University of Arts London (UAL) have recently set up shop in London's Holborn area to promote and sell the work of their alumni, calling the outlet 'not just a shop.' 

UAL Not Just A Shop 5 by Damian Griffths_1200.jpg
UAL Not Just A Shop 1 by Damian Griffths_1200.jpg

The six colleges that make up UAL, which includes Central St Martins and London College of Fashion, has educated many high achieving creatives from London Fashion Week designers to Turner Prize winners, so the calibre of the work stocked in the shop is sure to be high. The launch collection included  By AlexChatty FeetCrispin FinnJacqueline ColleyKangan AroraTatty DevineThe London RefineryWrap and Yuta Segawa.

not just a shop_Products by UAL Alumni_photography by Yeshen Veneema_01_1200.jpg
not just a shop_Products by UAL Alumni_photography by Yeshen Veneema_03_1200.jpg

The range showcases of mix of products from fashion and homeware to stationery and artwork - definitely worth a look if you are still in search of Christmas gifts! Any sales directly benefit the designers as they are wholesaling their products, and any profits made by the shop go back into funding the University's enterprise programme which supports the students with embarking on their professional career. 

UAL Not Just A Shop 2 by Damian Griffths_1200.jpg

If you are in London do try and pop in - let's continue to support the value of independent business, nurture the creative community and help Britain's talent to thrive. 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:00-15.00
Location: 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY
Closest tubes: Holborn/Chancery Lane
For more information visit: / @notjustashopual

Recipe: Festive macarons

Let's face it, everyone loves a foodie gift at Christmas don't they?! And even better if it is a homemade foodie gift! Lucy Jane Saunders shares her recipe for simple macarons which incorporates cinnamon for added festive spice. Package them up prettily for a delicious stocking filler, or serve them on a sharing platter where everyone can choose a flavour, accompanied with caramelised nuts and flaked chocolate.

Nutella and peanut butter macarons

Makes 25 macarons

For the shells:
90g of ground almonds
1 heaped tsp of cinnamon
100g of icing sugar
2 egg whites
55g of caster sugar

For the filling:
150g of butter
75g of icing sugar
2 tbsp of Nutella chocolate spread
2 tbsp of peanut butter
2 tsp of almond essence

Nutella and peanut butter macarons


1. Preheat the oven to 140/C

2. Sieve the icing sugar, cinnamon and ground almonds into a bowl. Mix together.

3. In a clean bowl, put the egg whites and beat with a whisk. Slowly combine in the caster sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture forms firm peaks which are very thick and glossy.

4. Fold into the egg white mixture the dried ingredients using a figure of 8 motion. This will release some air from the mixture and will also ensure all the dried ingredients are combined thoroughly.

5. Using a piping bag with a 1 cm slit in the end, pipe the mixture onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Less is more at this stage so you should only pipe circles of roughly 4 cm across and 2 cm thick. Leave about 4cm between each shell.

6. Tap the tray gently after to let the macaron mixture settle. Leave on the side for 15 minutes so the mixture dries out on the outside and forms a glossy look.   

7. Bake in the preheated oven for seven minutes in the middle shelf. Then let the steam out of the oven and bake for approx. 7-8 minutes longer.   

8. Place on a wire rack until they are cool enough to remove from the greaseproof paper. While they are cooling, prepare the filling.

Nutella, peanut butter and almond macarons

9. In a large bowl cream the butter and icing sugar together. Separate equal amounts into three different bowls for your three different fillings. If you wish to just have one filling alter the amount of extra ingredient to create a large batch of 1 filling.

10. In one bowl add the Nutella spread and cream together. In another, add the peanut butter and cream together. In the final bowl, add the almond essence and mix thoroughly. Using a teaspoon, fill your shells with a thin layering of filling.   

TOP TIP: Serve with some caramelised peanuts, almonds and flaked chocolate. Dust lightly with icing sugar to give a truly luxurious Christmas feel. Enjoy!

Simply macaron recipe

3 Earth Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Table

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, full of cherished moments with family and friends and lots of fun and festivities. Yet, it is also a time of year that creates incredible amounts of waste that has a huge impact on the environment. In the UK alone 1.5 billion Christmas cards are thrown away annually according to Imperial College research. Astonishingly 226,800 miles of wrapping paper, which is enough to stretch nine times around the world, ends up in landfill; along with 125,000 tons of plastic wrapping.

Also, most Christmas decorations like tinsel and baubles are made from plastic, which is a huge environmental problem and will end up forever in landfill or the ocean. Plus, I know everyone loves a sparkly Christmas, but don’t forget that glitter is actually a micro-plastic, the worst kind of plastic. It currently accounts for 85% of plastic found in the environment and it is so small that tiny organisms, especially aquatic life, can consume it. Therefore, through the food chain, it eventually ends up back on our plates. So if you prefer your seafood plastic free, read on for some fun, beautiful and earth-friendly ways to decorate your Christmas table or your home for the festive season.

Neutral Christmas table decor

The Neutral Look - This calm and delicate table combines natural grasses with paper, linen and ceramics to create a muted, textural look. This might be the most complicated table, but definitely worth a go and of course you can pick and choose which elements to recreate.  

Table covering: Lay a linen tablecloth (this one is from Griege). Investing in linen is something you will always value. It actually gets better with age, so you will quite possibly end up handing it down to your children. Environmentally, it’s also a much better option than cheap polyester as when polyester is washed it releases microfibers into the water, which then ends up in our precious oceans.

Place settings: These beautiful handmade ceramics are from London-based designer Andrea Roman. I love collecting handmade plates and bowls as over time it means you have a kitchen filled with unique treasures. You are also supporting local businesses and investing in life-long pieces which results in less waste and feel good vibes all round.

Handmade paper christmas decorations

Centrepiece: Arrange paper book trees down the middle of the table in alternating sizes. Have a 'making party' with friends and some mulled wine, and grab some old paperback books, any will work. If you don’t have any books in your own collection that you no longer use, pop to your local charity store & pick up a few for pocket change (while also benefiting a charity). Simply follow the easy steps on this video to make. Finish off by topping the trees with a star, find out how to make these - First step here. Second step here. I also made some paper snowflakes and baubles - you can cut these from scrap paper, old Christmas cards or used packaging. Watch this video on how to fold and cut out a snowflake and this post for instructions and a printout for the baubles. 

(NOTE: when hanging things use cotton thread instead of plastic string - things like fishing line are again a nightmare for poor aquatic life and birds. Alternatively you could use cotton ribbon, wool yarn or hessian string- all natural materials.)

neutral Christmas table decor ideas

Adding texture: I am a huge fan of foraging and harvesting what is growing in the garden or around my local area. Gathering locally means you’re not buying flowers that have travelled hundreds of air or land miles and have also most likely been sprayed with pesticides. It also means you’re cutting out the plastic they come wrapped in. So grab your secateurs and head out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and see what lovely foliage you can find. To create this eye-catching hanging centrepiece I used Pampas grass which grows wild and free around the UK and has these beautiful fluffy plumes from October to February- perfect timing for the festive season. Using cotton yarn I tied the pampas grass stems to a bamboo stake and then hung the it from the roof rafters. Alternatively, if you can’t hang them, throw a big bunch in a tall vase for a striking centrepiece and enjoy their feathery wild loveliness. I then picked apart small pieces of the grass and laid them around the bottom of the paper trees and on each plate.

Christmas table decor ideas - colourful

The Colourful Look - This table is super easy and quick to create and will add a huge amount of vibrant colour, texture and rustic charm to your table.

Table covering: Use a roll of recycled paper as a table runner. This serves multiple purposes; 1) it uses recycled paper, 2) it protects your table from food and spills, and 3) it makes clean up super quick - just roll up and put into the recycling (although if your lucky enough to have very clean dinner guests you can keep the paper and use for something else like wrapping presents). I used a roll from Paperchase.

Centrepiece: This step is by no means essential, but if you can get your hands on some tree slices they add a lovely rustic touch to your table. Look out for them at your local flower markets or nurseries or keep your eyes peeled for tree-chopping neighbours and ask for some trunk slices! As well as being pretty, they also serve as trivets to protect your table from hot dishes. We then added a stunning handmade salad bowl from Ghaz Ceramics to the centre of the table. Feel free to use any fruit or salad bowls you love.

Colourful Christmas table using fresh produce

Add foliage and colour: Again, go foraging for some foliage - this time you’re on the look out for greens - especially pine, to give that extra Christmassy feel. It also smells beautiful! Lay small branch pieces in alternative directions down the middle of the table. For colour, add some seasonal produce- pomegranates, clementines, persimmons and artichokes are all in season this time of year and perfect for the table! I even used some pink radishes to add further pops of colour! Any type of hardy, thick-skinned fruit or vegetable will work. Just don’t put anything soft like berries on the table as it won't last. Scatter and nestle it all amongst the pine. 

Place settings: Once again, I'm advocating the investment in locally made ceramics. These beautiful plates are by Edmund Davies. A trick to slowly building a collection - buy all your plates in neutrals and whites, so that even if they are all from different makers they will mix and match beautifully. Add a pomegranate (or clementine) on each plate to add more colour. If you want to designate seats you can always write names onto the pomegranates as cute ‘place cards’. If buying new glassware, again please consider buying handmade to benefit artisans and the planet. These glasses are from Greige and are handmade in Portugal and come in all sorts of colours. Otherwise if you don’t have enough glassware for everyone, head to your local charity shop where you will find many bargains and then mix and alternate the different glassware along the table (same goes for cutlery).

After your meal, do not throw away your decorations, as you can eat them! Give your guests a little bagful to take away too. 

A dark moody Christmas table

The Dark Look - This table is great for a moody dinner setting and again is super simple to create.

Table covering: Opt for a dark coloured tablecloth - again try to opt for a linen or cotton tablecloth instead of cheap polyester. Try Greige for some lovely table linen.

Centrepiece: In the UK alone we consume 35 million bottles of wine over the festive season so this is a way to re-use some of these (and not just for Christmas). Collect bottles in varying colours and shapes, then soak in hot water to remove the labels. Wedge in some taper candles - if the bottle opening is a bit small, melt down the ends a little then twist in. To get the drip effect you just need to let the candles burn down and drip. Then simply re-fill with new candles when needed. Finally, nestle some foraged pinecones around the wine bottle candles. 

dark and moody Christmas table idea

Place settings: For this one I have created a more formal setting and layered dinner plates with entrée plates and soup bowls plus linen napkins for extra texture, all sourced for Greige and Ghaz Ceramics. Again don’t be afraid to mix and match your plates and bowls - just adhere to a similar colour palette and it will work beautifully.

We hope these ideas might have inspired you in some way! If you do create anything inspired by these ideas we would love to see - so please tag @91magazine and our stylist @laurenbeckerstylist. Many thanks to all the lovely makers and local shops that got involved in the project.

All Photography by Veerle Evens

An Instagrammers guide to: Helsinki

With 2018 only a few weeks away, you may be starting to think ahead to where you might spend the holidays next year. Louise Gorrod shares her guide to Helsinki - an alternative option for a summer break which you may not have considered - along with her top style spots to visit in the city. 

You can get a few odd looks when you tell people you’re off to Finland for your family summer holiday. But they’ve obviously never tried it. As a family who aren’t naturally drawn to hot beach destinations, we’ve found ourselves taking holidays in Scandinavia quite a bit over the past few years. Finland is a twice-visited firm favourite that we hanker to return to as soon as time allows. Our Finnish trips always start with a few days in Helsinki followed by some much-needed relaxation in a summerhouse in the woods. For further recommendations I highly recommend purchasing the guide book Helsinki - People Make the City, which is written by the local people who run the shops, make the food and create the vibes that make this city such a worthwhile place to visit. (IG: @peoplemakethecity)

Alfons Pizza, Helsinki

Alfons Pizza - We stumbled upon Alfons on our first evening in the city. A little weary and with two hungry children in tow, we just wanted something quick and easy to eat. Alfons ticked all the boxes with their reasonable prices (for Finland) and delicious pizzas. We sat in to eat, but it seemed to be a busy spot for those wishing to take-away too. Simple food done well.

IG: @alfonspizza

Fleuriste, Helsinki

Fleuriste - As soon as you arrive at Helsinki airport, you can indulge in a pretty good quality cinnamon bun should you wish, but I prefer to make that ‘first one’ something special. So with that in mind, we headed to Fleuriste in Punavuori, a french-style cafe renowned for their top-notch cinnamon buns. Owner Eija Limnell recreates childhood moments with the baking she learnt from her mother. A favourite with locals, her buns are packed full of cinnamon and cardamom. Simply the best.

Design Museo, Helsinki

Design Museo - Finland does museums well. Each time we’ve visited the city, we have always made a point of visiting the Design Museo. It’s a doable size to navigate around and there is always an engaging exhibition on. Currently showing is California - Designing Freedom, an exhibition from our very own London Design Museum. However, if it’s Finnish design you’re after, Utopia Now - The Story of Finnish Design is the exhibit for you. We love this museum for its beautifully curated content, good coffee and unrivalled kids entertainment. There’s a workshop room in the basement where children can create their own masterpieces. It even manages to win over children who think they're too big for 'kids stuff'.

IG: @designmuseo_fi

Photo: Titoni Thomas

Cafe Regatta - An absolute favourite of ours, Cafe Regatta can be found close to the Sibelius monument in the Töölö district. Housed in an 1887 traditional red cottage, the cafe is famous for its fresh cinnamon buns and blueberry pie. The interior is dolls-house tiny and snug, so consider yourself lucky to get a seat inside at busy times. Luckily though there are plenty of seats outside with blankets to borrow if it’s a little chilly. There’s an outdoor fire too that you can sit round and cook sausages that can be purchased from the cafe. 

IG: @caferegatta

Photo: via Marimekko

Photo: via Marimekko

Marimekko - This Finnish design company have been producing their vibrant graphic prints since 1951. No trip to the city is complete until you’ve made a visit to one of their stores. A piece of Marimekko, whether a dress, purse or tea towel is a perfect souvenir to bring home. Wherever you are in the city, you’re never too far from a Marimekko store, but it’s worth making the short journey just outside the city centre to their outlet store at Kirvesmiehenkatu 7. Here you’ll find an excellent range of clothing, ceramics, fabrics, childrenswear and homewares from both past collections at reduced prices as well as the current range. There’s also a Marimekko cafe there too should you want to stop for lunch or refuel with a snack.

IG: @marimekkodesignhouse

Nuuksio National Park1_1200.jpg

Nuuksio National Park - If you fancy a day out of the city you can easily escape to Nuuksio National Park. Within easy reach of the capital you can take in the typically Finnish scenery of huge lakes, lush forests and rugged crags. Pack your backpack with a picnic and some food to cook at the many firepits that can be found. There are three marked trails for hiking and locations for grilling, camping, skiing, and berry and mushroom picking. In addition to four camping sites it is also possible to rent a cabin at Wild North. If you’re lucky you may even spot an elk or flying squirrel.

IG: @finnishparks


Ateneum - Much like the UK, Helsinki’s weather can be unpredictable. If you do have a rainy day another good museum is the Ateneum Art Museum - one of the three museums that form the Finnish National Gallery. Located in the centre of the city, close to Helsinki Central railway station, it has the country’s oldest and largest art collection. The new collections exhibition presents well-loved classics alongside seldom-exhibited works of art. There’s a good shop there too, perfect for picking up a bit of Finnish design. The museum offers workshops that range from silk-screen printing to ceramics, as well as drawing and painting, for all ages on Saturdays between 11am and 2pm. Participation in the workshops is included in the price of admission (free for under 18s).

IG: @ateneummuseum

IPI Kulmakuppila1_1200.jpg

IPI Kulmakuppila - We visited this large, light-filled cafe in the Kallio district for lunch when it’s mainly vegetarian menu drew us in. We opted for the buffet lunch where, for a fixed price, you help yourself to the daily specials of soup, breads and an array of hearty salads. The cafe describes itself as ‘a shared living room in the neighbourhood that’s a cosy place for starting the day or stopping for lunch’, which pretty much sums up the friendly relaxed atmosphere of the place. There is an underlying harmony to this cafe with its use of sustainable products, Scandi design and practice in employing mentally handicapped adults who are trained in the art of brewing their delicious coffee.

IG: @ipikulmakuppila


A Finnish Summerhouse - Helsinki isn’t a huge city, so if carefully planned you can get a good feel for it over three or four days. If time allows, extend your visit and rent a summerhouse. We’re lucky enough to be able to stay at a friend’s family summerhouse in Kirrkonummi, located just outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, bordering the city of Espoo in the east. A quick search on Airbnb will provide you with a plethora of these pretty wooden houses for rent. For us, time at the summerhouse is all about relaxation; lake swimming, saunas, alfresco eating, walks in the woods and short visits out to explore local towns and villages. 

Thanks Louise! We are now itching to visit Finland and experience the mix of design and wilderness! Check out more of Louise's work on her blog Buttercup Days. She works as an independent food stylist and writer & is also the wish list editor of slow-life magazine, The Simple Things. 

10 minimal Christmas decorating ideas

How are you feeling about the imminent arrival of the festive period? Excited? Indifferent? Anxious? For many, with so much to organise it can become an overwhelming, stressful time, which it definitely shouldn't be! Jessica Rose Williams shares her tips for having a more minimal Christmas in a bid to alleviate those frenzied feelings.... 

Minimal Christmas decorating

It’s easy to feel like we should be doing all the things at Christmas time. There’s the tree, the second tree, the food, the decorations, the stockings, the ornaments, the lights, the outside lights and we haven’t even got to the gifts yet. It goes on and on and it can be exhausting! 

There’s an antidote to this madness; did you ever consider how Christmas might be better with less? For me, a minimal Christmas holds endless benefits. It’s a liberating feeling to boycott all the madness and consequently we’re only left with the good stuff, the stuff that really adds value.

Christmas is the perfect time to embrace some simplicity so we can enjoy all the festivities instead of overloading ourselves and our homes with too much stuff and pressure to create the elusive ‘perfect Christmas’. There’s beauty in simplicity and Christmas is no exception.

If you can relate to the above, here are ten minimalist decorating ideas to consider this Christmas that are really simple and easy to achieve.

Minimal Christmas decor ideas
minimal Christmas decorating ideas

1. Think less is more - Never underestimate the power of a single statement item surrounded by space. Allow the few items you really love to stand out by resisting the temptation to surround them with other stuff. 

2. Fairy lights - Lights are the easiest way to create mood. Decorating the tree with fairy lights only can make a real statement but still create a calm and cosy mood without feeling stark and bare. 

simple Christmas decorating ideas

3. Stick to a neutral colour scheme - I opt for as much white as possible at Christmas. It’s my favourite colour to decorate with anyway and Christmas is the perfect time to run with that as much as possible. White also evokes a feeling of calm.

4. Embrace black - Don’t be afraid to use non traditional colours in your decorating. Black can add striking contrast and a dash of elegance. 

minimal Christmas decorations

5. Decorate with intention - Having more lights up than the neighbours will not make an ounce of difference to your Christmas. It’s easy to slip into feeling competitive, but decorating with things because we want to not because we think we should makes much more sense.

6. Learn to say no - It’s ok not to put up that old ornament you secretly despise - nothing horrendous will happen. Tune into your intuition and only use things you really love. 

7. Bring the outside in - Festive foliage creates a comforting natural mood. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to have a go at this either. Keeping things really simple and DIY looking can still have a dramatic effect. 

minimal Christmas decorating ideas
minimal Christmas decorating ideas

8. Candles - Using a variety of candles, ideally at different levels, will create a cosy ‘Christmas Carol’ like mood in an instant. 

9. Use natural textures - Material is the easiest way to add texture and cosiness to a room. I’m not sure you can beat that feeling of snuggling under a blanket with a warm drink on the sofa during those dark cold winter nights. 

minimal Christmas  - make your own cards

10. Focus on the moments

The true meaning of Christmas doesn’t lie in 'stuff'. It lies in whatever it takes to make your heart sing. For me, it’s getting cosy under a blanket and putting my favourite Christmas film on (White Christmas incase you were wondering) or sitting by a roaring fire with a friend and stuffing our faces with mince pies. 

You can find oodles more minimal Christmas inspiration on my Pinterest board

Thank you Hubsch InteriorsRose and Grey and North East Chandlery for kindly gifting the items featured. 

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases everyone! 

Thanks Jessica! We can't wait to do less this Christmas! Make sure to take a few quiet moments to enjoy Jessica's peaceful and calming Instagram feed too. 

91 loves... rattan furniture

Rattan furniture was once reserved only for drafty conservatories, but its now making a comeback and is popping up in all areas of the home, from bedrooms to living rooms to hallways. It's also working it in many different forms too - chairs, tables, shelving, beds, and even the sweetest of baby cribs and children's beds. If you are loving the latest Scandi Boho trend, then you most definitely need a piece of rattan in your life. It fits so well with colourful textiles and our other obsession - plants. Here's a little bit of woven inspiration as well as a few top buys.... 

via @sannehop
via @tessahop

If you've fallen for the look, then here are a few of our fave rattan finds so you can give your own space a touch of Scandi boho! 

Rattan dining chairs - €160 - Enter My Attic (only available to Netherlands buyers sadly!) 

Rattan dining chairs - €160 - Enter My Attic (only available to Netherlands buyers sadly!) 

Rattan Hanging chair - £548 - Anthropologie

Rattan Hanging chair - £548 - Anthropologie

Rattan side table - £135 - Design Vintage

Rattan side table - £135 - Design Vintage

Rattan chair - £175 - Ikea

Rattan chair - £175 - Ikea

Child's rattan bed - £379 - La Redoute

Child's rattan bed - £379 - La Redoute

Rattan day bed - £344 - Maison du Monde

Rattan day bed - £344 - Maison du Monde

Rattan sofa - £695 - Arbol House

Rattan sofa - £695 - Arbol House

Rattan mirrors - £69 - La Redoute

Rattan mirrors - £69 - La Redoute

#my91magazine - our AW17 faves

Our AW17 issue published about 6 weeks ago and we've been blown away by how quickly it has sold! Already we are down to under 200 copies so if you haven't got yours yet, be swift! Look out for it in the shops too, the full stockist list is here

As always, we LOVE to see your pics of the magazine, that is definitely one of my favourite things along with spotting it on the shelves of our lovely stockists - I still have to pinch myself sometimes! Here is a small selection of some of our faves that appeared in our #my91magazine hashtag over on Instagram. I love how it is nearly always accompanied by a cuppa!

Please do keep sharing your pics as we will choose a few to feature in the next issue too! :) 

Creative Christmas events

Tis the season to get creative and shop independent! With Christmas just around the corner we thought we'd highlight a few events to either go and buy from makers directly or workshops to try your hand at a bit of Christmas crafting! 

Christmas Event| Freelancers Christmas Party EV.jpg

Play Christmas Gathering at The Forge, Bristol - Friday, 15th December, 2017

Beautiful Bristol-based venue The Forge are hosting a Christmas get together for creative professionals, freelancers & designer makers. Perfect for those who work alone and don't have a traditional 'work Christmas party' - go along and celebrate the festive season in the company of like-minded folk. Tickets are £12.50 - purchase here.

Rose and Grey wreath making workshop

Wreath Making with Rose and Grey, Altrincham - Wednesday, 6th December, 2017

Join florist Chloe Robinson for an evening of festive wreath making whilst supping prosecco and enjoying mince pies. The class will take place within Rose & Grey's beautiful showroom with all materials supplied to create a stunning wreath to take home and adorn your door. Tickets are £40 - Book here

Photo: Kayti Peschke

Photo: Kayti Peschke

Crafty Fox Market, London - various dates and locations in December

Now in it's seventh year, the Crafty Fox Market has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of London's best handmade markets, giving makers a great platform to sell their work to a niche audience and offering shoppers a high quality selection of unique, handmade goods. This year the market will be popping up in four London locations, so check their list of dates for your nearest one. 

paperdolls market - Birmingham

Paperdolls Handmade Market, Birmingham - Saturday, 25th November, 2017

If you are closer to Birmingham, then don't miss Paperdolls Handmade Christmas Market. Launched four years ago by creatives Carolyn Carter and Jo Dowsett, this event hosts an array of super talented makers, such as our very own 91 designer Lucy Davidson selling her weaving work, Copper and Solder, Bloom Collective and Sparrow & Wolf to name just a few. Free entry - more details here

Skadium scandi christmas workshop

Scandi Christmas workshop, London - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

Last year 91 attended MK Design's Scandi Christmas workshop at Skadium, a lovely event that has prompted a repeat this year. This time though it will be held within the brand new Skandium Townhouse - a four-storey London property transformed into a fully shoppable, Scandinavian-inspired home. You can try your hand at various craft pursuits to enable you to style your Christmas to Scandi perfection. Ticket price is £47.60 with all materials included plus some Scandi drinks and treats to enjoy. Book here.


Christmas Wrapping Paper workshop with Hato Press, London - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

If you've ever fancied trying your hand at print making, then now is the perfect time - design and print your own Christmas gift wrap with the guys of Hato Press. You will learn lots about printing techniques and pattern design, and you'll take home 10 folded A2 sheets of beautifully printed wrapping paper, printed in 2 colours of your own design, plus complimentary mince pies and drinks are included. Tickets are £45, purchase here


Brighton Etsy market - Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

If you'd rather spend your Saturday shopping other people's handmade creations than making your own, then head to Brighton Dome for the local Etsy sellers annual market, where over 80 sellers will be selling everything from homewares and jewellery to skincare and art, all created by their own fair hands. it's free entry and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting indie makers and sellers while discovering fab finds for your loved ones. More details here

We hope there's something there that tickles your fancy, either way we do hope you try and support indie brands this Christmas - they work so hard to build up their businesses and every sale helps! 

An Instagrammers guide to: Leeds

In the next of our series, 91's news editor Sophie Warren-Smith shares an insight into some of top spots in UK city Leeds - from Scandi-style cafes to the hippest of co-working spaces.

Twenty years ago the most exciting thing about Leeds was the opening of Harvey Nichols, and it was just when I was leaving and heading down to London. Looking back, it was the start of an intensive stage of redevelopment that has turned the city from mill town to a 21st Century urban chic destination that includes elegant arcades, indie coffee shops and a wonderful sense of history. Luckily, I’m back living here to witness it all and give you the ultimate guide to life in this exciting city.

Tall Boys cafe

Tall Boys cafe

Indies in Thorton's Arcade - In the heart of Leeds and running parallel to Queen’s Arcade is Thornton’s Arcade where you’ll find some lovely independent stores like bookstore and gallery, Village, and Tall Boys Beer Market where you can buy craft beer, artisan breads and specialist coffee. They have a super cool cafe upstairs which has a great rustic-meets-Scandi aesthetic and some full-on hanging plant love.

IG: @village_leeds

IG: @tallboysleeds

Victoria Quarter Leeds

Historical detailing - Ready for some stunning architecture? Head to one of the main shopping attractions in Leeds, The Victoria Quarter. Built in 1900, it is full of beautiful mosaics, marble and intricate ironwork - perfect for decorative style insta-pics and don’t forget to look up, the view is stunning! In here you’ll find the likes of Harvey Nichols, Space NK, Kiehls, Paul Smith and Jo Malone, and why not pop into Charbonnel et Walker for some chocolate treats?

IG: @VictoriaLeeds_

Olive and Rye, Leeds

Olive & Rye - For a pitstop, walk across Briggate and up Queen’s Arcade and you’ll find Olive & Rye, a food lover’s deli store that also serves brunch, lunch and dinner (Friday and Saturday evenings). They have a plentiful supply of locally sourced jams, chutneys, wines, beers and food gifts, all of which can be bought individually or can be made into one of their bespoke hampers built to order.

IG: @olive_rye

Colours May Vary Leeds

Colours May Vary - one of my favourite places to visit. Passionate about choosing and selling products that they would buy themselves, you will find graphic art and design books, unusual prints and jewellery, as well as stationery, journals, gifts, wrap and indie magazines. Brands stocked include Studio Arhoj, Egle Zvirblyte and Matthew the Horse. They also hold exhibitions from time to time, so keep an eye out on the website.

IG: @coloursmayvary


North Star coffee - A short walk across the bridge from Colours May Vary will bring you to a part of the city called Leeds Dock. The Royal Armouries museum is here, and you can take a trip on a Dutch water taxi. But if it’s a rest and great coffee you are after in a super stylish environment, then head to fantastic coffee shop North Star. As well as selling delicious freshly baked goodies by Noisette, a progressive micro bakery, there’s also a general store where you can buy the full range of North Roast coffee, Storm Organic loose leaf teas, Earl of East soy candles and numerous other foodie items that are all carefully sourced. Next door to the cafe sits their academy, where they run fabulous Home Barista and Home Brew courses.

IG: @northstarcoffeeshop

Modes of Expression Leeds

Colourful murals - For dramatically colourful & abstract backgrounds for your Instagram photos, look no further than Modes of Expression. These stunning murals are painted by artists Emma Hardaker and Bobbie Rae who formed Modes of Expression - a workshop/studio space located in Bryon Street Mills. You can find their eye-catching walls around Leeds - like the exterior of independent pub The Brunswick. For more info on workshops and courses check out

IG: @modesofexpression

Duke Studio Leeds

Duke Studios - Visiting Leeds for a weekend and want somewhere cool to hang out and work? Duke Studios is an open space based around a co-working model which has turned into a thriving hub full of creative folk who share, collaborate and socialise together. Named as one of the twelve 'coolest co-working places in the world', the design is multicoloured and inspirational. You can hire a desk, book the space for meetings/events or simply pop into the cafe for a cuppa.

IG: @dukestudioleeds

Shopkeeper Spotlight: Industry & Co

In the second of our series in collaboration with The Shopkeepers, we visit Industry & Co in Dublin, Ireland.


Vanessa’s first shop was a tiny space in Dublin’s Temple Bar. To help with the business side of Industry she enlisted her brother, Marcus, a tech entrepreneur living in London. Within a year, based on customer response and sales, Vanessa knew her concept was working. She started looking for a larger space in a more accessible location.


Two years ago she found the perfect space in a building on Drury Street and Marcus moved back to Dublin to work alongside Vanessa. In her role as Creative Director, Vanessa has filled Industry with timeless vintage pieces and new product she sources from India, France, Scandinavia, Japan, the US as well as Ireland. She is a proponent of mixing vintage pieces with modern furniture to create more interesting rooms and interior stories.


Industrial design tends to be masculine so she uses textiles and glass to soften the look. Room sets are displayed throughout the shop to enable customers to easily imagine how the furniture will look at home. A best seller is the lighting and Vanessa has created a clever display for customers to shop. Marcus and Vanessa always wanted food to be part of their lifestyle concept for Industry.


When Marcus joined Vanessa full-time as Managing Director of Industry he was able to develop the food side of the business, which launched five months ago. Vanessa and Marcus believe people eat with their eyes first and have created a visually enticing food display. The food also has to taste great and they borrowed influences from Marcus’ French Moroccan wife, Kadija. Healthy Irish ingredients are combined with subtle flavours from the Middle East. Offering food has introduced a new dynamic to Industry, customers can drop in on a regular basis for a delicious coffee or lunch as well as visit when looking for larger furniture purchases.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.23.51 AM.png

Vanessa and Marcus have created a wonderful experience for their customers, and have plans to expand the floor space as they continue to develop and expand the food Industry offers.

Industry, 41 a/b Drury Street, Dublin 2

Seek Inspire Create with Team 91 - October

Our next Seek Inspire Create e-zine is very nearly ready to wing it's way to your inboxes (sign up here!) packed with some lovely places, people and ideas to discover. In the meantime, Team 91 share a little of what we've been up to in our spare time - from castles and crafting to converting sheds! Don't forget to get involved with our hashtag over on Instagram - #seekinspirecreate - post pics of your discoveries, inspirations and creations and you may get your image featured on our IG feed, blog or even in the e-zine! 

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden - Caroline Rowland (editor)

The infamous Richmond based shopping and eating destination Petersham Nurseries has recently opened up shop right in the middle of Central London. A more polished space than the original, tableware is styled to perfection while the back of the shop resembles a small jungle with an abundance of unusual plants, both large and small. The price tags on their beautiful range of ceramics, glassware and linens can often make your eyes water, but it is likely to be a purchase you will treasure for many years to come.

handmade gift giving

Handmade gift giving - Kath Webber (sub editor) 

As the days get shorter and we hurtle towards the festive season, my thoughts turn to what beautiful handmade gifts I can produce for my family and friends. I often find I’m short of time, especially when much of my work involves making, so Helen Stewart- aka Curious Handmade- has come up with some wonderful festive tips and hints, as well as releasing a very special knitter’s calendar called KnitVent! Last year’s collection included six quick and easy-to-make patterns ideal for stash-diving and giving. I’ve been rummaging through my stash for some pretty supplies for Helen’s latest shawl, Surprise Party, but this one is strictly for self-giving! For more gift ideas, a new must-have book for knitters and crocheters is top of my list- A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes shares the inner thoughts of knitters and designers on how their materials shape their lives. 

Lowther Castle, Lake District

Lowther Castle - Laura Pashby (deputy editor) 

I recently visited Lowther Castle in the Lake District - a romantic ruin with a particular melancholy beauty. This fairytale castle, its walls draped with hanging vines, has wild gardens with extensive views across the surrounding countryside and, hidden away in a wood, the ‘Lost Castle’- a fantastic adventure play area for kids. “No dogs, and no dragons” reads the sign outside. Adults and children alike were captivated by Lowther’s magic.

Creative shed makeover

A creative shed makeover - Lucy Davidson (designer) 

Recently I got the chance to transform a standard garden shed into my dream weaving space and I never want to leave. A few coats of paint, some simple furniture and textiles - and of course my favourite weaving tools - it quickly became a cosy creative haven. It really is the perfect way to add extra space to your home in an affordable way – just make sure to install an electric heater for those colder days spent in there. See the full project over on my blog Peas and Needles.

The Giddy Grocer, Bermondsey Street

The Giddy Grocer - Melissa Burgess (designer) 

Everyone has a happy place. A place that always cheers you up or makes you feel content. Mine is London’s Bermondsey Street. This street is a hidden yet relatively busy thoroughfare and is home to a collection of beautiful interiors boutiques, a controversial café (for its name alone!), The White Cube gallery, the quaintest pet shop and now a new grocer’s- full of British charm. The Giddy Grocer has been open for around eight weeks and is packed with artisanal products and seasonal produce.  Despite it’s city location, it feels just like a small country farm shop – well worth a visit b before taking a leisurely stroll along my ‘happy place’ street!


Gower Peninsula - Catherine Binnie (distribution manager)

I'm just back from the glorious Gower, South West Wales. I love the seaside in Autumn, and staying near the stunning sweep of sand that is Oxwich Bay meant lots of bracing walks along the beach, shell collecting and paddle boarding (my kids, not me - I'm more a book and a blanket sort of person). Oxwich is also home to the amazing Beach House restaurant - I'm still dreaming of their delicious handmade seaweed bread. On rainy days we dressed up as Tudors at Oxwich Bay Castle (me, not the kids - I'm a total embarrassment) then headed to the Mumbles, for drinks and board games at Croeso Lounge, followed by a trip to the fab indie Cinema & Co, before heading back to the house for a log fire and some treats from the Little Village Bakery

Le Petit Jardin, Tunbridge Wells

Le Petit Jardin, Tunbridge Wells - Olivia Williams (brand and advertising manager) 

With the clocks falling back, it’s time to properly welcome in the new season. A favourite place for a fix of treasures for the home and garden is Le Petit Jardin in Tunbridge Wells. Filled with flourishes to prepare the home for winter – from joyous twinkling fairy lights, to the cosiest fleeces to glorious new hanging fern leaves in brass. Located in Chapel Place, Le Petit Jardin is perched near parks and woodland galore, wonderful for wintery walks before a stroll around town, stopping for coffee and cake, of course. For those further afield, the online shop means we can all share the love of hand crafted goodies right from the comfort of our sofa. 

Don't forget to register for the e-zine - it's free and is a mini 12 page version of the main magazine, so not to be missed! ;) 

91 is pinning... tiles

We are pretty sure we aren't the only ones with a fetish for beautiful tiles. Just check out the Instagram hashtag #ihavethisthingwithtiles and you will instantly feel at one with your tribe of tile obsessives. Walls, floors, indoors, outdoors - we don't mind - if they have pretty patterns and/or pretty colours, we'll snap them, pin them and quite possibly hunt them down for our own downstairs loo. In fact, it was the tiles I lusted over at Paper Mill Studios (an amazing space featured in our new issue) that I then went on to install in my own ground floor lavatory! 

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Tiles can vary massively in cost, but you can easily create a feature with some spectacular tiles by covering just a small area - a splash-back, a fireplace, or like me - a small bathroom. (you can see mine here

Bert and May tiles (via Dear Designer) 

Bert and May tiles (via Dear Designer

via Contemporist / Photos: Dean Bradley

via Contemporist / Photos: Dean Bradley

via Topp Tiles 

There are many great tile brands out there that we love. For something a little bit special check out Bert and May, Marrakech Design, Baked Tile Co, Fired Earth and Milagros. If you've got larger areas to cover, then budget friendly websites like Topp Tiles, Tile Mountain and Tons of Tiles are a great places to get straight forward designs like metro tiles. Although, many of these brands are creating interesting options like the above from Topp Tiles - there are different laying options to create various patterns and we love how the coordinating grout makes it look almost like embossed wallpaper.

If you need some more tile inspiration then do pop over to our Tile Love Pinterest board